Friday, October 31, 2014

Halloween Happiness

Halloween is always super-busy but ALWAYS super-fun as well.  This year we were able to celebrate lots.  Our good friends April & Tommy invited a group of us out to their farm for a fun Halloween party and campfire.  We just couldn't resist.

Our little ladybug was on-the-go during the whole party.  It sure made for a lot of work for Mommy just trying to keep up with her and keep her from falling down the deck stairs.  Oh well, it was worth it for such a cutie!
Jonas spent most of his time on this motorcycle (or trying to get back on it).  He was a huge fan.  Just look at that smile!

This year, I decided we would do a "practice-run" in preparation for the real trick-or-treat night.  After all, when you have such young little kiddos you REALLY have to amp up the excitement of wearing their costume.  Or else, they will reject you when the big night comes.  Even if candy is used as bribery.  It wasn't long after we started our test-run that a lady drove by in a panic asking if that was the night of Trick-or-Treat.  Nope!  Just practicing our skills maam!

Costume-clad kids and they are raring to go!
Prepping the pumpkins for a fun night of carving!
Addison gets braver every year.  She was anxious to get started.
Jonas got a little help from Daddy this year.  
Reaching in for the gooey guts.  He didn't mind!
Grandpa Bell was able to join us for a quick visit and was lucky enough to enjoy our pumpkin carving as well.
Addison had no fear either!  Much better from when she was a little baby and wouldn't touch that stuff to save her life.
Jonas took a little time out to give us his biggest cheesy grin!

Friday, October 24, 2014

Kindy Field Trip

I may or may not have been more excited than Addison when it was time for her first kindergarten field trip.  We were headed off to the Right Choices corn maze!  I was lucky enough to leave the youngest two kiddos with my friend April so I could give my undivided attention to Addison and help out with her classroom friends.  It was such a fun (albeit LONG) day and I was so glad I went.  It was great seeing how she interacts with her classmates.  It was fun seeing how good her teacher was with making the kids listen and obey with her fun personality.  And it was of course always fun to have Addison all to myself.  My Mom spent most of her time at my class parties/school and it was always a fun memory of mine.  I'm happy to return the favor to Addison as she grows up.  Even if it's a small miracle to find places to farm out her siblings while I do it.

My cute little girly waiting patiently in line for the cow train ride.
She finally got saddled up on her cow!
Her whole kindy class with her awesome teacher Mrs. Bush.
Taking a ride down the slide!
Posing with her little pumpkin she got to take home.

Overall, it was a FUN but very exhausting and long day.  I got to sign Addison out and take her home with me afterward.  She was in the car for less than five minutes before she zonked out from all the fun.  So glad I'm able to go and do these fun field-trips with her.  And so grateful for her fun teacher and many friends she has at school.

Saturday, October 18, 2014

Pumpkin Patch Fun

Every year I look forward to our tradition of going to a pumpkin patch and spending ridiculous amounts of money making awesome memories.  Okay, so technically it's not so much fun to dump the money but it's par for the course right?  And the memories are priceless.  The kiddos are ALWAYS a fan of this tradition.

This year we decided to venture out and try a new pumpkin patch.  We drove a good little ways to get to the Farmland Adventures patch all the way in Springdale.  I had heard such good things about it and it definitely did not disappoint.  We all had a blast!

Addison taking a turn riding & roping on the pretend horses.
Jonas riding his pretend pony.
Brooklyn was not a fan of the fake pony.
Jonas and his bucking bronco!
Addison was apparently skilled enough on her test run that she got to advance to a real pony ride!
Brooklyn spent all of her time walking (and falling) in this cool tube in the play area.  She's easy to please.
Jonas and Addison hanging out in the corn box.
Jonas found his perfect pumpkin!
This pumpkin patch had super cool animals of all kinds and most of them were able to be pet by the kiddos.  Here's Jonas scaling the fence to give Mr. Camel a good rub.
Addison's turn to love on the camel!