Wednesday, February 23, 2011

First Haircut

Addison took another step in becoming a big girl today. She got her first haircut EVER!

I've put this off for months and months mostly because I didn't want her to grow up so fast. But, once we lost sight of her eyes from her shaggy bangs, I knew we couldn't go any longer. I came prepped with lots of distractions for her just in case she wouldn't hold still. Thankfully, due to our wonderful hairdresser/friend, no distractions were needed.

It was a party from beginning to end and Addison loved being doted on and admiring herself in front of the mirror. Plus playing with the extra combs and clips didn't hurt either. She smiled and cheesed for every picture and was so proud of herself for being such a big girl. The hairdresser and I were equally as impressed with her. Just a few quick snips later we were done and she got her very own sucker to enjoy for all of her good behavior. We even got to take a certificate with a lock of hair home with us to save for her baby book. Here are a few pics of the big girl and the big moment!

The beginning of the process. So far so good. Say good-bye to that shaggy mane.

The end result...Addison and Lindsey. We couldn't stop laughing at her cheesing/no-eyes smile.

And the final masterpiece-there are those eyes! Doesn't she look like such a little girl now? She's growing up too fast!

Belated V-Day

So, technically we did celebrate the actual holiday on the actual was just a low-key version. We met Daddy for lunch and Addison gave him his chocolates and homemade card. I had distributed my lovey gifts the day before because I was so excited to gift them. Addison got 'Beauty & The Beast' and a pink "Cubs" t-shirt and hat. Daddy got a Cubs t-shirt too. After all, we have to adorn ourselves accordingly since we are going to their Spring Training a week from today! And without fail, Daddy came home with wonderful surprises for his girls. A balloon for us to share and chocolates and cards for both of us.

John and my real V-day treat/celebration was the following Friday. We were preparing for this...

I've discovered a new interest in seeing any/all plays & performances in theaters. Luckily, John is just as big of a fan as well and happily accompanies me on my voyages. Prior to this we had been driving down to F-ville to see the performances. But, upon a quick internet search I happened across our nearby "Rogers Little Theater" and my curiosity was piqued. I signed us up for the dinner/show and was anxious and nervous to see what awaited us. John and I had several questions on the way to the actual theater. How big was it? What would the food taste like? How well would the performance be? Etc, etc. But, all in all we were VERY pleased and are now eager to go again soon.

It was a very small theater but very cozy and historical. Our seats were smack dab in the front so we even got to see Joseph's nose hairs! Our dinner guests were beyond conversational and enjoyable - which was good since we had an hour to eat/talk before the show started. And the play? It was great! The audio was a bit off but we were close enough that it didn't bother us. The Children's choir sat right in front of us and I had to resist the urge to lean over and pinch those cute little singing kiddos. Everyone did a wonderful job and the night was very entertaining and enjoyable. I highly recommend everyone discovering this cute little theater/performance just as we did. We created lots of good memories and are anxious to create even more for their future performances.

Saturday, February 12, 2011

If You Build It...

We will come! Especially if it's free! ;-)

For the longest time I've known about the Lowe's Kids Crafts that they have every Saturday. I've gone a few times with my nieces and nephew when I was pregnant w/Addison. However, today we actually got to go WITH Addison! It's such a fun idea for them to do and it's a great way to get them familiar with some manual labor! That way, we can transition them quite easily to some more manual child labor at home! ;-)

We woke up this morning without any plans so it was a perfect day to start a new tradition. We all got showered and dressed (yes, it had been quite awhile since I've done that w/all this snow) and headed out to our local Lowe's. We signed our little girl's life away and got our craft kit and joined in the hammering chaos around us. It was a lot of fun, and surprisingly more work than I thought it'd be. Those little nails take some good muscle to hammer in!

Addison made a few attempts at swinging a hammer like a drunkard. Then Mom & Dad decided to step-in and offer some assistance. I was wondering if she was "too young" for such a project but after looking around the room, 90% of the parents were building their child's project as well....regardless of their age. It was hilarious to see. And really loud as well. But a lot of fun! She loved it, especially when she saw the finished product - a heart shaped music box. She's open and shut it about a billion times since we got home.

After all that hard work, she earned her first patch to sew on her apron (which we'll get next time around). Looking forward to future Saturday's where she can don her apron and head on back to Lowe's for some more wood working projects! Overall, it was a fun family outing and the day is only half over so far!

Here she is, halfway through the project 90% built by Daddy.

Proof that she did get to take a few swings of the hammer. She preferred to do it on her own a few times but we didn't want to risk injury to Dad's face w/a crazy hammer swing. Yup, it came close a few times.

And the finished project - a heart shaped music box! Mommy got to assist in the building efforts as well. She was lucky enough to only smash her finger once though! What I won't do for that cute face!

