Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Sweet Victory

The battle has now been won. Granted it took me about a month to win it but I've won it nonetheless. We have been harboring houseflies for the past month. I swear we've turned into a breeder for them as we've raised them from little fly-lets. Nothing is more obnoxious and pesky than a housefly, except maybe a June bug, but both are pretty close in the rankings.

So, we have about a total of 5 flies on our fly farm I'm guessing. And it turns out they can live a pretty long time in the right environment, that being our house. There is one specifically that I've had a death wish on for a long time. I've named it the devil fly. It has managed to buzz in my face/nose everytime I'm feeding Addison. It k
nows just when my hands will be occupied so I can't shoo it away. Sadly, I've even resorted to swishing my ponytail and shooing it that way. Yes, I feel like a horse when I do this. At times it even buzzes around Addison and I get VERY angry at it then.

I've wished these flies dead for a long time. It started with me searching high and low through Walmart trying to find the blasted fly paper. Since they've been remodeling our Wal-mart I never had success and came home empty handed on multiple occasions. Then I decided to google fly concoctions on the internet. Home-remedy type stuff. I came across some pretty interesting ideas. One recommended taking a gallon size baggie full of water and putting a penny in it and hanging it in your house. Um, that would look even more white-trash than fly tape. The other recommendation I found online was "Try cleaning your house". Hahahaha....that sounds like an absurd idea too! Don't they know I have a 3 month old? Lol. So, once again (last night) we take a family outing to Wal-mart. Sidenote: This is a rare occasion for ALL 3 of us to go to Walmart together....it's rather exciting. So, I decide to finally buckle and ask an associate where the fly paper is. Ahhh...by the laundry detergent....riiiggghht that makes COMPLETE sense! So finally we go, find it, and manage to buy about 6 boxes of it. I mention to John, how we'll now look VERY white trash with fly paper in our kitchen. I'll have to tell everyone that visits....um watch out for our fly paper-don't hit your head on it! His response....."Nah, we'll take it down when company comes to visit." Lol. So we eagerly pay for our spoils and head for home.

And today, just a few hours ago, I tasted sweet sweet victory. Just as I was pulling the ribbon of fly paper out, Devil Fly reappears and decides to pester me. How ironic eh? So, I say a few choice words at him, he lands on me a few times, and I fling the paper at him. Guess what happens next? Yup! HE LANDS ON IT!! Evil laughter ensues. Hahaha...take that sucker! (Yes, I talked to him during this whole process). A sigh of relief! I debate on singing "Ding dong...the witch is dead" as I prance around my kitchen. Instead, I decide to try out that second recommendation and actually CLEAN my kitchen. While doing so, my mind went back and forth between feeling sorry for Devil Fly, and looking over at him and smiling as he dies a slow and painful death. I quickly pushed all guilt away. The Devil Fly is finally gone! Now I will work on getting his friends to join him. Wish me luck!

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Story Time

A few days ago, I decided to take advantage of our "hang-out time" and read Addison her first bedtime story. It was a lot of fun to watch her while I read to her, even though I doubt she really knew what was going on. Judging by the picture though, she looks quite interested. This book was one of my favorites I bought a LONG time ago - knowing that I'd want it in my collection when I had kids. For those who know it, it's called "You're Special" by Max Lucado and the story parallels how God views us as his children. If you haven't heard of it I highly recommend it.

Thanks to many many garage sales (and Aunt Michelle) we have LOTS of books awaiting our future story times. I can hardly wait! I love reading to kids and especially love when they read to me.

Takin' Out The Trash

This last Saturday John had signed us up to clean the church. Unfortunately for him it was early in the morning when he headed out and Addison and I were still asleep. Not to mention I had to feed her, so Addison & I got to hang out at home while he went and cleaned it by himself. Funny how helpful a little baby can be when it's time to find excuses! :D

Anyway, after we woke and fed Addison we felt a little sorry for him since he was still cleaning. We decided to load up and head on over to help him finish. While I was off to vacuum floors, he took Addison and started taking out the trash. When I ran into them this is the adorable little sight I saw. This is Addison in her car seat sitting on top of the trash can. Yup, only two months old and we were already putting her to work. Teach 'em young right? Actually I think she enjoyed the "Trash Can Ride" while she got to watch Daddy do all the work. It looks like they were having more fun than I was that's for sure!