Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Happy New Year!

Truth be told, New Years is a difficult holiday to celebrate with three kids age 4 and younger.  However, since it is a "holiday" and I do like to celebrate any/all holidays, I found a way to customize the celebration to our liking...

Gone are the days of waiting up until Midnight to ring in the new year with friends and gorge ourselves on food while we wait.  Now, we celebrate it at 8:00 pm (that's close enough to the East coast right?  Or some coast I'm sure) and we do our own little countdown with the kids.  Then the confetti, the kazoos, the balloons, and the celebrations erupt.  The kids loved it this year of course but who wouldn't when we eat snacks all night, make annoying noises with our kazoos in each others faces, pull pop-em bottles of confetti, make a mess, and wear silly headbands while we dance around in our pajamas?  A fun time was had by all!  Welcome to 2014!!

Getting ready for our countdown.  Kazoos are only fun (for Mommy) for the first 1.5 minutes.  I think I ended up hiding them or breaking them "on accident" shortly after this.
This little nugget tired out pretty quickly but we did manage to get a cute little photo of her in her decorations before she did.
Jonas ringing in the new year (aka 8:01pm) with a bit of the bubbly....sparkling Apple Cider.  Not sure if I should be concerned with how quickly he took to the punch.  He had about four glasses back-to-back.
Addison took a liking to the punch as well but since she's always a lady she didn't tip back nearly as many.    Look at those dainty pinkies.
Proof that Daddy joined us in the celebration...see there are his arms!  Mommy, of course was documenting the whole thing and thus missed out on being in any pictures.  I really do need to get better about that.
2013 was a great year for us.  After all, we welcomed in a cute and squeezy little Brooklyn baby.  Thankfully 2014 will not be having any babies arrive but I'm sure we are bound to find some pretty exciting adventures to go on instead.  Who am I kidding?  Everyday with these little kiddos is an adventure.  Hope we survive!  ;)

Monday, December 30, 2013

A Day In The Life

A post dedicated to all those crazy, silly, funny moments that happened throughout the last month and dumped into one.....for your viewing pleasure!  Enjoy...

Jonas and Brooklyn hanging out.  I took this picture to reassure my younger sister (who is having her first boy) that while boys can be rambunctious, they can be just as sweet as ever to their baby siblings.  I'm hoping she believes me.  This boy loves his little sister and is ALWAYS soooo gentle with her.  Now, if I could teach him to treat our furniture (and his head) with the same softness.
We decided to welcome the new Dunkin' Donuts into town and patronized them with our business.  I wasn't very impressed but I think Jonas was a fan of their icing.  Love his smile.
Brooklyn is a ham and I love that she's so happy all the time.  Just looking at her and that smile can totally cheer me up when I'm in a grumpy mood.  
Here is a picture of my baby with her baby.  Santa was generous enough to bring her her first baby doll for Christmas.  I think she's  fan.  Mostly of chewing it and slobbering on it but those are all good qualities of being a good Mommy! ;)
This was John's Christmas present I bought him this year.  I spent a LOT of time searching Craigslist and checking out console radios before I found this beauty in a trailer home on the border of Arkansas and Oklahoma.  It was a bit of an adventure getting out there and buying it but it was all worth it when Christmas morning came around.  I spent a good amount of time convincing myself he wouldn't like it.  Luckily, I was wrong.  He loved it!  It was so much fun giving it to him.  Now, if only we can fix the minor little issues it has and use it often.  Granted, we will have to find a way to secure it from 'Wreck It Ralph' (aka Jonas).  

Daddy spent a LOT of time over Christmas Break (and snow days) building forts with the kids.  I love that he loves doing these kind of things.  It makes so many fun memories for them and it gives me some quiet time while they hide in it and play in there too.  He gave them quite the hook-up with the iPad as well.  He's such a fun Daddy.  We are all lucky.  I was convinced by the end of the break that they would beg him to stay home and for me to go back to work.  ;)

Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Christmas Memories

We had a lot of fun this Christmas season and were able to keep ourselves pretty busy and entertained.  I love the hubbub of the holidays and the excitement in the air as you get ready for it.  It's almost more exciting and enjoyable on the days leading up to Christmas than the actual day itself. Granted, with kids, the day is WAY more exciting than it used to be.  It just seems to go so fast.

