Saturday, April 28, 2012


This is Addison's interpretation of "Rodeo".  It's hilarious to watch her try to say it but even more fun to take her to one.  Earlier this week, we were given a flyer to attend a local rodeo.  Of course, I got excited because I love going to any/all rodeos.  It totally takes me back to my childhood and the fond memories that accompany it.  

Addison and I decided to make it a Mommy/Daughter date and head to the rodeo.  She had a hard time waiting for it to start.  She spent half the day asking when the rodeo was.  As we ran each errand, she kept looking for the Rodeo.  I think I should start telling her things a few minutes before they actually happen so she's not distraught and confused all day as we wait for them to happen.

Anyway, we came home from our errands, dressed up in our attire (aka Jeans and tennis shoes ;-) and headed out to the rodeo and left the boys at home.  It was fun getting to spend one-on-one time w/Addison.  The poor girl gets the brunt of my impatience most days so I was glad to just enjoy her and  hang out with no worries or stress or impatience.  

I think this was her first rodeo and frankly she loved it.  It was a packed house but she did good staying by my side or in front of me.  I tried to explain all the things that were going on and what was happening.  She was particularly fond of the mutton busting (since those kids were her age) and also liked watching the bucking broncos.  Just like her mama!  She seemed to be worried about the cowboy hats laying on the area floor after the cowboys got bucked off.  She'd always make sure to tell me when one was out there and when it was picked up.  We also saw one of the bronco riders get bucked off and hurt.  After he walked off we talked about how sometimes they get "owies" but they get better.  Well within a few minutes, during the next event, she spotted another cowboy and excitedly told me "Look Mommy!!!  He got better!"  I just nodded and smiled.  I didn't have the heart to tell her it was a completely different cowboy.

When we weren't watching the animals, I was watching her bust a move to the music.  I love how she has no fear about shaking her booty regardless of who is watching.  She also enjoyed watching the rodeo clown bust a move as well.  By the end of the night she had worked up quite a sweat but was loving every minute of it.  I had to convince her that the horses were going to bed so we needed to go home and go to bed to.  Luckily she believed me as we walked to our van and I pointed out the horses tied to the trailers that were snoozing.  :D

Starting off the night with a horsey ride of her own.  She picked the pink one of course!
Getting ready for the fun to start.
Shaking her tail feather.
And ending the night with a funnel cake picnic.  


So, there comes a time in anyone's blog that you realize you have multiple events with very little description needed.   Instead of doing a billion posts, you create a post like this and dump it all in!  So, enjoy the randomness that has been our lives over the past couple of weeks!
Meet Specks
And meet Cajun
These are the latest two additions to the Allred family.  Aunt Sarah was kind enough to introduce us to them last Sunday.  Addison loved it of course and I love that she gets to grow up near/around horses like I did.  These are the best kind of horses to have - the kind that belong to someone else so you can saddle up for fun but leave when it comes time to scoop the poop!  Just kidding Aunt Sarah, we are always willing to scoop poop if you need us to.  Gotta work for our rides right? They are very good and gentle horses and we are excited to get to see them lots.  Thanks for sharing Aunt Sarah!

Addison and her friend "C"

Addison is finally getting to the age where she LOVES to play with friends.  We have quite a few play dates but this was the first time in a long time where her friend was a girl.  And they definitely enjoyed each other.  We walked down the street to pick up our friend and it was adorable to watch Addison and "C" hold hands and skip down the street and giggle and jabber away with each other.  It also bodes well for Mommy as I was actually able to get some stuff done and hang out w/Jonas while the girls played together.  They are almost the exact same age, go to the same nursery class, and are both older siblings that are adjusting to not having the world revolve around them anymore.  Glad to know they have each other during this transition.  And I'm glad to know that play dates are the way to go!  Sign us up for more!

Mommy's little helper.
And this was the scene I came back to after chatting with "C's" Mommy outside.  I was literally gone for maybe 5 minutes at most and Addison decided to finish helping Jonas eat his lunch.  Lovely, carrots anyone?  I'm thinking only two bites actually made it in his mouth.  Good thing they are cute!

