Wednesday, May 25, 2011

The Pact

With three days to go before Addison's 2nd birthday, I've had no other choice than to start entering into negotiations with her. We have a low-key family b-day party planned for her this Saturday, complete with Mickey Mouse in all forms. However, a few days ago I started getting anxiety/sadness over her growing up too fast. I informed her she's not allowed to ever turn two and she must stay one year old forever. Luckily she's still in the "agree w/Mommy on everything phase" so she thinks this is a good idea too. We've shook on it folks....okay high-fived on it, but I'm counting that.

We now have a daily routine where we assure each other of our new "non-birthday" plans. I started by saying "No Birthday, No cupcakes, no party, no presents...etc...etc" and she promptly repeats me with a reassuring head nod after each one. Now, two days later, all I have to say is "No birthday" and she finishes w/the rest..... "no pah-tay", "no cakes", "no Mittee", "no boons", "no cousins", "no pi-zes (surprises)". It's adorable and I only wish it would come true the more we say it. It's not fun to watch your little girly grow up and never be this little ever again!

And did I mention that one of her presents is big girl underwear?!! I've never had problems achieving milestones w/her - most I've welcomed, but for some reason this present is one I'm dreading giving her. Part of it is mixed with the worry of how we even begin the potty training process but most is realizing that she's growing up!!! I should be glad to get rid of diapers right? Sniff sniff.

Obviously we'll still have the party despite my last minute sadness and also for the fact that she didn't really get a fair representation in our settlement after all ;-). I have two more days to come to terms with it all. Stay tuned for the party post coming soon!


I grew up loving to listen to that 1975 "Convoy" song. Not sure why exactly, I was never a trucker nor did I ever dream of becoming a trucker. However, little did I know we'd be living our own mini-version of the song a few weekends back.

We had an opportunity to head to Silver Dollar City with some good friends and have a fun day at the park. Of course our drive consisted of three separate mini-vans following each other through the windy roads and hills of Arkansas and Missouri. The course was complete with dead-ends and closed roads so that definitely makes us seasoned truckers right? ;-)

Our own mini-version of "Rubber Duck", "Pig Pen" and "Sod Buster" (yes that's a song reference folks ;-)

By the time we finally made it to the park it was a tinge bit chilly but we managed to have a blast despite the weather. The kids were un-phased with the wind chill and still managed to run themselves to the state of exhaustion before the end of the day. Not surprisingly we spent 99% of our time in the kiddie area circling on the butterfly and froggy rides (Addison's favorite). Amusement park trips don't get too extravagant/thrilling when our group consists of 5 kids under the age of 5 and two pregnant ladies....and 2 out of 3 men that aren't the most thrill seeking! ;-)

It was a fun day and a great time spending it with friends. Luckily, I had family that had planned an SDC trip the same day so Addison got to have a mini little reunion with cousins and Grandma Bell as well. Two birds with one stone! Woot!

The day flew by too quick and we enjoyed a departing dinner at Fuddruckers (one of the FEW remaining in existence!) before we headed home. I'm guessing all the kiddos conked out within the first 5 minutes of our return drive home. Thanks for the memories everyone!!
10-4 Good Buddy!!

John riding the Barn Swing all by his lonesome (2nd from left). Someday we'll get Tommy and Brad strapped on the ride...some day! ;-)

All the kiddos posing...pre-exhaustion of course!

Addison and Daddy on the Carousel. She makes it look like it went 50 mph doesn't she?

Addison sharing her "Montee's" w/Cooper....a huge accomplishment on many levels. Cooper adores her but he's more "boy" than she's used to. Plus of course she LOVES her Montee's.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

He's Kind Of A Big Deal

It needs to be known, Daddy is pretty famous in our house. Seriously, everyday is like a celebrity sighting. Anytime he makes an appearance (a.k.a. Addison spots him in the house resuming his normal activities) she comes running to me saying: "Mommy, Mommy, Mommy, Mommy, Mommy,'s Daddy!" (rinse and repeat). It's adorable how frequently she can do this throughout the course of the day, even on Saturdays when he hasn't even left/came back from work. She even likes to announce where he is every day as we get dressed. "Daddy.....turch" (on Wednesdays when he's with the youth) or "Daddy....wort" (work).