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Two Peanuts

We've been a bit bored as of late. We are currently watching our 2 feet of snow from our living room window. Yes, the SECOND time in two weeks.. So, I figured I'd spend this time showing off our two peanuts.

Peanut #1:

Apparently my camera flash is a bit blinding. I promise, normally her eyes do remain open the majority of the day.

Even though we haven't gone outside to play in our blizzard, apparently Addison has decided to dress the part....partially. She loves her boots and she loves her horse. Yes, this was the same horse she was afraid of on Christmas morning. Now, it's her favorite. The belt harness is what we use to pull her around the house on him. She loves the invention! What do they say? Necessity is the mother of invention? I'd like to change that to "Insanity" since that is all I've seemed to acquire from our days of harboring indoors w/all this snow.

Peanut #2:

Can you see it? Big Hufford head on the right, body and legs wrapping around on the left, and two tiny arms attempting to cover it's face. Such a shy little zygote.

We were lucky enough to have a break in the blizzard and FINALLY got to see the newest little growing peanut yesterday. (Some I know aren't as lucky as we were...sorry Megan! :-( ). It was a quick visit but we were excited to see this one was a bit bigger than we were expecting for such an early ultrasound (I'm almost 12 weeks currently). When we got to see Addison for the first time, she was about the size of a peanut blob and we could only really make out her wiggly fingers and legs. It's so fun to finally see what has been going on inside you for the past few weeks. And for John to FINALLY believe me when I say I'm pregnant!! Lol....jk. He's believed me from the's me that has doubted.

And speaking of John, I would like to clarify our misunderstanding from our earlier negotiation. Apparently the "Poopy Diaper Pact of 2011" was really only supposed to cover that "day" (according to him) and I was thinking it was covering at LEAST for the rest of the first trimester. The wishful thinking was that it would last the full 9 months. So, needless to say, we are re-entering negotiations. Stay tuned for the latest developments! He's a softy so I expect with only minor begging and pleading we'll have it extended soon! ;-)

Monday, February 7, 2011

Boredom & Negotiations

We've been stuck in a blizzard for the past week or so. Which means we've been home bound for the majority of that week as well. Had we not gotten out of the house today I would have LOST my mind. Especially since we are getting hit with another blizzard in two days. Did I mention my distaste for winter? I like all four seasons of course, but winter ranks the lowest on the list. The only benefits I see are Christmas and freezing the insects, flies, and bugs so we have less of them in the summer. Really, once Christmas is out of the way, winter may as well be too if it were up to me.

The days at home have been boring but entertaining as well. It's been fun hanging out together as a family. Laying around in our jammies, eating junk, watching TV, and sleeping. But even that can get old after awhile....I know...right?!
Luckily, I've spent my time these past few days entering into some negotiations that are very beneficial for me.

Negotiation #1: John vs. Shannon
So, this pregnancy has been different than Addison's. I've prided myself on never having a weak stomach when it comes to poopy diapers. I would point and laugh at John as he gagged while changing them. But me, I could hold my own. Until now. Even the sheer smell sends me lurching and running to the toilet with my hand over my mouth. As cute as she is, she can STINK. Don't even get me started on the diaper pail - the mass accumulation of stinky diapers? Nasty.

So, thankfully I have a caring husband who has agreed (with very little arm pulling from me) to handle any/all poopy diapers between here and my delivery date. (Note: I'm thinking the smell will only really bother me during this first trimester but I'm planning on "faking" it the whole 9 months. Shhh! ;-) He handles the poopies and I handle the wet. Now, my only dilemma is what to do between the hours of 8:00-5:00 on the weekdays. Any takers? :D

Negotiation #2: Addison vs. Mommy

Boredom got the best of Addison this weekend. She achieved another milestone. Check out the chubby legs in the picture below:

That's right. She has finally discovered body art and given herself her first tattoo. Hopefully it's her first and LAST. Thankfully it's temporary. She is now grounded from writing utensils. She felt rather bad about it and was sad for quite a while. It was adorable really. Luckily Daddy came to her aid and helped negotiate her punishment. She had to help him clean up the living room (aka: pick up 4 pieces of paper and 2 toys) and in return I would give her a bath and scrub it off. I have yet to fulfill my part of the bargain. Mostly because I think it's cute (shhhh don't tell her) and also because bath night isn't until Wednesday....hahaha. No need to double up on work ya know! Nothing a pair of pants won't cover up until then! ;-)

In summary, I'd say these last few days being home-bound were rather productive for me!

Friday, February 4, 2011

Boot Camp

I've had a LOT of time to think. And honestly, it all makes perfect sense now. Logistically, it works. There is definitely a reason why it all happens in this order. What am I talking about you ask? Our version of "Baby Boot Camp" that is currently taking place in the Hufford house between the hours of 8:00 am and 5:00 pm.