And yes, this story has a description.  I came out of the bedroom to find Addison and Jonas hanging out.  Once I saw him like this I busted up laughing.  A few days ago I had told Addison that when I was little I would stick the little banana sticker on my nose while I ate my banana.  So, after I told her that, I stuck it on her nose.  She preferred to have it stuck to my nose.  So, fast forward to a few days later.  I came out of the bedroom, she's sitting by Jonas chomping down on a banana and very matter of factly tells me "I stick it on brudder's nose Mommy."  Hilarious eh?  He's such a kind brother to let her do all sorts of things to him while he sits and takes it.  This is just one of many more to come.

AIM To Please

Last weekend, we were lucky enough to get invited to walk in the AIM Walk (Autism Involves Me) and walk on behalf of our cute cousin/nephew David.  John was still studying during this time, so Addison and Jonas and I were excited to take part in all the festivities.  And they had LOTS of festivities.  

We got there a little early and scored a balloon creation for Addison before the lines overtook the clowns. She was thrilled.  We wandered around a bit before we met up with Grandma, and David, and Josie, and Bart and a few other friends.  We all gathered around and listened to the announcers talk about Autism, some statistics, and just how wonderful these kiddos are.  Then we began the walk.  It was a Family 1 Mile, Fun Walk.  Which worked out perfectly for Addison's little legs.  She was thrilled to walk along side Aunt Josie and Grandma.  Jonas and I hung out together.  And I won "Mommy of the Year" award as well since I completely forgot to actually put sunscreen on my little guy.  He turned a little red but it wasn't too bad.  I really didn't even think we had entered that season quite yet.  Oh well, I hope he forgave me.  He never complained about it once....he's a pretty chill little dude.

After the walk was over, we played a few games, won a few prizes, jumped in a few bounce houses (okay, "we" means Addison and David).  But we did end the festivities with a family lunch at The Station cafe and dined on some delicious burgers and fries.

Such a fun time to support such a great cause.

Getting ready to get our walk on.
Addison and Grandma burning up the road.
Addison shooting some hoops to win a sticker.
And Jonas (pre-sunburn).  I told you he is a pretty chill dude!

I Had A Birthday

"I had a birthday shout hooray!  And apparently I didn't put it on the blog until today!" Hmmm....last March 25th I turned.....old.  We'll just leave it at that.  It was a great birthday, so great apparently that I forgot to blog about it.  I was very spoiled by my little family and enjoyed every minute of it.  

For starters, John and I had a scheduled date that Saturday night before my actual birthday.  We have a close group of friends that love to gather together and play Dalmuti every few months.  It's a fun card game that is based off of a Medieval theme and every player has ranks.  Those of lesser ranks serve food to those of higher ranks, the lesser ranks eat the cheap food and the higher ranks eat the good food, etc. etc.  Of course it's also fun once we add the trash talking as well.  Yep, that's how we roll.  

Anyway, we were looking forward to heading over to our friends, The Lowden's house to start our evening.  Occasionally, throughout the day I noticed John discreetly talking on his phone, but I could never decipher what he was saying and thought nothing of it.  However, as it turns out, my lovely friends decided to surprise me for my birthday.  Lovely, April & Tommy had decorated their home with balloons and banners, and lovely Dana and Brad had secretly hid, and brought over the birthday cake for John.  At the end of the Dalmuti game, they serenaded me with a delicious and beautifully decorated cake, and the birthday song.  I'm a pretty lucky lady to have such good friends and such a good husband.  

John went above and beyond and even had the bakery decorate the cake in Dalmuti style.  Notice the actual card replica's on the side of the cake?  Impressive!
And it gets even better!  On my actual birthday I got to teach the RS lesson!  Exciting eh? Actually, it wasn't too painful.  What was exciting was being spoiled by my cute little family after church was over.  Addison, and Jonas, and Daddy gave me such sweet little handmade cards.  Growing up, I always remembered my Mom saying those were the best cards to get, and when I was young I thought she was totally just making that up to make us feel good, as I looked at our mangled, cheesy, cheap, looking cards.  However, now that I'm a Mom, I totally get it.  I L-O-V-E the handmade cards.  And yes, I plan on keeping them forever.  They are a million times better than Hallmark could ever make.  

I got lots of good things for my birthday......for starters....this birthday meal.  Yum!  Cooked to perfection of course.