This year we did lots to help us get ready for Christmas...

Daddy came home with a fun gingerbread house for us to put together for FHE.  Luckily each kid had their own side to decorate as they wished.  Addison was not a fan of Jonas' choice of decor.  He also enjoyed eating more than decorating but is that surprising?  ;)
We always get a good run out of the vending machine cars in the mall food court.  Okay, we use them for bribery to get them to sit on Santa without crying.  Thankfully, this is the first year we sat on his lap (or by his lap) without tears!  Wahoo!
We had some leftover treats from our neighborhood candy delivery that we left for Santa on Christmas Eve.  We even included some carrots for his reindeer.

And this is what Santa left for Addison in her stocking.  He knows her well.
Jonas' stocking.  So much it wouldn't all fit.  Aren't they lucky? 
Brooklyn's stocking.  She got the itty bitty sock but luckily Santa left her a few goodies outside of it too.
And yes, Santa was VERY good to us this year.  We are blessed. 
Napping after all that present-opening.  Addison and Jonas were gracious enough to share their toys with Brooklyn just in case she got lonely in that swing.
This is what nap time on Christmas Day looks like.  Curling up on the couch, surrounded by new toys, and watching the new movie of Monsters Univ that Santa brought us.  Isn't Daddy a genius?!

Participating in the commercial part of Christmas is always fun.  Especially with kids who make everything even more exciting.  However, I hope we always focus on the true meaning of Christmas and help teach our children the meaning behind why we celebrate the way we do.  Addison has become great at sharing the true meaning with us (frequently) throughout the Christmas season.  She has a great memory and can share many details about Jesus and being born in the manger and what a manger is and the star and the wise men etc.  Jonas mostly just plays with (and scatters) the pieces to the nativity but for this year we will call that good.  ;)  Lets hope next year he can relay the Christmas story in such intricate detail as his sister.  So grateful for all of our blessings throughout the year and especially on Christmas.  Grateful for a healthy and happy family and for the gospel of Jesus Christ to keep us focused on what really matters all year long.

Merry Christmas!

Monday, December 23, 2013

The Big Man In Red

For some reason, we let most of the holiday season go by before we were able to see the big man in red.  Maybe it was the fear of waiting in lines?  Maybe it was all the craziness of schedules in preparation for the big holiday, maybe it was surviving being a mother of three?  Who knows.  We even saw him from a distance while at Bass Pro but bribed the kids to hop out of the line and move on with our day.  Twenty minutes of moving two feet will do that to you.  He's a pretty popular guy apparently.  

Alas, the day came for us to make our personal visit to Santa.  It was about two days before Christmas but surprisingly the line moved quickly and we were happy.  Even the kids survived the waiting and the standing and were STILL happy when it was our turn.  I really REALLY love our Santa.  Every year I love him more.  He takes some time to talk to the kids, he looks amazingly good, and they are very generous about letting you take your own photos instead of paying the kajillion dollars for their "professional" ones.  So nice of them to let every kid enjoy Christmas...even the ones who have cheap parents.  ;)

It was a quick visit but a fun one nonetheless.  We love the big man in red.  And we are so glad that we were able to tell him what we wanted for Christmas....TWO days before it came.  He and his elves must have really busted a move to make/buy what we asked for because as always, Santa delivered.  Hip hip hooray for the big man in red!

Oh and of course we had to cram into the photo booth afterwards for some extra fun.  We were a little squished but it was worth it.  I'm grateful for a husband that thinks to do fun things like this.  I was raised cheap so I never entertain the thought.  It was the best five bucks spent!  ;)  I think it took us three pictures to finally get the hang of where to look and smile.  It perfectly describes the chaos that is our life.

