Thursday, July 31, 2008

A Tribute

Last Saturday John and I went to go see the new Batman movie and yes we absolutely LOVED it. However, I think we loved it for different reasons. I'm sure John loved the special effects, and I just loved watching Heath Ledger's last performance. And what a performance it was!! I'm not a huge Batman fan, I've seen them here and there. However, I have ALWAYS been a huge Heath Ledger fan. It was a rather sad time watching the movie knowing he's no longer with us though. He was such a great actor in everything he did. I'm always crazy for those actors who not only have the looks, but the skills, the accent, the personality, and don't give two cents for the fame of Hollywood. They are there to perform and nothing else. Something makes me go absolutely crazy for guys like that. (i.e. Johnny Depp as well). And yes, in case you were wondering, John is aware of my crush for Heath.

I do highly recommend seeing the movie, even if you aren't a Batman fan. I found the plot a little confusing but was mesmerized by the acting skills of Heath. My all time favorite movie is Four Feathers (yes with Heath Ledger in it also) and that is very very very highly recommended. It has a great plot and a great cast of characters....I'm also a fan of Kate Hudson.

I'm sure by now you realize how devastated I was earlier this year when I got the interruption in TV that said Heath Ledger passed away. John was already asleep so I just mourned in silence and sat in shock. I like to pretend that he didn't die by suicide or drugs or anything bad. I know he didn't have the cleanest record for that stuff but regardless he was a great actor and will always be one of my fav's. So here is my tribute to him.

Ha...Ha...Ha...Nay Nay

A delayed post. Last week I got the fortunate opportunity to hang out with some of my nephews and niece on John's side. They are rather adorable and hilarious. John and I both feel the pressure to give birth to cute children - since both sides of the family are surrounded by them. Hopefully we won't dissapoint....someday.

Anyway, after being bored out of my mind, I tagged along with my sis-in-law Sarah and helped her take the kiddos to the local "Bounce House". I've never been before but after arriving, I was tempted to bounce as well. What an interesting idea, a large building with about 6-7 blow-up bounce houses (the kind you see at the fair) and here these people are charging 7 bucks a kid. Why didn't I think of this? It was patrolled by hormonal teenagers that spent all of their time flirting and giggling with each other instead of monitoring the equipment. I'm sure they were only working for minimum wage. Well, after a short hour of children bouncing everywhere you could see, we headed for home. Everyone was either exhausted, injured, flush faced or both. I recommend it as a great way to tire out the kids before beddy-bye.

Then last Friday, I was lucky again (two nights in a row!) and got to babysit my neice, Karah, and nephew Bradley (or Boo). We had lots of fun, made cookies, played with the Wii, played WebKinz on the computer and wrestled. Thanks to their mother, I am now referred to as "Shanaynay" instead of Shannon. The name stuck when John and I first started dating so now the kiddos call me it too. However, with Brady it's even more adorable because due to his latest effort to get all of his words out, he stutters a little and thus I just about laughed when I heard him in the other room calling me..... "Ha Ha Ha...Nay Nay". They truly are adorable kids and I love hanging out with them. Their little brother Bryce is a cutie too. Here are a few pics of our adventures...

Karah enjoying the Bounce House slide. I captured this at the perfect moment.

Cute little Bryce enjoying his dinner.

Cute little Bradley (Boo). I stole this from Sarah's blog since I
wasn't able to catch Boo at the Bounce House

Monday, July 28, 2008

I Don't Wanna Be Lonely No More

So the title of this post is two-fold. It's both an ode to my most favoritest band/singer Rob Thomas who sings a song with this title, and it's also an ode to my current miserable state.

I dropped John off at the airport yesterday evening for a business trip to New York. Sadly, I did not get to tag along on this one. Now, for the next 3+ days I'll be all by my lonesome. I was actually dreading it the moment I heard him mention the trip plans. Silly I know. I spent the majority of my single years by myself. Well except for the occasional roommate but you get the idea. The silence never bothered me (with the added help of my dear friend Mr. TV). I got the blues occasionally but found pride in my independence along the way. And now that I'm a newlywed of 8 months, I can hardly tolerate the silence. Up until now, I've managed to visit my dear mother or siblings when John heads out of town. However, this time around, I figured it was time I learned to be a big girl and buck up. So...this is me....bucking up.....and blogging about it for my sympathetic readers.

