Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Addison Lately

This little girly has kept us pretty entertained as well.  She is growing up sooo much and is such a good helper to Mommy.  Rarely does she tell me "No" when I ask her for favors throughout the day.  I think we've also crossed the brink of fit throwing.  She's really growing up and is looking forward to turning 4 in May.  Here's what she's been up to lately...

Today we showed up for story time at the Library by total accident.  We used to go weekly but it got to be too much for this Mama.  With Addison having meltdowns and Jonas throwing fits.  However, today went really well and I think we are ready to fit this back into our schedule.  This little girly LOVES craft time and I love that she can do it independently (which she prefers as well) and I can spend my time chasing Jonas down.  She's such a big girl lately I can't get over it.

Here she is hanging out at Grandma's & Grandpa's house after dinner.  She requested I take a picture of her block building masterpiece before brother came to knock it down.  She's quite proud as am I.  She loves her some Grandma & Grandpa time.

Lately, she's been obsessed with listening to her little sister in my belly.  Here she is talking to her and hearing what she has to say.  Apparently the baby girl knows how to say "Dada, Mama, Donas, Addie" as well as name all of Addison's closest friends names.  Quite a talented little baby girl we have so far eh?  I'm thinking this girly is very excited to play "mother" to her little sister.  Can't wait until they can meet each other!
Addison brought this home from pre-school and I was blown away with her creative abilities.  I love watching her drawings develop and actually start resembling things.  She is loving preschool and it is helping her come out of her shell SO much as well.  Mommy loves watching her grow and learn and also enjoys spending some one-on-one time with her brother while she's gone.

Addison is obsessed with cooking shows.  It doesn't surprise me much since Daddy & I both enjoy watching them as well.  Something about them is so mesmerizing.  Even little brother is captivated and sits next to me the whole time watching them.  He doesn't even do that for cartoons folks!  We've realized settling back and watching cooking shows every afternoon is a great way to chase the crazies away.  It used to be the longest part of our day but is now a time I look forward to with the kids.  I think it's hilarious that Addison will exclaim "Mommy! Look at dat pink cake!  It's so beautiful!"  It's also hilarious to see her literally jumping up and down when she sees that "Pioneer Woman" is coming up next!  We are big Pioneer Woman, and Paula Dean, and Trisha Yearwood fans.  It's also a great time for me to actually cook our dinner while they are entertained.  One of these days my meals will start to look as good as theirs!  

Jonas Lately

Here is a little bit of what Jonas has been up to lately.  It's a picture post to catch up on my slackability on the old blog.  We're baaackkk!

This little guy has no qualms about donning tutus.  I love that he is so well-rounded and wants to be like his older sister.  He doesn't look thrilled here but it wasn't because of the tutu.  I was taunting him with my drink so I could get a good picture.  He didn't find it very humorous.  I think orange is his color.

The day has FINALLY arrived!  Jonas is officially a BIG BOY!  Wahoo!  After spending countless Sunday's out in the hallway with the little mischief maker, he was finally old enough to go to nursery.  Technically, this was just his "preview" week but I think he's a fan.  I know I am!  It's so nice to actually sit and listen in my own classes like an actual adult!  He was a little fussy at times but not too shabby for his first time.  Looks like he found a buddy in Brother Bithell.  Sunday's just got exciting again!
In an effort to keep the boy contained while I got ready, I decided to throw him in the tub.  He loved it for all of about 3 minutes and then got bored with it.  He decided to try and escape on his own and I finally nixed it seeing him attempting a nose dive into the tile floor.  Time to search for other solutions!  Surprisingly he did NOT think to turn on the faucet - which is unusual for the boy who loves water.
Last Friday, Mommy had to help with the YW Silent Auction so Daddy came by to entertain the kids.  This is what I found them doing.  Yep, Daddy is a big kid himself.  I think it's hilarious and I'm sure the kids love it as well.  They are sure to be very grateful to have such a fun Daddy.

We have started participating in a babysitting co-op with four other couples in our ward.  It's been a blast and I can't wait to do it again.  This past Saturday was our night to watch the kiddos and all 10 kids decided to show up....lucky us!  It wasn't too bad actually and they all got along really well.  Here is John sitting with half of the group for our quiet/movie time.

Jonas is a lover of all things liquid.  The toilet is his number one choice but since Mommy has locked those lids down, he's had to find alternate sources of water.  This was where I found him this morning.  One day, I will take this boy to the pool.  Summer needs to hurry up and get here!