Friday, December 20, 2013

Child Labor

Daddy and Addison went on a special errand that none of us were allowed to know about.  It was Daddy's idea and once Addison was privy to the information she was on board with it.   This is what we found out about after it was all said and done....

Saturday morning Daddy thought it was a good idea for Addison to earn some money.  And since our kids only earn "money" for extra work (not the usual daily "contributions" aka chores).  So, since Daddy's car needed a good cleaning - as it always does - they headed off to the carwash and cleaned it inside and out.  Daddy made sure to let Addison earn her money and he said she did a lot of the grunt work and worked really hard.  So proud of her.

In the midst of the cleaning action
Posing by the vacuum.  It was a cold and rainy day but that didn't deter this little hard worker.
After they were done cleaning the car, Daddy paid her $10.00 (Wayyyy more than I ever earned as a child!) but of course with the money came some choices of what she'd like to do with it.  He kept reiterating that it was HER money and she could CHOOSE whatever she wanted to do with it.  In the end, she said she'd like to go to the store and buy Christmas presents for her Mom and brother and sister.  (She even said she wanted to pay her tithing with it too!).  I was so proud to hear of what she chose.  I wasn't surprised by any means.  She is a very thoughtful and kind daughter and sister and it totally sounded like something she would choose to do with her hard earned money.  Daddy even told her a couple of times during their shopping trip that she could put the gifts away and just buy herself a toy if she wanted and she insisted that she wanted to buy the gifts.  She had so much fun picking out exactly what she thought each of us would want for Christmas.  

Here she is handing her money to the cashier.  All that hard earned money.
Riding home with her Christmas treasures for her family.
The two secret santa's posing for the camera.
Wrapping the present she picked out for Jonas.
Posing by her presents she picked out (Mommy was lucky to get two from her!)
Once again, she was so proud of her secret treasures that she worked so hard for.
Since this was all done about a week or so before Christmas, it was so fun to hear her talk about the presents and get so excited about keeping them all a secret from us.  You could totally see just how much she enjoyed the "giving" part of Christmas.  Especially because on Christmas Day instead of being excited to open HER presents from Santa she kept asking if we could open the presents she bought us first.  She couldn't contain her excitement for us to open them.  She got Mommy some glow bracelets and a necklace.  She got Brooklyn a soft toy rattle and she bought Jonas a Hot Wheels car.  You could tell she had given each of them so much thought and we were very excited to get them.  The biggest gift of it all was watching her excitement in working hard for something and sacrificing for her family and being so happy to do all of that.  I'm very grateful for Addison and beyond grateful that she is our oldest child.  I have no doubts that she will be a GREAT example to her younger brother and sister as they grow up.  We are lucky and blessed to be her parents.  Such a good girly.

Sunday, December 15, 2013

Bell Family Christmas

To say the kiddos were excited for our annual 'Bell Family Christmas Celebration' is an understatement.  Well at least Addison was.....Jonas doesn't really know whats going on until he gets out of the van.  He's pretty content with whatever we do.  

Alas, the time had came for us to make the 2 hour trek to Grandma Bell's house for a weekend of fun and cousins and presents.  Sidenote: I'm beyond grateful for the short drive it is to see family.  I know of so many who don't have that luxury that I never want to take it for granted.  My kids know their cousins....how lucky are they?  Once we loaded up we headed out to Springfield.  Since I come from a family of five siblings my Mom's house was filled to capacity.  We were more than happy to sacrifice and stay at a hotel with our free points while also leaving our kiddos to have a sleepover at Grandma's with their cousins.  I'm thinking we won out on that deal.  ;)  However, we did take pity on Jonas and his random nightly wakings/cryings that we took him to the hotel with us.  He's been going through a difficult sleep phase that is leaving all of us tired.  Needless to say, Addison had a blast at Grandma's and Jonas, Brooklyn and Daddy and I had a blast at the hotel with our free breakfast and private bathroom.  ;)