So, what have I done today you ask? Well John taught me a trick of staying up late late late the night before so when you actually hit the bed you're already half asleep. And after trying this out last night I finally woke up this morning at 9:00ish. Woohoo!!! I survived!! Since then, I've managed to waller around, moaning, and rocking myself in the corner. Hahaha....ok not really but it was an entertaining visual wasn't it? I have managed to poke around, do some cleaning, head to the pool, and do some work as well. Not the most productive day but exactly what I've reserved it for. Today is the day I wallow in my sorrows. Tomorrow will be the day I actually grow up, get out of the house, and get something done. Sigh....the countdown begins.

Monday, July 21, 2008

Week With The Walkers

Last week I was reminded as to exactly why I love being a real estate agent. John had a business meeting in Kansas City and since I work my own hours, I got the opportunity to tag along with him. However, while he spent the days in meetings, I spent the days visiting my sis Michelle and her family in Liberty, MO. I hadn't seen my neice and nephew in a good while so we had a great visit. And luckily Colton and her girls got to join us for swimming and shopping on one of the days.

Day One: I found out just how much Michelle wanted me to visit after she drove to Kansas to pick me up. We immediately began our shopping trip to find her a shirt and shoes for my lil bro's upcoming wedding and headed off to a nice lunch before we settled back at her house.

Day Two: We all decided to beat the heat and head to the pool with the kids in tow. Colton brought Kayley and Cora up for a visit and we all had a blast. Kayley preferred to swim in the bacteria infested kiddie pool. Cora preferred to try to swim on her own and at 11 months that is rather daring! And Ashlyn spent the time showing us how she can jump into the pool to her momma. Later that night we enjoyed watching The Other Boelyn Girl. It was a fairly dark but interesting movie.

Day Three: We woke up early to go see "Mr. Stinky Feet" live and in person at the local library!! Luckily we arrived early as it was a sold out event. It was a hilarious experience and gave me a glimpse into the life of a stay-at-home mom. Ashlyn even did a little dancing right along with the music. Then we spent the day running errands and spoiling Ashlyn rotten

It wasn't long before Ashlyn was requesting I help her use the big girl's potty (something that apparently was a 'mommy only' thing before I came along). I hardly recognized little Preston because he had grown so much since his blessing when we saw him last. He is definitely his father's child - he looks just like Kendall. After a great three days of playing, swimming, napping, potty-training, and movie watching, it was time for John to pick me up and take me home. Not before a nice relaxing evening dinner at Applebee's with Michelle, Nick, and I and our families.

Needless to say I was exhausted after three days of experiencing what it was like to be a "stay-at-home mom". Kudos to all you mommies out there - you have a busy work schedule! Here are a few pics from our wonderful week together.

Can You Feel The Love Tonight?

I can!! Well if none of you knew it yet, I have a wonderful, thoughtful husband. I was reminded of this tonight even though I already knew it.

Today was a big day for me and my new profession. I closed on my first house as a real estate agent!! As you may have read in previous posts, I was rather worried and intimidated by this big day. I had never been to a closing, even as a homeowner, and because of this, I shudder when I hear the word.... "CCClllloooosssiiinnggg". I don't know where I developed this fear for them. I remember people saying how difficult they were but for the life of me I can't remember what people said these things or where/when I heard them. Well, much to my relief.....Today was a great success!! And I didn't get strung up by my thumbs or lashed or anything! The whole day was smooth sailing. The walk-through and the closing went off without a hitch. And now the first time homeowner's get to settle into their new house and I get some extra free time back in my life.

Anyway, earlier in the day, in the midst of all the running around, John called and asked if he could take me to dinner that evening to celebrate. I never need much convincing for dinner so I was game. However, he very cleverly managed to surprise me with just that.....a surprise! I was floored when I walked into the restaurant and saw all my wonderful in-laws waiting for me. They were there to help celebrate my big day and I was definitely surprised. I hate being the center of attention but I do love basking in the love that everyone gave me on my success. I have wonderful in-laws and a wonderful husband. I'd schedule a closing everyday if it gives us an excuse to all have dinner together!