And I also got a coupon to buy some more running shoes, a few workout clothes (which is good because I never buy those for myself but love having actual nice clothes to workout in) and a water jug, and a spatula (which was part of an inside joke between John and I).  

It was a great relaxing day and was soooo worth turning another year older.

Da PMP Daddy

Where have we been you ask?  Oh, we've been busy doing LOTS of you'll see in the next few blog posts.  But, mostly we've been helping this guy become 'Da PMP Daddy'.  

Da PMP Daddy

 He's been studying his brains out for a PMP certification for work.  What does that stand for?  Good question, I actually just found out halfway through the study process.  He is now a certified "Project Management Professional" in case you are wondering.  And I was the lucky one that got to quiz him along the me the material didn't sound easy.  Every time I read the questions it sounded like I was speaking a foreign language.  

Technically, he started preparing for the test last year, but regular life got in the way and the studying got shelved for a bit.  Then, the start of the new year had him setting some study deadlines and goals and he finally booked the test date so there was no turning back.  Regular life still seemed to get in the way (as it always does with two cute kiddos 2 yrs and under) but luckily that's where we came in to help.  Poor Daddy has holed up at work from morning to night for the past week or so.  He'd decided it was easier to study at the office, away from the distractions (i.e. us ;-) and stayed late into the night just packing in the knowledge.  Our days got long with just me and two kiddos but we tried to busy ourselves and take lots of outings to break it up a bit.  I think Addison had the hardest time not having her Daddy around very often the past week.  She'd often just stop what she was doing during the day and say "I miss Daddy" with a sad frowny face.  Luckily, we got to call him and chat with him during those times.  Sometimes we even got to take him dinner or treats to work just to check in on him.  

A Dinner Date w/Dad
Daddy Interviewing Jonas at work.....or maybe it's the other way around? ;-)
This past Friday was his big test day.  He woke up early, drove to Springfield, took it, and PASSED!  Woohoo!  He called to report to us right after and we were sooooo happy for him.  And he was soooooo happy he was done.  It's still slowly sinking in that he is now a certified PMP daddy and our lives get to return to normal once again.  We like normal lives around here that's for sure.  It's nice to have our Daddy back!  We are so proud of him and this latest accomplishment!

Having a Picnic in the Park while Daddy studies at work.
Hanging out at the Mall while Daddy studies.

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Eggs Easter!!

We had a great Easter Sunday in the Hufford household. Well most of us did as Daddy is still trying to recover from a nasty bug he's had for the last week or so. Even in his sickly state he joined us for the festivities.

The true celebration began yesterday when we dyed our eggs. For the past week, I had the egg coloring/dye box sitting on the kitchen counter. When Addison saw it I explained to her in X number of days we'd get to color the easter eggs. She was rather excited and reminded me often each time she saw the box "Not today, but on Saturday, we do what? Eggs Easter!" How she transposed the words is beyond me but it was so fun to hear her tell me each time.
When Saturday finally rolled around, I decided to teach Addison the true meaning of Easter as she helped me boil the eggs. We learned that Easter is really about Jesus and him dying on the cross and being resurrected after the third day. That those who came to see him in the tomb thought that someone had stolen his body but he was really resurrected and alive again and we can be too now. It was a short and brief moment but I wanted to make sure she knew the real meaning before we jumped right into the holiday festivities. I was very impressed with her ability to recite back to me what we learned about Jesus and the resurrection when I quizzed her within a few minutes after our discussion....and of course throughout the weekend as well.

Posing by our colorful creations.

Addison loved the process of dying. Me, not so much. Not sure why we do it every year when little kids and dye and carpet do not play well. Oh well, we have another year to recover before we do it again.

After our easter dying job, I explained to Addison that the Easter Bunny would only come to our house and leave Easter baskets if it was clean. So we spent the evening picking up and cleaning and getting ready for bed. Might as well use some bribery when it works right?

Sleeping children awaiting the Easter Bunny. Apparently, Addison got a little parched while she read her book. She's hilarious to peek in on when she's asleep.

And little Jonas man. Nothing is cuter than adorable, squeeze, sleepy children. No matter how hard/long the days seem, watching them sleep takes all of it away in just minutes.