The first day of festivities was Saturday.  It was spent hanging out at Grandma's house and having our family present exchange.  All the cousins drew names and came with gifts for each other.  You could feel the excitement in the air.  They all gathered and exchanged and loved everything they got.  Addison was in love with her 'My Little Pony', Jonas was thrilled with his truck and trailer and motorcycle, and Brooklyn was elated with her little girly purse, bracelet and ring rattles.  Next, we eagerly ushered the kiddos upstairs to play and watch a movie while the adults got down and dirty.  As in dirty Santa.  We play it every year and so far John is the one that dishes it out.  He leaves no holes barred and spares no feelings.  The rest of us are too nice to steal each other's presents if it's something they really want.  Either way, it's always a fun time.  We also got to open up presents from Mooma and of course the beloved calendar from Aunt Michelle.  It's her yearly tradition that we all look forward to.  

Later that afternoon we had a change of plans.  We were originally planning on spending time at Silver Dollar City but due to the frigid weather (and all the little kids we had) we headed to the warm movie theater and got to see the movie Frozen instead.  It was a success.  All the kids loved the movie and the popcorn and candy we stuffed them with.  Afterward we enjoyed dinner of Cashew Chicken (of course) and then headed back to Grandma's for some more cousin play time.  Sunday, was a normal day spent at Grandma's church and then everyone heading their different directions home.  

It's always so nice to get together and celebrate the holidays.  It's especially nice to see how much fun the cousins have with each other and how sad they are when it's time to leave for home.  We are grateful for a fun family that loves us and we love them.  Sadly, I don't think I documented this trip with many pictures.  Here are the few I did manage to take...enjoy!

Hanging out at Bass Pro.  He was a fan of the streams running through the store.
Addison posing by the big fish tank.  She was NOT a fan of Jonas' infatuation with the streams/water.  She clung to the corners and kept telling me when he was getting too close. 
Going for a ride on the merry-go-round
Jonas and Daddy taking a ride as well.
Jonas and Brooklyn hanging out and watching cartoons in our hotel room while Mommy & Daddy pack up.   Addison was lucky enough to stay at Grandma's for a sleepover with her cousins.

Monday, December 9, 2013

Changing Up The Milk

For those who know me, you won't be surprised when I say I've never been a big fan of breastfeeding.  I've had legitimate issues with it and I've also had the superficial ones.  However, I always push through it for the sake of my babies.  I do agree it's the best milk to give them even if there are hurdles for me to get through in order to do it.  I've had my fair share of mastitis (NOT a fun time) and I'm convinced my "milking system" is faulty.  It works but apparently not as easily as some other mothers systems.  ;)

Having said that, this third time must be a charm.  It wasn't necessarily smooth sailing but it was BETTER.  I'm convinced mostly because I had the chance to nurse Brooklyn RIGHT after she was born.  Like within minutes.  So she knew how to naturally latch and I was less frazzled (since she is my third) and we got off to a great start.  There was definitely still a learning curve for the first month or so before we could say we were old pro's at it. I also went into it telling myself if it works...we'll ride the wave as long as we can....if it doesn't we will switch to formula.  Mostly, I assured myself I wouldn't put any "Mommy Guilt" on me (or let others).  For the most part it worked.  She never forgot her latch, my chest eventually healed from the initial blisters/sore-ness, and she was a quick eater (I was very thankful for that).  

We made it almost six whole months!  That's a record for me folks!  Addison made it three months and Jonas made it to two months.  Both of them gave me a couple bouts of mastitis too.  Luckily, we escaped mastitis this time around as well.  However, about mid-way through the process I did have decreased production on one side and eventually went to nursing strictly from one side.  It made for an interesting "proportion arrangement" but hey...it worked!  However, by the time I hit 5 1/2 months I started entertaining the idea of weaning.  I wasn't entirely sure I was producing enough to keep her full and I was growing weary of only having one side of milk production.  Plus, I'm sure there were some superficial reasons in there too.  But no "Mommy guilt" this time!  