Remember That One Time When We Did That One Thing??

Okay, so per the request of my lovely older sister Michelle who has an extraordinary memory and an increasing sense of jealousy and an extraordinary ability to pour on the guilt - I dedicate this post.

So, Michelle relayed to me in our weekly conversation last night about how I must love Colton (my sis-in-law) more than her. Darn.....she found me out. ;-) After all, this proof of said love is found in the post where I went on and on about the fun we had in Arkansas with the Bell family. Well unbeknownst to me I inadvertently forgot to post about our wonderful time we had with the Walker family prior to the Bell Reunion.

She is correct, and it is true. The wonderful Walker family were one of the first from my side to visit John and I in Arky (aside from my loverly mooma that is). And since Michelle was the first sibling to visit, she has now bumped herself up to my favorite #1 (sorry bout dat Quentoni ;-). If I remember correctly, we did have fun....lots of it. I don't remember exactly what we did besides visiting Chick-fil-a for lunch. This visit was in the pre-Preston era so I remember her being pregnant and I remember Ashlyn wandering around our house opening/shutting doors and looking for Uncle John anytime he went into another room. She is adorable and we had a grand time.....isn't that right Michelle? Unfortunately, I don't remember taking pictures so I have nothing to help jar my memory. But I do remember good times and great laughs. So, per your request Michelle, here is your post. And regardless of all the grief I've given you I still love ya! ;-)

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Home, Home On The Range

Well technically I wouldn't consider the gun range as home but John would happily adopt it as his second home if he could. Especially now that he has purchased his new little baby - a Springfield XD9 handgun.

So, we finally ventured out to shoot the new gun for the first time. We went to a cute (er I mean cool and manly) shooting range that was outside in the woods and had a grand time.....minus the buckets of sweat we shed from the humidity. John went up first and he's a pretty decent shot. I was next and blew through about 10 rounds on my own - none of them hitting the target mind you. I suppose I'm more interested in enjoying the experience - hitting the target is a minor detail I tend to overlook. In all actuality, I was more nervous and cautious about pulling the trigger back and preparing for the recoil that I didn't pay any nevermind to that target thingy. I spent more of my time loading up the cartridges (it isn't as easy as it looks) and playing photographer. After a few rounds on the newbie gun and a few more on the 22 we were tuckered out.
Guns are fun and all but they don't quite "trip my trigger" like they do for John and my brother Nick. (Lol....pun intended.....da dun dun...tiss).

Here are the pics of our outing...

John doing his "cool dude" pose as he begins shooting his first round.

The aftermath of his first round of shooting the new gun.

Me taking the stance and preparing for the recoil. Whaddya say - should I audition for the next Cagney & Lacey or perhaps Charlie's Angels?

"Yeah dahts raight, I am da ladeths maaan"

Ugh...I've Been Tagged

Okay so I know I pretend to be disgusted that I was tagged into responding on this thingy - but secretly I feel popular as a result of the tag. I've seen things like this on several other blogs but sadly none tagged me - and I can't fill it out if I haven't officially been tagged right??? So, alas my day has arrived and here we go... (A special thanks to Sarah for making me feel so loved and popular).

1. Family - as in my own little family consisting of John and I. It's fun to be all grown up and married. I couldn't ask for a better husband or best friend than I have in John. I'm spoiled and I love it.
2. Family - as in extended. I'm blessed with a wonderful family. Both the ones I grew up with and the ones I married into. How lucky can one girl get? I know I'm a favorite to both sides and I love that too. :D
3. Travel - I love any/all travel. Preferably outside the country. Pre-marriage I enjoyed a backpacking trip across Europe with my cousin and it was a dream vacation. Post-marriage we've had several trips that are just as fun. Whether they be to Utah, the east coast, or just down the street. I love to get away and enjoy other places. However, coming home is always a welcome site as well.