Honestly, what better way to train a child to be "Mommy's little helper" when the next baby comes, than by letting them help survive the first trimester. And I must say, Addison has been passing with flying colors....even amongst the occasional pangs of guilt felt by this mommy.

It's not so much that this 1st trimester is "wayyyy worse" than when I was pregnant w/Addison. It's actually a lot less worse. But I never had to care for another being when I was pregnant w/Addison. And that makes ALL the difference in the world.

Sidenote: I'll fess up to it. I'm not the most graceful sick person out there. If there is anyone within earshot range, I like to remind them just how bad I feel.....quite often. Growing up, my mom actually asked me, while I was moaning on the couch w/the flu, if it made me feel better to do it. I simply said...Yes! And so, she gave me permission to continue my moaning and groaning. And I wasn't just being a snotty really does help!!! So, now John gets the luxury of listening to me remind everyone often that I'm still sick! Just in case they forget of course.

So, even though Addison doesn't quite understand my moaning and groaning, she has adapted quite well. The poor girl could probably recite Sesame Street to you at this point (hey at least it's educational right? ;-) She's learned to entertain herself while I'm lying on the couch. She'll happily eat her snacks at the coffee table. And she's easily pleased with a quick lunch of ham and cheese and whatever else can be opened and dumped on the tray. And every time I start feeling guilty about it all I keep reminding myself it's just temporary right? Right! It doesn't help that everything is currently frozen over outside so our closest thing to a park excursion is the play land at Chickfila (where they also serve hot food thank heavens!) Luckily at her young age, she doesn't know any different than this life we are leading currently. And honestly, she's such an accommodating and easy going child that even if she knew different, she'd still be just fine with it. And that's why I love her. She oozes sweetness and kindness. (I'd like to think she takes after me?? ;-)

Plus can I mention how much I LOVE this age? She's learning how to help clean up her messes and also knows how to throw things away, get shoes, and coats, and pick up toys. Not only is she learning it....she LOVES to help. And I love when she does...even when I'm not deathly sick.

She's going to be a great big helper when this next little one comes. I just know it! Can't wait to see her as a big sister!

Sooooo thankful for her!

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Making it Official

I'm finally releasing our latest big news. Yep, that's right, we will become a family of four this August 25th (ish). That is assuming this next one won't be almost two weeks late (thank you Addison ;-).

We've known since the week of Christmas but have only told family and close friends so far. Luckily, all is going well so far since this little one has already figured out lots of little ways to remind us it's doing well in there. So far it's been kind enough to remind me by giving me sciatic nerve pain, mild nausea, and mild headaches. I'll take it all, except for the sciatic nerve pain that is! Not fun folks. I feel for anyone who has experienced it. I've never been a big fan of the 1st trimester but not too much longer and I'll hit my favorite - the 2nd trimester! Counting down the days!

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Snow Day 2011

This is about as far as we made it out of the house today. It's a good thing though because everything is shut down and frozen. Well except for McDonald's which came through when I decided I'd continue my lazy streak and just forgo making dinner. Hey, those 4 wheel drives are good for something right? ;-) And so are devoted husbands who warm up the truck for 20 minutes just to forage for food 2 miles away.

Anyway, due to the blizzard, John got to work from home today. Of course we managed to give him lots of breaks and attention. Addison slept GREAT last night-until 9:00 am!! Usually, you can set a clock by her sleep schedule so I was amazed/worried. Of course once she woke up you could tell she knew today was a non-routine day. She got to eat a toaster strudel for breakfast, snow was piling outside the window, and Daddy was still here!! It's so fun to see her get excited when our routine changes up a bit.

We decided to explore the blizzard and all suited up for some fun in the snow. Surprisingly, Addison does not take after her Mom....she LOVED the snow. So much so that she promptly threw fits when we even mentioned the word "inside". I could barely breathe/walk because of all the snow still coming down and the wind blowing everywhere. She just happily sat amongst all of it and worked her little mitten nubs dumping/mixing the snow. Luckily we finally ignored the tantrums and brought her in anyway promptly to find out that her little bottom and cheeks were cold and red.

All in all, it was a great day of fun, relaxation, and productivity. We laid around most of the morning, played in the snow, cuddled for warmth, dined on mac n cheese, and spent the evening storm cleaning the house. And best of all, we got some cute pictures to document Addison's play-date in the snow. So now, when it snows again, we can just sit in our warm house and I'll show her pictures of "that one day when we went outside and played" and it will be much better than going out and playing/freezing in it again! Yeah!

She's enjoying herself I promise! This was my attempt at teaching her how to make her first snow angel.