I quickly realized that in order to make the switch to formula we were going to have to go cold turkey.  She wasn't a fan of the taste and for a baby who already knew how to drink pumped milk from a bottle, she all the sudden seemed to "forget" how to drink from a bottle when formula was involved.  Little stinker.  And let me tell you, it was a BATTLE to make the switch.  We went for almost a full 20 hours before she finally succumbed to the formula bottle.  I literally had to try giving it to her every hour on the hour for 20 hours until she got so hungry she wolfed it down in seconds.  I was a nervous wreck.  I kept researching to make sure that she wouldn't starve to death.  Logically it made sense but I was not in a  very logical mindset during this time.  Plus, the lack of sleep didn't help.  She seemed to sleep fine on an empty stomach.  I was the one waking up every few minutes to make sure she was still breathing.  Needless to say, I did a silent victory dance at 4:00 am when she decided she was hungry enough to choke down that formula.  And she hasn't batted an eye at it since.  I'm loving the convenience of formula and the fact that Daddy (and anyone else for that matter) can give her the bottle.  I'm grateful that we were able to last so long with nursing this time around and that I pushed through my hesitations and did it so well and so long even considering the hiccups along the way.  

Sunday, December 1, 2013

5 Months Old

Poor Brooklyn.  She's already suffering the effects of "Third child syndrome".  With my first two, I was dressing them up and posing them each month they got older.  I'd have my own little mini photo session in the house just to document their new age and developments.  Now, I consider myself lucky to remember to take a candid photo of Brooklyn as she is turning older.  I just love seeing a month-by-month growth in their first year since they seem to change so much from one month to the next.  At least I'm still documenting some type of photo right?  After all, I think I love the candid shots better anyway.  The majority of those are happy and smiling pictures.  Usually by the time I propped up and dressed Addison and Jonas they were done with it and ticked off in most of the pictures.  Having said that....

Happy 5 months old Brooklyn!  We've been lucky enough to enjoy your sweet personality for five whole months!  And may I say...we've loved the journey!  Your journey seems to be so easy.  You spend most of your time happy and bubbly and jabbery and are rarely ever fussy.  You do like your food and you do like your sleep so when those two needs are met you are quite the charmer.  You are sleeping so well....although the night long sleeps are happening itermittenly.  However, I can't complain since really all you seem to wake up for at night is either a binky or a bottle and then you quickly go right back to sleep.  Thank you for letting Mommy get her sleep.  I appreciate it.  

You haven't really mastered much yet besides growing into a chunky monkey (which you are doing quite well at).  You've yet to roll over, or sit up, or get any teeth.  Since you are my third child I'm actually pretty okay with it.  After all, Jonas didn't crawl until he was 11 months old!  You have plenty of time!  

You are also my longest nurser!  I'm amazed we are still going so well and have yet to have any complications like I did with the first two.  You've made me accept and appreciate the process a little bit more than I did before which is huge!  I love knowing that I can keep a baby growing and fed and even add some little layers of fat to those bones.  

You jabber at us quite a bit and we love it.  One day we will understand what those words are.  In the meantime we just like to jabber back and watch you smile and cheese at us.  We pinch ourselves every day for the opportunity we have to have you in our family.  We all adore you and just love to get down and play with you on the floor....even Jonas is a softy when he's around you.  Addison does quite the performance just to entertain you.  She is easily the one that can get you belly laughing more than anyone else can.  I think you two will be the best of friends if you aren't already.

You truly are a joy and we can't wait to watch you grow up.  You are developing quite the spunky and bubbly little personality and you seem to be a bit of a daredevil (like your siblings) since you just laugh and laugh when Daddy tosses you in the air.  