1. Frogs - Yes random I'm aware but I am utterly afraid of them (in addition to any slimy creatures, slugs, worms, snakes, etc.) Don't get me wrong - frogs are cute from a distance - I just don't want them to touch me. Thus when I see them I frantically spaz out to scare them away while calming myself down.
2. Death - Well technically I'm not afraid or terrified of death for that matter. But I am afraid of it taking my loved ones before I'm ready to part with them - which technically i'm NEVER ready to part with them. I miss the ones that aren't with me any longer and get scared when I think about the day that others will leave too soon. I try not to dwell on it too long because it makes me sad.
3. Childbirth - Technically I'm not close to this yet but I do fear the pain that comes with it. I don't do well with pain. I'm a whiner - just ask John. Granted any amount of pain is worth it when you welcome a new little baby to the world. However, it doesn't stop me from asking 20 questions to each woman that recently experienced labor. (Sidenote: A big congrats to the McKasson family and their new little one!!) I'm prepping myself for the big day and exploring my options as to how I could alleviate my pain. Epidural is a wonderful word from what I hear.

1. To be a wonderful wife to John. I'm lucky to have such a wonderful husband and thus work hard to be just as wonderful to him. He's good to remind me that I'm succeeding at this even when I feel inadequate at times.
2. To learn how to love exercise and successfully maintain my dream weight. I'm sure I'm not alone in this goal. I have to learn to resign myself to a life of daily exercise and eating healthy (er) - It will never be acheived, celebrated, and done. Boo to those of you that don't have to live with this daily battle.
3. To be a mom. I've always dreamed of this being the ultimate career. When people would talk about what they wanted to do when they grew up - I'd just sit and dream of being a mom. It was really one of the few things that I felt I had a passion for. Granted, I managed to school myself in a few other areas/hobbies as I waited for the opportunity to come along. And no announcements here by the way. This is a future goal still.

1. T.V. - Sadly I'm a devoted supporter of the big boob tube. I pride myself on my persistence to find something/anything to watch - instead of resorting to doing something productive. It's not something I'm proud of - but it is fun. I like watching the junk tv - most any and all reality shows (don't ask me why), the TLC channel, and the Food Network. There is something fascinating about watching other people cook food with their pre-measured ingredients.
2. Lotion - I have to have it nearby no matter where I go. I strategically place it in all my frequented areas. Everyday I apply lotion atleast 3x's to my hands. I hate dry skin and love hydrating myself. I fret if we are going/visiting somewhere and there is no hope of having lotion on my journey or at my destination.
3. Blogs - My latest addiction is reading blogs and posting on ours. I've never been much of a journal writer all my life. I have random scraps of documented personal history from my college and high school days. However, with the invention of the blog, it gives me a wonderful opportunity to document our lives for our descendants. Plus, it's fun to read other peoples blogs. It's like finding/reading somebody's journal - SO ADDICTING!

1. I was attacked by monkeys at a young age. They've always been my favorite animal and still remain so even after the attacking. Long story short, my sis Michelle and I were holding precious animal food at an Exotic Animal Paradise. We were playing in the park area at the main entrance (yes meant for humans NOT monkeys) and there were some loose monkeys that came after us and our food. It took some coercing from both the monkeys and our mother before we relinquished our food to the crazy but cute animals.
2. I hate feet. Yes most of you know this already but it's still true. I spent my whole life in fear of everyone's feet touching me. I didn't mind for others to touch mine but their's touching me was just nasty. My family was convinced I'd marry someone that didn't have feet. However, you'll be glad to hear that John does have both of his feet and I don't mind them one bit. They are actually kinda cute. Yes, that's how I knew it was true love.
3. I love laughing....both at/with other people. Not the kind of "courtesy laugh" you give/get just being nice to someone that isn't funny. The deep belly laughter that surprises both you and those surrounding you when someone/something is being funny. I used to think I was sarcastic but I've been told that it's more of a witty, and dry sense of humor that keeps me in stitches. This is another reason I married John. I refused to marry anybody that couldn't make me laugh. I told him this in the beginning - it was a priority of mine. Luckily it was his too and now here we are....sometimes laughing at each other but mostly laughing with each other.

