Tuesday, September 30, 2014

September Randomness

I'm noticing more and more that any "adventures" we have that are worth documenting are very sporadic and random in nature.  Most of them aren't grand enough to warrant their own blog post so they get thrown into my "randomness" posts for the month.  However, I'm reminding myself they must still be journal'd for memory's sake.  Especially for MY memory's sake.  Life with three kiddos can be crazy but is still so fun.  Here's what we did in September!

Jonas got overloaded with any/all things superhero for his birthday presents this year.  Here he is sporting one of many fun toys he got.  My own little Iron-Man.  Even cuter than the real one!
"What's that?"  "Ohhhhh, just taking the chair for it's nightly walk."  This girly is slowly getting more and more mobile lately.  This is her latest trick to maneuvering around the living room.  Whatever works!
Ahhhhh, this is the life.  Don't feel bad for them, they owed me after the crazy and chaotic day the gave me.  I love when I get pampered by these cute kiddos.  I'm a lucky lady.
Eating lunch with our favorite kindergartner.  We may or may not be taking total advantage of this lunch-school-kindergarten-eating tradition.  It's not only an excuse to see our favorite girl but also to eat Chick-fil-a!!  Woohoo!  So glad she loves it too.....for now.

Raising a ruckus....or at least kids who like to ride on them.  This year, Aunt Sarah was selling her house and before she did she requested that we have ONE more Thanksgiving celebration in it....early...as in September.  So of course, we didn't need much excuse to chow down on turkey and fixings.  It quickly got nicknamed "Fakesgiving".  So Happy Fakesgiving to you!  It's now officially a thing.
My two ruckus-loving kiddos...and their Daddy.  They actually got a trip around the neighborhood.  Brooklyn just got to keep the seat warm in the driveway...parked.  Hehehe.
Apple-sharing 101.  Take a bite and pass it down.  I've decided this is the new way we eat apples around here.  Totally cuts down on apple waste and finding the random half-eaten ones in mysterious places around the house.
This little girl takes after her Daddy and is constantly on the move.  I decided to soak up this rare moment wherein she actually HELD STILL and let me cuddle on her this afternoon.  It was lovely.
Addison sharing her after-school snack.  She is such a great big-sister....and a great Mommy helper as well!  So beyond grateful for her.
She wants nothing to do with what's inside.  She just wants to hold it like a big girl.  She loves to copy her siblings.  Such a cutie.
Jonas and Mommy sneaking in some cuddles.  You have to act quick with this one too - and hold him down long enough to snag a quick snuggle.  This day I was lucky.  Other days not so much.
Daddy is the "fun-parent" around here.  Three kids....riding one Daddy.  A very fun bedtime tradition.
It's a happy day when the family "mess-maker" learns how to clean up after himself.  Saves me some work that's for sure!
And now we come full-circle.  The "imitator" has now become the "imitatee".  
She's a speed-walker when she has something to push.  And the library is definitely her speed-walking location of choice.  Libraries aren't relaxing for me at all anymore.
I love when she finds a friend to walk-in to school with.  And I love that they hold hands when they do.
I love when my babies master the straw....makes my life easier!
Addison was lucky enough to get one of the first award's at this year's first Colt Stampede.  Her teacher wanted to recognize her for her tender heart.  She said she's so helpful to not only the teacher but to her friends as well.  We are grateful for such a special little girly.  
It's official!  She now officially walks more than she crawls.  On wood-chips no less!  I can barely master those!
The number one sign that you've had a long day....you fall out of bed and keep on sleeping.  I believe John and I are both guilty of doing this exact same thing when we were his age....but mine was the top bunk.

Monday, September 1, 2014

Jonas Turns Three!

Jonas was a lucky boy for his 3rd birthday....kinda sorta.  We got to spend his birthday on the road for vacation.  We enjoyed a quick trip to visit Grandma Parr and Aunt Ann & Uncle Roger.  We were literally in the van and driving during his special day. However, that didn't stop us from celebrating while we were in Illinois with family.  And they were all SO sweet and celebrating our special guy.  They each snuck out before our dinner celebrations and bought him presents and surprises for his big day.  Such sweet family....we are grateful for their kindness.  I'm sure Jonas is as well since he scored some extra love and gifts!  He didn't seem to mind a traveling birthday.  Interestingly enough, his namesake...Daddy...spent his birthdays growing up in a similar fashion.  Except he was in the back of a suburban and Jonas was in the back of a minivan.  ;)

Unfortunately, since we did spend his day on vacation and on the road, we didn't get to take advantage of too many picture opportunities.  I was only able to scramble up a few here and there.  But believe me when I said we had quite a grand time celebrating our little big boy.  We are SO grateful for Jonas and the role he plays in our family. 

Happy 3rd Birthday Jonas!!