Our poor little Brooklyn managed to catch the stomach bug that we all had a turn with.  Here she is cuddling with Mommy while we are both hoping it passes soon.  It's never fun to see a baby her size spit/vomit up so much milk.
I consider myself lucky when I get the chance to cuddle up next to this sleeping cutie.  
And of course a full body shot of our little 5 month older.  Her siblings adore her if you couldn't tell. 
You are finally big enough for the exersaucer!  You spend a lot of time hanging out in this while Mommy wrangles your brother and sister.
Jonas and Brooklyn get lots of quality time together while Addison is at preschool.  For such a rough and tough little boy he sure turns into a softy when its time to hang out with Brooklyn.  I love it.
Probably one of my favorites pictures ever.  Your adoring sister and you matching and cheesing for the camera.  So glad I have such cute little girlys.
I can't help but laugh or smile anytime I make eye contact with you.  You are always happy and seem to chase away my grumpies so quickly.
And finally, my baby with her baby.  You have such a cute smile...especially since it's still a gummy one!
We don't have any weight or length measurements this month since you don't go back to the doctor until you are 6 months old.  One look at you can confirm you are a happy, healthy, chunky little baby girl.  

Brooklyn, you've taught me to let go of the anxieties that come with being a parent and just enjoy the moment.  Thank you for all you bring to our family.  Happy Five Months Old!!

Thursday, November 28, 2013

Turkey Talk

Thanksgiving this year was a success!  Mostly, because we got to stay close to home and got to do LOTS of relaxing.  My sweet sister-in-love Sarah happily hosted it over at her house again and we were all so thankful.  We were even lucky enough to come the day before and help prep some of the food before the big day.  I'd almost say the day before Thanksgiving was my favorite just because we got to catch up and visit while the kiddos played and we chopped veggies.  I even got to enjoy a nice little cuddle with Brooklyn afterward on Sarah's comfy couches.  It gave me lots of time to sit and reflect for what I'm thankful for.  

Enjoying cuddles with my cute, sleeping, baby.  One of the best places to be I think.

Dinner was delicious of course and everyone managed to stuff themselves.  Where there's a will there's a way!  John and Tom rallied together earlier on Turkey day to perfect the frying of the bird.  I think it is now their yearly tradition.  John bought some seasonings to give it a cajun flair.  Along with an injection needle to juice/season the inside of it.  I'd have to say I'm a BIG fan of fried bird.  It is sooo good.  Even the extra seasonings gave it a great flavor as well.  I think we had at least two birds...maybe three...to eat at our dinner table.  

What is also equally as fun is seeing the cousins all playing together.  I love that Jonas and Addison are at the age now where they can run around and keep up with the older cousins.  And I also love that their older cousins love them tagging along.  They are so helpful with them and I'm grateful.  It's also nice to sit and not have them sitting on top of me either.  I literally do not see them from the minute I walk in the door until the minute it's time to head for home.  They do a great job of wearing them out that's for sure.  I appreciate the break.

I'm also grateful for my in-laws.  I definitely got blessed in this department (especially when I hear stories from others).  My in-laws are easily like family to me.  I know no one is without fault or perfect but they are definitely a perfect fit for me and I'm grateful that I can be so comfortable around them as well.  I'm a lucky girl.

I'm definitely grateful for my own little family.  Can I still call it "little" with three kids now?  I guess it works since they are still little in size.  These three kids keep me busy almost every day and every minute of the day but I don't think I'd have it any other way.  They are perfectly suited for me and I know without a doubt they are here to teach me and help me grow.  It seems like I need a constant reminder sometimes.  I won't lie, taking care of three kids age 4 and younger can definitely have it's moments.  But they all contribute so much to our family I can't imagine life without them.  I used to sit and wonder what my future kids would look like or act like....I like knowing that now I know the answer to that.  And I especially like watching their little personalities develop right in front of my eyes.  They may all be spitting images of their father but I love seeing little personality traits they get from me.  Oh and Jonas can soooo rock that huge forehead I gave him.  ;)