Phew....that was a LONG post. Well there you have it - a brief look into my brain. Enjoy!! And I now tag......Michelle, Colton, and Cassie. Michelle - so she'll finally update her BLOG!! Colton, because I care. And Cassie - so she'll get with the program and finally get a BLOG!! Ahem....I'm done now. :D

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

As Promised

Alas, Colton has updated her blog with our fun weekend visit with their family here in Arky. Here are the pictures to show just how great of a time we had! Enjoy!

Monday, July 7, 2008

Primary Colors

I may be exposing my ditziness/low mentality but for those who grew up in Primary are you familiar with the song Primary Colors? It goes a lil somethin like this... (feet tapping, guitar playing intro)...

My Primary Colors are 1 , 2, 3
Red, Yellow and Blue
They each have a special meaning
Red, Yellow and Blue.
So on and So on....

Okay, now my question - did anyone actually THINK that these colors were in fact our "Primary Colors"? I was mislead all my life because this was my understanding. I was in Primary, and apparently somewhere along the way, we all voted and these three colors were the ones that represented our Primary best. As a result, I had taken partial ownership to these colors and felt proud to call them mine.

Now imagine my shock and awe when I enter art class in 4th grade and realize THEIR primary colors were the same as mine!! It took me forever to realize that I didn't have any special hold on these three colors personally as a primary child. Apparently, as it turns out, they belonged to everyone in the world!! Very confusing.

Don't even get me started on the complexity of learning that all three of these colors would somehow blend/create all other colors IN THE UNIVERSE!!! It was all a little too much for my 4th grader mind to absorb. Even to this day, it's hard to dis-associate my primary colors from church vs real world.

Anyway, back to my somewhat related reality. So, for those who don't know, I teach the 4-5 year olds in our ward. Before my time in Arky, I spent YEARS in single wards and thus never enjoyed the excitement of Primary. I lived for those Sundays I spent visiting family wards and was lucky enough to come on the day of the Primary Program. Little kids singing songs still melts my heart to this day.

So naturally, as I move into a family ward, I'm excited for a potential calling in Primary. After a few months they were able to snag me into just such a calling. And soon after...reality set in. Gone were the cutesy old memories of kids singing, hand-clapping, exciting good ole times of sharing time, snacks, and fun. Now I was hit with the actuality of kids wiggling in their seats, whispering to each other, repeatedly asking when snack time is, and me counting down the minutes until their parents return.

However, as much as I sometimes miss the silence of Relief Society, I still have my moments of realizing how adorable these kids can be sometimes. Today, I was faced with eight 3-5 year olds all by my lonesome. Not only was my co-teacher absent, but apparently the teacher of another class was as well so we welcomed them into our class fold. Fearing what kind of retaliation I faced when the doors shut, I prepared myself for the worst. However, turns out the kids never sensed nor pounced on my fear and instead sat and waited anxiously for the lesson. It was definitely an "I love my calling" day. Kids really are so adorable and say some of the cutest things. Every once in a while I'm even shocked when one of them gives an answer to a question that actually relates to our lesson material.

Today, one of my regular kids raised his hand and told me "I'm not really getting to know that boy over there" The boy in reference was the newcomer from the other class who was turning around in his chair and being rather quiet. How cute and adorable was that? and then another one of my regular girls decides to raise her hand and tell me how the other day she had a "little taste of wine and that it was okay because it was just a little taste". Hahaha...uh how do you divert the class from something like that? I didn't want to argue with her but I did wonder exactly what kind of wine she was referring to. I'm praying it was grape juice and that her parents are aware of her drinking habits.

Kids really do say the darndest things and luckily I get an opportunity to hear them say it every Sunday. However, it seems like more often than not I get to deal with wiggly, shoe-removing, poking, giggling kids more than I get to enjoy their cute little phrases.


Alas, now that I've vented about my rather random detour and findings, I'm on to post about our weekend festivities.

Realizing we didn't have any July 4th events planned, I went into panic mode and called my sister-in-law Colton and arranged for a weekend rendezvous (yes it's spelled right ;-). No worries, my friends, it's not the type of weekend rendezvous some of you may be thinking of. Colton and I are close but not THAT close....hehe. Anyway, so we decide to plan a last minute camping trip in Branson for the July 4th weekend. Surprisingly, so did 90% of America. As a result, we ended up with a rather interesting weekend.

