Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Happy Heart Day

Valentine's Day was quite the success!! John is convinced it's a marketing ploy but he still participates for my sake. In his defense though, he thinks everyday should be Valentine's Day so I'm not complaining. However, I participate simply because I didn't get to for sooo many of my single years. It's a fun time to contrive ideas/gifts/service for the person you love! And this year was no exception. I decided to divert from the "coupon book" idea of last year (that has yet to be redeemed) and try something new. I decided to go for the gusto and get John a neck/shoulder massage certificate at a local spa while also cleaning out his truck. For those who are aware, his truck was the major feat of the operation. He's a typical guy when it comes to his truck. Thankfully he is the only one in it most of the time. However, occasionally I get the luxury to drive it and 9/10 isn't a pleasant experience. When we were dating it was always immaculate. Now that we are married I suppose there is no reason to try to impress anymore. Riding in it brings back memories of riding w/my Grandpa Bell in his truck. At every stop, every door opening, Dr. Pepper cans and trash would roll across the parking lot. So, I guess in a way I can thank John for getting to relive the childhood memories.

Anyway, since John was gone all last week for a business trip, I got plenty of opportunity to accomplish my task at hand. It took me two days!! Granted they weren't "full days", I did move at a snails pace, take my time, detail, and take many, many breaks....but still! I spent Monday afternoon scrubbing away at the inside trying to locate/eliminate the stank. I even resorted to sitting on my bootay and scrubbing away at his brake dust covered tire rims. Simply because I knew this would singlehandedly win him over. Then I headed off to KC the following day to play with my sis and her family. They did a wonderful job of entertaining me while I was "John-less" for the week (more on that later) and I finally returned back to Arky on Friday afternoon to finish up my work. Just a few things left to do, go to the car wash, wash the windows, and wet-black the tires. Phew! Overall it took me ample time to move my ample self around that truck but it turned out beautifully if I do say so myself. I even realized at the end of the day that I've now broken through the "swollen ankle" part of pregnancy. Boohoo. Granted it was a LONG day so I'm hoping I'm only a "one-day member" of that club and can avoid it for a bit longer before the baby comes. Anyway, I crafted my "gift-giving" plan. I would lock everything in the truck and give him the keys on Saturday morning and wish him a happy V-day. However, it didn't go as was better.

::His reaction::
As we headed back from the airport Friday night he was telling me all about his trip. We pulled into the driveway. He stops mid-sentence, kicks the car in reverse, and squints at his truck...
J: "Are my rims cleaned?"
S: "Dangit!! Happy early Valentines Day" as I gave him the keys to the truck
J: "Who cleaned my truck?" As he pulls up and gets out and looks in the cab.
S: "Me" as I stand by beaming at my handiwork.
J: "Who detailed my truck?"
S: "Ahem....ME!!" "helloooooo"
J: "My pregnant wife cleaned my truck?"
S: Me....just beaming
I also showed him the rest of the gift talking all about his wonderful future massage on his neck and shoulders as he continued to comb over his truck. He was more awe-struck over the truck. It made all the sweat and pain worth it. Even a week later he still randomly says...."I can't believe you cleaned out my truck!" was a success and he is doing wonderfully at keeping it clean. Sometimes giving me a full report at the end of the day about how he takes the trash out of the truck when he's done with it. Huge milestones folks!!

And no worries, John did not dissapoint on V-day either. After feeling bad for being gone and present-less after a full week out-of-town, he spent all Saturday cleaning/organizing the house while I was at work. And upon my return home I enjoyed a DELICIOUS homemade meal with fresh flowers on the table. Grilled steak (he's great at this), tossed salad (this too), fruit salad (this too), mixed veggies w/cheese sauce, and french bread. And afterwards? A delicous mixed fruit/strawberry shortcake. I enjoyed mine so much I even managed to eat his as well. Granted I did wait the obligatory amount of time before sweet-talking him out of his sweets. It was DELISH!! Another record-breaking holiday down in the books!! Hope everyone else had as wonderful a holiday as we did!! :D

Saturday, February 14, 2009

25 Random Things

So, I think I've been tagged on this a couple of times via Facebook. However, since I'm desperate for new posts, I'll put it on my blog as well. Enjoy getting to know all about me!

Rules: Once you've been tagged, you are supposed to write a note with 25 random things, facts, habits or goals about you.

1. I got married at the ripe old age of 29 years old. 3 months before my 30th. Phew!
2. John was my first kiss. Something I've spent the majority of my life embarassed about but now am grateful for.
3. I can't think of one fun date spanning my whole single life. They've all been painfully awkward. So much so that I was ready to just give up all together. Now, I'm thrilled I no longer have to endure those.
4. My parents divorced when I was 12. At the time I thought it was the worst thing ever. Now it's been the best blessing in my life. It took me YEARS to realize this.
5. I love to travel and spent most of my single years taking exciting trips to Mexico, the Caribbean, Italy, France, London, etc. Before John, my travel buddy was my cousin Jared. John and I still enjoy traveling - most recent trip to the Hookie Lau (Hawaii).
6. I have a VERY close family and I love it most of the time. My cousin has always been one of my best friends.
7. I've always wanted to be a Mother all my life. Now I finally get to. It was worth the wait.
8. I have my Bachelors from University of Missouri in Information Technology, Computer Science, and Business. But John still knows more about computers than I do. I wouldn't have it any other way.
9. I used to work for a college textbook wholesaler for 7 years. Yes, those people that rip you off when you buy/sell your college books. Never thought I'd support that industry but I learned the truth behind the whole process.
10. I'm the most like my Mom than any of my siblings are. Both physically and emotionally. Most of the time I think this is a good thing.
11. I survived college life in Utah for 3 years and managed to do the impossible - come back unmarried!
12. I like to laugh at/with people. I like to people watch.
13. I have a younger brother that was stillborn. I never got to meet him but have always felt close to him.
14. I never liked that I was tall growing up. As a result I have a slouching problem.
15. I'm named after my grandma who I've always adored and felt so close to growing up.
16. I had random pets growing up and loved it. A cow that acted just like a dog, a potbellied pig, chickens, ducks, horses, dogs, cats, a goat, a ferrett, bunnies, a baby opossum, fish.
17. I was voted most shy my senior year in high school and HATED it. I went to college in Utah and was determined to change that about me. I think I did for the most part.
18. I served as RS President in my old singles ward and that helped me become more social/outgoing. However, it's amazing how sometimes I can slip back into my old ways without even knowing it.
19. I don't consider myself shy (never have), but I'm definitely not super out-going.
20. I'm clumsy and trip over my own feet. A lot.
21. John and I met online and dated for 9 months before we got married.
22. I spent most of my single years refusing to date online and trying to get over the "stereotypical" stigma associated with it.
23. Marrying John was the best decision I've ever made in my entire life. It was worth the wait.
24. Our growing little girl will join us on May 17th. She came 4 months before she was planned but we are excited to roll with the punches.
25. I'm a real estate agent. It's the hardest job I've had my entire life but the best one for me and my little family.

Phew, ok I think I'm done now!! :D And I choose to tag whoever wants to fill this out. Hopefully you've learned something about me that you didn't know before!