I'm also grateful for my husband.  He's pretty much everything I needed and wanted whether I knew it all at the time or not.  I'm grateful Heavenly Father made it so apparent to me that this was the man I needed to marry.  Our marriage isn't perfect (who's is?) but I like knowing that I get to go down this road with him.  It's so fun being able to spend the rest of your life hanging out with your best friend and always having someone who has your back.  I especially love that he reminds me to focus on our friendship and the importance of it as we seem to get caught up in kids and the chaos that comes with them.    He reminds me often that life isn't to just be endured but enjoyed.  And with my personality I seem to need that reminder frequently.  ;)

I'm grateful for my side of the family.  I fully embrace all of our quirks (we seem to have a lot) and especially am grateful that no matter what, we all love each other and when push comes to shove we would all sacrifice to help in a moments notice.  It can be easy to get caught up in our own immediate families and our own schedules but I appreciate that my family makes it a priority to gather and visit often.

And lastly, I'm thankful for the gospel.  I don't spend much time bearing my testimony from the pulpit (maybe something I should look into changing? ;)  But, I'm grateful for the peace and the direction that the gospel brings me.  It gives me such a perspective and a way to pattern my life - and my children's lives - so we can all live with Heavenly Father again.  I'm grateful that John and I made it a priority to marry in the temple so that we could be sealed together as a family.  That has brought so many blessings into our lives and our marriage.  Namely, our cute little three kiddos.  We are blessed beyond measure in so many ways and all of those ways can easily be pointed back to living the gospel.  I'm grateful for the sacrifice that Christ gave us and for all the sacrifices all the prophets have given so that we may know Heavenly Father and what we are to do on this earth so we can return and live with him.  

In summary, I am blessed and I am thankful.  Happy Thanksgiving!

Addison and Grandpa Fields spent some time just hanging out while waiting for the turkey.

Friday, November 22, 2013

A Bunch of Sickos

For a good three week span this house has been infested with sickies and everything that goes with it.  By the symptoms we had I'm guessing it was the flu even though we dutifully got our flu shots.  Must have been a different strand....oy it was not fun.

It all started with Addison.  We spent the Saturday evening with Grandma Bell visiting us and enjoying a nice little ward chili dinner and talent show.  It was jam packed with people but it was pretty fun.  We all enjoyed ourselves.  However, by the time we got home Addison wasn't feeling good, had a temperature, and spent the night barfing in a bucket while I laid next to her.  I think she puked about five times that night.  It was a long night for both of us.  She spent the next day still somewhat sick so we stayed home from church while Daddy and Jonas went by themselves.  All in all, I think she endured the yuckies for about three days total (with a random well day thrown in the middle of it).  I must say I'm soooo grateful she has reached the age of knowing when and how to throw up in a bucket instead of wherever it lands.  

Jonas, on the other hand, is still learning this trait.  Yep, he came down with the sickies and fever on Monday.  He's like his Momma, he gets pretty miserable and whiney when he isn't feeling well.  I think his followed the same course as Addison's and then finally he was over it.  I laid by him in my big bed and kept a bucket nearby for when he would start crying.  I quickly learned it was his signal that something was coming up soon.  However, he also was convinced that his barf bucket being near him actually made him barf....so he'd keep pushing it away.  Luckily we caught the majority of his as well.  It was so hard to see both of the kiddos sick.  I was just hoping Brooklyn escaped it all.

Next one that was down for the count was me.  It was miserable folks.  I'm convinced I got the bug just so I would be able to better relate to how miserable it was for my kids.  And I'm also convinced they either get a milder case with a longer duration and I got a shorter duration but a more intense bug.  Either that or I'm just a big baby.  I was literally down for the count.  As in 'can't get out of the bed or else I'll run to the bathroom puking' status.  I spent the whole miserable day in bed and every muscle was sore.  I spent most of the day and night using my puke bowl as well and wasn't able to keep a thing down.  It was bad.  And luckily, John came through and transformed into Mr. Mom and kept the kids alive.  I could NOT have endured that while taking care of three kids (especially when one is a 4 month old).  I could barely prop myself up to nurse her the few times I did.  The house was a mess but the kids were alive and that was all I cared about.  