I called every campsite in the area only to find out that they were all booked. That's rather odd I's the 4th of July - apparently the biggest camping weekend of all year!! Well, luckily, thanks to my persistence, we finagled a campsite reservation for Thursday night at the Table Rock State Park. However, the only minor twist was if we chose to camp a 2nd night, we'd have to book our booties to a first come first serve spot since ours was taken the 2nd night. We figured we were up to the challenge and signed up - despite the ever present warning of potential rain showers in the area. After all, we convinced ourselves, camping isn't for the weak and we could muster up enough courage, strength, and energy to laugh at Mother Nature in the face. Well, as it turns out, Mother Nature was the one laughing.

Night #1: John and I arrive first and start setting up camp. Midway through propping up the tent we hear an odd sound. Within seconds we get hit with a downpour rain shower. We begin to cover the tarp over the tent and make a run for the truck cab. After sitting in there for a few minutes we realize we aren't made of sugar and decide to venture back out into the rain. After the rest of the crew arrive, we take a trip to Walmart for a few more necessities: tarp, bug spray, and batteries. We head back to our camp and still more rain. We make a few minor modifications to our original sleeping plans and put Nick/Colton and family + Mom into the tent, while John creates a makeshift tent in the bed of his truck for us. By the time we were ready to retire for the evening we were completely waterlogged but cozy and safe in a water tight tarp, tent, truck bed cover. So tight that it turns out we were now fighting for air. We attempt to sleep admist loud booming thunder, torrential rain, and bright lightning. I lay awake feeling proud of ourselves that we didn't resort to the hotel option from earlier.

Day #1: We awake to bright, dry skies. Apparently the little ones (age 3 and 11 mos) slept better than the rest of us. We enjoyed breakfast and began packing up camp for our relocation to our next spot. So far, so good...well as good as can be expected in this environment. We spend the day at the lake and riding the sea-doo. We spend the evening hours eating dinner out, perusing through Branson Landing, doing some retail therapy and watching fireworks.

Night #2: John has headed back to Arky for a golf tourney and I decide to stay behind and endure a 2nd night. Amazing how over zealous I become when I enjoy one day of dry weather. The 2nd night was dry and not too shabby...however the 2nd day was not.

Day #2: We woke up to a sunny cheery sky, enjoyed some breakfast, and sat around basking in our lake-view (as in we were a mere 5 feet from the protruding/rising lake water). Not too long after we heard the familiar thunder come back for another visit. We ended up getting soaked to the bone, holing up in a minivan with two small children, and throwing our wet camping gear into the waiting vehicles. At this point, I was wondering what possessed us to challenge the forecast, the weathermen, and Mother Nature.

Actually, all in all it was an enjoyable time. Anytime we can spend with family (especially my two little neices Kayley and Cora) is a wonderful time. They were the best campers out of all of us - we were all surprised and jealous.

A few random stories....

After our lake outing we decided we were all in desperate need of some showers. The girls of course were faced with the challenge of showering two small children in a nasty bug infested shower facility that provided luke warm sulfur water - all while trying very hard to avoid touching the nasty concrete floor with our bare feet. I opted to take Cora with me while Kayley went with her Mom. I absolutely LOVE when babies are covered in water as they are extra squeezy and cute. However, in this environment, I spent more time trying to hold onto a 10 mos old covered in soap. She was a good sport but I did have a few near misses as I almost dropped her on the ground. It was hilarious but rather traumatic for her.

Also, on a different journey to our wonderful restroom facilities, Kayley notices a june bug laying feet up by the door. She explains to her Mom.... "Look Mom, that bug is tired....he's had a hard day. He's sleeping because he's had a very hard day". It was adorable and hilarious. She couldn't stop sympathizing with that bug over his hard day and we heard about it all the way back to camp.

Enjoy the slideshow of our weekend trip! We are now home, safe, and dry. Only one more load of mildew ridden clothes to do! :D Oh how I love cleaning/unpacking and sanitizing!!

Webster - A Hip and Happenin Dude!

Okay, rather random post I'm aware. However, I'm sure my readers expect nothing different from me by now.