She thinks a lot of her Dad and seems to get her feelings hurt more when he gets on to her for something vs. when I do it. She also loves to request horsey rides within three minutes of him getting home from work....daily. "Daddy...ride?" And she repeats the phrase until he gives in (which he always does regardless of how long of a day he's had).

I love that she idolizes her Daddy so much. Sometimes I wonder if we should bust out the camera and turn into the paparazzi or ask him for his autograph? But of course, when you think about it, who could blame her when they have all this fun together?

Rocking out to some tunes at the end of the day. This girl has some serious dance moves. I'm amazed a two year old can move her body like that. She obviously doesn't get this trait from me since she has much more rhythm than I.

Daddy & Addison at the pool in Arizona on vacation back in March. She's a great little swimmer and has no fear when it comes to water....I'm loving it!

The "popcorn loving" genetic trait definitely passed from Father to child. She loves her "paw-corn"

Bath time plus bubbles...a little girl's dream! And yes, for those wondering, John is in his swimming trunks, just in case we are encroaching on "that age". ;-)

Helping Dad change the breaks on the car. This photo op was just too adorable to pass up. It definitely brings back memories I had of helping my Dad on his cars when I was that little.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Mother's Day Bliss

My Mother's Day Bounty!

Most days my job really isn't that hard. I have a hard working husband who supports our family so willingly, while I spend the day hanging out with the cutest little girl one could ask for. I realize quite often just how lucky I truly am. But of course, I'm always up for relaxation and pampering anytime I can get it. And this Mother's Day truly did NOT disappoint. It was hands down one of the best I've had. That, in no way, is meant to diminish how great the others were but this one definitely takes the cake so far!

Of course, my adorable little girly helped as much as a 1 (almost 2 year old) can, but my wonderful husband is to thank for 98% of the efforts. I did manage to document my day with a few photos for your enjoyment....and mine as well since I do enjoy mentally reliving it frequently (okay, every day since, is more like it). It was such a great, relaxing day. It makes all the other days I'm hard at work soooo worth it! ;-)

I received this meal, along with some other thoughtful surprises, in small doses throughout the morning. The fruit plate came while I was showering for church. Then, Addison brought me a "Best Mommy Ever" award with her scribbles and hand print on it. And of course, once I sat at the table I was graced with this delicious breakfast made by John! After breakfast, I was led to my next surprise which has a story to go along with it:

Sidenote: A few months back, John was doing some network wiring around the house and never technically "finished it". Needless to say, since then I've endured having random wires/cords draped in my laundry room. Every time I've opened/shut the door since I'd have to push them out of the way. Not a major catastrophe by any means but enough to drive a person like me batty! So finally, a week or so ago, I told John that all I wanted for Mother's Day was to be able to open/shut the laundry room door without messing with hanging wires. Thankfully the request didn't fall on deaf ears and right after breakfast he presented the finished (finally!) project! I'm guessing he spent the evening prior putting everything in it's proper place? Regardless, now I can shut the door without wires!! :D Thankfully he didn't stop there and gave me SOOO much more. Read on...

After a nice but exhausting day at church we all came home, grabbed a quick bite, and took a nap. Once again, John jumped right up to tend to Addison while I laid back to enjoy more of my nap. Within a few minutes after waking up, I was showered with gifts, cards, hugs, and love from them both. Addison gave me the "starter present", a t-shirt that says "Off-Duty Mom". Then I got the.most.fitting. card from John. It proceeded to list of different ways to show me how to celebrate Mother's Day, with a nap, some T.V., some snacks, veg out, and then ended with "So in other words, pretend your Me!" It was hilarious and included some thoughtful words from him as well. Then I got a gift certificate to enjoy a pre-natal massage. Which couldn't have came at a better time since I've now hit the belly-aching phase of pregnancy.

Soon after the festivities ended John scurried to the kitchen to cook this bounty for me...