Luckily, for awhile there, it seemed the bug left our house and we were on the mend.  It made for a long week since we all tag-teamed and stretched out the sickies as long as possible.  I was sooo grateful to have a somewhat functioning body once it was all over.  The only good news was that I hit my lowest weight I've seen in years!  It's funny what not eating for two straight days will do to ya!

Unluckily, the bug returned for me the very next week.  It was a different bug with different symptoms.  I think this one was the stomach flu.  I've had it before and it involves intense stomach cramps and of course...puking.  I have NO idea why anyone saw fit to give me two serious ailments in such a short amount of time.  However, once again John stayed home from work and kept the house from falling down around me.  I was making myself more sick just wondering how I'd be able to keep the kids alive with him at work.  Thank heavens he took pity on me and my midnight crying spell about all my worries for the next day.  Again, I managed to maintain that weight loss!  Woohoo.  My consensus?  It wasn't worth it.  I hate being sick folks....it's miserable.  I don't know anyone who particularly likes it but I think I hate it even more than the average person.  ;)

And one more thing for the records.  You know the saying Mom's sometimes say about "I wish I could take the sickness from my child so they could be well."  Um, I disagree.  Don't get me wrong....I hate seeing my babies get sick.  It's no fun.  However, in my opinion it's even worse when I'm the one sick and they are well.  Who steps in to take my spot?  I'm convinced the Momma needs to be well and good so she can nurse the ailing children.  Ultimately, if I had the choice I would obviously choose for no one to get sick...however, I think me being well and them getting the yuckies is the better scenario.  They need their Momma to nurse them back to health!

So glad we have that course of yuckies behind us.  I'm hoping nothing is looming in our near future.  One of the many reasons I'm not a fan of winter.  Too many sickes and it's too cold.

Aunt Sarah saved the day with a delivery of the sickly essentials.  Luckily, the kids were on the mend here and helping Daddy disinfect the house.

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

A Day In The Life...

And here's a lovely blog of random pictures to document our latest happenings in the Hufford world.  These kids are too cute to just let these pictures go to waste....enjoy!

Jonas cleaning up a mess I'm sure.  Every once in awhile he actually cleans one instead of makes one.
Apparently he was feeling the need for a bath and Mommy wasn't taking the hint.  Our days can get pretty interesting when Addison is away at school.  

Hanging out on the swings.  Trying to cure some cabin fever.

She loves the swings.  Mostly the baby swings but I'm trying to convince her the "big girl swings" are more fun.  It's a hard sell.

A random stoic pic of Brooklyn.  You're welcome. ;)

Addison and Daddy learning some baseball.  She's pretty good for a four year old and even better she LOVES it!
Monkey #1 hanging in a tree at my Aunt Sharon's house.  I grew up doing this for fun.  I think they need a little more convincing that it's actually "fun".
Monkey #2 hanging in the tree.  He wasn't quite sure what to think.

This is how we roll in Target.  Poppies, drink, and a cart full of kids.  I'm convinced they need to get bigger carts if they actually want me to buy something.  ;)

Addison trying to imitate my yoga moves.  She makes it look easy and graceful.  
Jonas' turn at imitating me.  I'm thinking this is probably more true to how I look when I do it.  The apple doesn't fall far from the tree folks.
Taking advantage of the Krispy Kreme light being on.  Even Brooklyn got to indulge on this trip.  Well, indulge in the hat...I did not puree a donut for her sadly.  There's always next time! 
And lastly, a typical trip to Walmart for Halloween costume stuff.  Luckily they provide free cookies in the bakery for "well-behaved children" (or so my kids think).  They also manage to give out the ones with an inch thick of icing and this is what it leaves me with.  Two happy kids coated in sugar.  Yes, it's still worth it for the silence on my shopping trip.