I just started typing a post about our weekend/holiday festivities and came upon a word I wasn't sure how to spell. Yes, I'm obsessed with spelling and big words, and find myself actually proof-reading as I read anything/everything. It's such dissapointment when I see poor spelling or people mistaking words such as "wood" and "would" - poor example but I'm sure you get my jest. And no, this isn't a way to scare or amp up the performance pressure on my fellow blogger friends out there. I only make fun of people I DON'T know....all others I just nod my head in shame and quietly utter a "tisk tisk"....hehehe. Anyway, on to the actual "meat" of this post....

So, as I'm blogging about my latest events I decide I need help spelling "Rendesvouz" - after all it is a pretty tricky word! And I decide to consult my trusted friend Mr. Webster's site. Shockingly Mr. Webster has never heard of this word or else chooses not to post it's definition or spelling on his website. However, check out some of the other "words" I come across in my hunt for an actual legitimate real word. Very sad but rather humorous. Pay special attention to the actual phrases provided wherein one could actually implement these rather intelligent words.

realtocrap (noun) : crappy reality TV shows
Submitted by: Skllyn on Oct. 21, 2005 20:08

rebay (verb) : To resell or reauction an item purchased online
"I really don't like this fiddle I bought on Ebay; I think I'll rebay it next week."
Submitted by: Norman Cupit from Mississippi on Dec. 21, 2006 08:55

rebeverage (verb) : to refill a drink
Bartender, would you please rebeverage me?
Submitted by: Kevin Barrett from New York on May. 06, 2007 22:55

recockulous (adjective) : extreme form of ridiculous
The fact that Alexandra had five babies in four years is recockulous.
Submitted by: rubalicious from New Jersey on May. 28, 2006 04:29

recoolly (adjective) : used to describe something or someone that is really cool.
Your laptop is so recoolly, yo.
Submitted by: roderick cancino from Arizona on Sep. 08, 2006 13:57

redonkulous (adjective) : crazy
That is just redonkulous!
Submitted by: mimi from New Jersey on Mar. 18, 2007 17:35

(adjective) : a cooler version of ridiculous.
That was redonkulous!!
Submitted by: Anonymous on Apr. 22, 2006 12:00

(adjective) : equivalent slang of ridiculous.
The price for food in that restaurant is redonkulous.
Submitted by: Jake S. from Maryland on Feb. 13, 2006 09:10

redunkulous (noun) : ridiculously ridiculous; something being utterly ridiculous.
The noise in the club was so redunkulous, because of all the jouns shaking their bootays.
Submitted by: LEX from Pennsylvania on Nov. 23, 2005 14:16

refreshify (verb) : to click the refresh button on your computer
Have you refreshified your screen?
Submitted by: chinkerbell from Florida on May. 11, 2008 01:43

Reintarnation (noun) : Coming back to life as a hillbilly
Submitted by: Anonymous on Oct. 11, 2006 04:26

Okay, after reading these, you may have a few questions as did I. First you may ask yourself.... "Why would one buy fiddle on eBay?" "Is that the same as fiddle-faddle?" "Why can't they get that at their local wal-mart just like the rest of us?" Or perhaps, "What is a joun and why would it be shaking it's bootay?"

Sad eh? Where did Mr. Webster go wrong? Somewhere from the time he came out in that enormously huge red book and the invention of the internet I presume. Who exactly polices these word submissions? Apparently, we've got hillbillies, thugs, and a bunch of uneducated people determining what our vocabulary should consist of. Keep in mind, these findings are from simply searching for my actual legitimate word, the "R" section of the dictionary!!! I shudder to think what hides between all the other electronic pages. I'm actually afraid to reference a hard copy of Mr. Webster and finding all these words in there as well.

Apparently Mr. Webster has been hanging out a little too much with Mr. Wikipedia. Our source of knowledge and information is only as legitimate as the crazies who make it up and post it online. What is our world coming to? On a side note.... I hope I don't ever get reintarnated!! Sigh...scary!

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

A Reunion of My Own!

So, after reading all of my Utah cousins blogs and getting jealous over the wonderful reunion they enjoyed and I missed....I'm blogging about my OWN reunion! So ha!! Well technically it didn't classify so much as a "reunion" but just a weekend with two Bell siblings and their families....but still. And No, unfortunately I can't make a fancy shmancy post of slides because once again I didn't take pictures and am thus waiting on sweet Colton to share hers. So stay tuned.