One of my fav's, Chicken fried chicken with mashed potatoes, corn, and cantaloupe. It's not an easy meal to make but he did it gladly and without complaint....just lots of questions but I'll take that any day as I sat and relaxed the whole time. He really is a good cook and he does TONS better on the presentation than I do. It's always exciting to see how his meals come out on the plate. After this day, I've sworn to him that we are getting him in the kitchen more often!! He even spent the rest of the evening cleaning it all up (it is a rather messy meal to make too). He even mentioned how much "hard work" all this motherhood stuff is and frankly that is always music to a Mother's ears on Mother's Day!

Next, we spent some time over at Grandma & Grandpa Fields house that evening. Addison enjoyed playing some soccer with her Dad and Grandma in the backyard. She does EVERYTHING John does. She watches his every movement and duplicates it - it's so adorable to see how much she looks up to him. She spent about three minutes trying to put her foot just like how his was when he was looking at the garden. Then she took her shoes off immediately after he took his off to run around the yard and play. It was another great "Mommy moment" to see just how much she admires her Dad and how great an example he sets for her every day. I cannot mention enough how much I L-O-V-E seeing this interaction on a daily basis.

Here is a random picture Addison took of Grandma talking on the phone to Uncle Jim while we all played. She also equally likes to do everything that Mommy does so needless to say when she saw me shooting photos w/my phone she was by my side wanting to do the same...within seconds.

And here she is hanging out with Grandpa Fields. Such a cute picture, I couldn't resist it! She spent most of the day talking to "Gampa" on her pretend phone saying " (play)" with a little head nod in between each word. She was very excited when we finally made it to Grandpa's house to play!

Overall, it was such a great day and I was definitely pampered beyond belief. I'm so blessed to live the life I live everyday and am grateful for my own little family and how much they appreciate all I do. I'm also especially grateful for having a wonderful Mother of my own and also a Mother-in-law that is pretty awesome too. My Mother sacrificed soooo much for us all of her life. I only hope that I can spend the rest of my life showing her how much I truly appreciate it. And frankly, my Mother-in-law didn't have an easy road as she raised my husband who was every bit a boy and gave her lots of gray hairs and shot nerves. But she did a wonderful job raising him and I'm so glad I get to enjoy the fruits of her labors from all those years. He's a wonderful husband in every way but mostly because he treats his mother and his wife with so much love and respect. I'm one lucky lady all around!

Sunday, May 1, 2011

23 Weeks

So, in an effort to make sure each child is treated fairly, (I know, it starts this early eh?) I'm including my first belly shot from pregnancy #2. I'm sure I've had more belly shots w/Addison by this point but you must understand, our Sunday mornings are HECTIC since church usually starts at 9:00 am and one must go early to get a decent seat.

However, due to Addison fighting some nasty croup this past weekend, I had a bit more time to get ready and have a mini-photo shoot. Thankfully Daddy and Addison had a nice time cuddling and watching movies while I was off wrassling other people's kiddos in Primary. So, here is a pic of me in my current state. I'm attempting to nix the current thoughts of "Am I bigger this time around?" "Should I be so big this early?" yadda yadda yadda. So this is me.....enjoying the process....or trying to at least. ;-)

How strange is it that I'm currently 23 weeks along and also have a 23 month old little girl? So exciting!! :D

Oh and as a random sidenote, we managed to have a fun weekend even with a sickly Addison. She woke up Thursday morning barking like a seal and after the doc confirmed croup, we've had her on meds. For the most part she handles it sooooo well. I'd be down for the count, moaning and groaning on my deathbed, with the stuff she just seems to take in stride.

Saturday morning was spent walking the Race for the Cure 5k. It was a nice walk for John and Brad and I and Addison had a nice little nap in the stroller. Then it was lunch with our friends, on to some yard work and playing outside that afternoon, followed by a drive-in movie. We had to break in our new mini-van after all and what better way to do it than have Addison off playing in the back while we watched movies? :D

Poor little sickly girl. She loved lockin' lip around that Root Beer though!Hard to say no to such a cute sad face.

(Oh did I mention I'm now officially a proud owner of a Honda Odyssey? It's my dream vehicle, sad but true. It took a little effort to finagle a deal, along with an impromptu trip to KC to pick it up but I am oh so grateful. I thoroughly enjoy running errands now and enjoy having the extra room while we do it. Yes, I'm one of the few that are proud to join the "Van Club") :D