Since Addison is now in the phase of waking up super early (as in 6:30 sometimes) we had to do our Easter Basket hunt in shifts. She was rather excited to start and I didn't have the heart to make her wait until Jonas woke up. She's definitely getting into the age where holidays are so exciting. I just enjoying being in the audience watching her during it all.

The loot the Bunny left behind. He knows my children all too well. I'm assuming the Easter Bunny is a "He" right?

And of course, the Easter Bunny gave me what I wanted as well. Two semi-behaved children during church since Daddy stayed home sick. I'm not even sad that it didn't come delivered in a basket. No complaints here!

Showing off our cute Easter outfits before church. Daddy would have been included had he not been in his pajamas. Oh well, we needed a photographer anyway.

After church and naps, we had a mini-Easter egg hunt in the backyard. Addison hunted while Jonas quit after finding two eggs. I guess he'd rather be destructive than wander around looking for eggs. Such a cute boy!

What isn't shown is the cute little girly hunting all over the backyard for Easter eggs that were right under her nose 95% of the time. Now I know she's not just tuning me out when I'm asking her to get something for me here and there. Also, what isn't shown is the delicious Easter dinner we had at 7:00 at night because Mommy didn't get on the ball soon enough. Also what isn't shown is how at the end of the beautiful day, Addison repeated back to me the true story of Easter as she understands it....

"Easter is about Jesus. He died. Then he came an Easter bunny! He resurrected!" Uhhh...yeah, we'll work on the details in time for next year.

Happy Easter!!


Let it be known, Addison has dreamed about this day for years.....(possibly all two of her years). She is an avid "Nastics" (gymnastics) fan. Whether it's doing "summasolts" all over the living room, or posing with the professionals on T.V. she's there. It's equal parts cute and hilarious as she has some pretty interesting and creative moves.

Of course, being her loving Mommy, I took it as my personal mission to find her a nastics class pronto. Three months later, we FINALLY succeeded. Apparently 3 years old is the magical age of nastics enrollment. What few classes they did have for 2 year olds, were already full. I was put on lots of waiting lists and nothing happened. Then alas, the heavens parted and I got a coupon emailed to me from my coupon club. Four gymnastics classes for $22! What a steal! Especially considering at this point I would have easily paid a hundred just to get her in one. Granted the center was 3 towns away and required some finagling on our part to make it happen but it was worth all the sacrifice. So, after packing up the kids and dinner, we picked up Daddy from work and were on our way to Springdale. Daddy had to hang out w/Jonas since it was a "Mommy & Me" class. But of course, Daddy had his turn at being her assistant at her 2nd class. And as luck would have it, the day I enroll her in our trial run of Gymnastics, the other place closer to our house calls and says they are starting a class for 2 year olds. I was sooo tempted to put her in both but after realizing she was a bit young to start training for the olympics with multiple classes, we let the 2nd offer pass. Now lets hope the other center calls after our trial run expires. I'm not sure what this girl will do without her nastics!

A quick photo-op w/Daddy and brother before our first gymnastics class starts.

Waiting for our turn on the beam.

Walking the beam with Mommy and her teacher (she ADORES her teacher).

Practicing the bar. She's surprisingly good at this one!

Showing us her tricks after class was over. This is her "Ta-da!" pose.

A very sweaty and happy girly makes a very happy Momma!

We Just Hanging Out & Stuff

Anytime Addison talks to her Daddy on the phone while he's at work, she turns into a teenager. She prances the room, with her head tilted, and talking like a big girl. It's hilarious to watch her. Daddy usually asks her what she's doing and she always starts with "Yeah, we just hanging out and stuff...yeah" Who is this girl and when did she grow up so fast? Better yet, who is she learning this stuff from?

Anyway, this post is to let our readers know that we are still alive. We took a little sabbatical from posting blogs. No reason really except we've been really really busy lately I guess. Mentally, I've been blogging all along. Physically....not so much. So this is my attempt at catching up on our crazy, busy, exciting, lives!

Oh and here are some more pics of cute kiddos hanging out...literally. ;-)

He tempts me with that tongue. I want to chew it up like a piece of bubble gum! :D

Apparently something was hilariously funny that day. I'd like to think it was me. ;-)