Nick & Colton and kids joined John and I in Arky the weekend before last and we had a great time. This being their first time to our area, they didn't really know what to expect as they crossed over the Arkansas state line. However, just as I was before them, they were quickly proven wrong. We aren't a state of rednecks and toothless hillbillies - not that I'm saying those people don't exist SOMEWHERE in Arkansas - but thankfully they aren't here.

Anyway, the weekend was a blast and gave us tons of time to enjoy spoiling Kayley and Cora. Between numerous games of Mexican Train and watching movies and swimming etc we had a ton of fun.

Kayley is a doll and was the first person to make me an aunt so she'll always hold a special place in my heart. She is my Punky or Punkin and yes she answers to it when I call her that to this day. She and I have a special bond regardless of our distance. I was the first person to see her at the hospital when she was born. Well besides her mom/dad/doctors/nurses etc. And because of this, she is my little protege - something similar to when ducks imprint upon the first object they see after birth. (Yes it's an actual term!!!) I lived down the road from her in COMO during her impressionable years and we bonded so much that it wasn't unheard of for her to come to me instead of Colton when she would get a boo boo.

Anyway, Saturday morning we headed to the driving range to hit a bucket (yes that's golf - to the late person). Cora and I mostly watched as John did his thing and Nick and Colton tried to do theirs. But Kayley was the best sport of the day. Not only did she insist on picking her own club out of the golf bag, she would swing and hit the ball herself, and then head out to the middle of the range to pick up the loose balls and bring them back to hit again. Yes, she did this per our request. Nick requested simply because he's cheap - we requested because it was hilarious and so adorable. Luckily we didn't have to send her out with a helmet since she really only went out about 5 feet to retrieve the balls. We then enjoyed the batting cages, headed down to the local pawn shop to peruse guns and movies and free popcorn, and off the girls went to Walmart to purchase a swimming Ariel for Kayley while the boys went shooting.

Kayley is an avid fan of The Little Mermaid. The doll never leaves her side and she can quote the whole movie verbatim - it's the MOST adorable thing to watch. I am obviously a pushover when it comes to her so it didn't take me long to decide to buy her a swimming Ariel for our pool trip that day. She was so excited and immediately told me "Shtannon we can get a wimming Ariel at Wa-mart. Wa-mart is right by Home Depot!" She's a natural little GPS as well apparently. Then for the rest of the weekend she would call my name and follow me around and when I said what she would say "I love Ariel". How cute is that? She even joined me for my CTR class on Sunday (though 2 year olds aren't quite old enough for a 4-5 yr class). She did better at holding still and listening than my actual kids and seemed to have a blast coloring her picture as well.

Cora is just as adorable and was a joy to play with as well. She is the most laid back and accomodating baby I have ever seen. It's amazing what you can put that kid through and she just smiles, coos, and crawls around.

John and I were sad to see the Bell family leave to go back home but the sadness won't last for long as we are heading on a camping trip this weekend with them as well. More pictures to come!

Proof that the "Imprint Effect" has taken place with Kayley and I.

10 Thumbs Up! Way Up!

Well technically I don't have 10 thumbs but if I did they would all go up in favor of this movie. John and I just went with a few friends to see a "Special Preview" of the movie Hancock tonight. "Special" in that we saw it the night before it was released worldwide. Honestly I don't think we here in Arky are that special as I believe it was pretty common in a lot of theaters as well. Regardless, it was a GREAT movie!

Basically Will Smith is a superhero - in the movie and in real life. I'm a huge Will Smith fan. Any movie he is in I'll be one of the first people in line to watch it. There is something about him that is just magnetic yet hard to describe. He's confident but not arrogant. He's a great family man and just as great of an actor. Anyway, I won't disclose any more of the movie. I just suggest you see it as soon as possible and let me know what you thought of it. And no, my fondness of Fresh Prince of Bel Air (watched and sang along with every episode growing up) has no bias in my high opinion of Will Smith...well kinda it did. ;-)