We were lucky enough to enjoy some yummy dinner at Grandma & Grandpa Field's house a few weeks ago.  The kids love playing with Grandma down on the ground.  Jonas is our silly guy and decided to put this on his head and bounce around.  I love that he likes to be goofy and entertain us.  I am grateful our kids have such fun and silly personalities.  They can always get us laughing.

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Valentine's School Party

Thanks to some slacker pre-school Mom's that don't read the calendar (me included), Addison's preschool class got to enjoy TWO Valentine's parties this year.  Most of the parents had assumed that since Valentine's was on a Thursday AND they had school on Thursday - that would be the day of said party.  Nope, it was supposed to be Tuesday apparently so they could include a girl that only comes once a week.  I realized all this on my way to drop Addison off at school.  I was just going to roll with it and run home and put Addison's valentine's together for her and bring them right back.  However, the other parents petitioned and talked the teacher into rescheduling it for Thursday.  It was a win-win.  We got to come back and celebrate the actual party with her that Tuesday and she got to hand out- and receive her fun Valentine's cards the following Thursday.  She was one happy girl and couldn't stop talking about all the fun things she got!

I always loved when my mother came to my class parties and field trips so I try my hardest to make it a point to go to Addison's.  My favorite part is seeing her face light up when she notices I've arrived.  This time she ran right over to us and gave both Jonas and I hugs and kisses.  Then we got to watch them all do the limbo while we did the party prep.  It was a fun party and it's always so fun to see how she interacts with her classmates.

Addison posing for a picture.  What isn't shown is her saying "Hurry up Mommy, I'm looking, I'm smiling" while she's staring off into space.  Luckily there was a 2 second window where she DID look and smile simultaneously.  Phew!

Decorating her cookie.  She decided to skip the process and go straight for the good stuff.  Licking the icing straight off the spoon.  And yes, when all was said and done she had a wet cookie and no icing left.  95% of the class did the exact same thing.  Nothing like Valentine's Day to induce your children in a sugar coma!

Jonas even got to join in the fun and score a cookie of his own.  Little does he know Mommy requested a "no icing" cookie to create less mess.  He never noticed thankfully.  He loves going to sister's class and always runs straight to the guinea pig to say "hi."  I'm sure he is already looking forward to when he becomes an actual student a few years down the road!  I am too.  ;o)

Bun In The Oven

I can't remember if I officially announced it on our blog already but we are excited to welcome a new little addition to our family this July 8th!  Originally, I was excited to possibly have a baby on July 4th as Addison's birthday is Memorial Day, and Jonas' birthday is Labor Day.....what's one more holiday right?  However, I've known my body long enough to know that there is NO way I'd be going into labor early.  I'm lucky if I actually "go" into labor.  Usually about a week AFTER my due date we have to intervene and evict the little one.  When I ask Addison why she took so long to come out of my belly she now tells me that it was cozy in there and she would read books and watch TV and that is why she didn't want to come out.  Whatever it is, I'm hoping this little girly gets the hint and shows me that my body does actually know what to do all on it's very own.  

We are excited to add to our brood and also excited that it's a little girl.  We didn't have much preference either way.  I was 60/40 in favor of a girl next just because we had a boy last....oh and also because they are fun to dress up in cute little frilly dresses.  Yup, totally superficial but just being honest.  Anyway, it turns out I get my wish and we will be having a girl!  

We found out on the actual Day of Valentine - how fitting eh?  Jonas was able to come along w/Daddy and I for the ultrasound while Addison was in school.  This little girl is definitely a mover.  I think she even did a little dance for us while we were watching and waiting.  All along Addison has been telling us it was a girl and that she wanted to name her "Princess, fairy of the wings."  Needless to say, I was excited to pick her up from pre-school and give her the news.  I asked her what she thought it was and surprise...she said a boy (first time she's ever done that).  Then I told her "Nope, it's a girl!"  "You get a sister!" and when I asked her what she wanted it to be she said a boy.  Silly girl!  However, she quickly came back around and is VERY excited to have a little sister to play with and help take care of.  I blame her lack of participation for the fact that she just came off of a sugar induced Valentine Party at her preschool and we were quickly heading to more Valentine Day fun.  

We are all excited to meet this little girly and also racking our brains for possible girl names.  We have maybe ONE currently and are still working on it.  I guess in the meantime she'll be referred to "Princess, Fairy of the wings".  Can't wait to meet you little girly!

Happy Heart Day

We had a busy but a VERY fun Valentine's Day this year.  It's always a fun holiday to make extra special since this time of year can be very dreary and boring.  I'm not usually a fan of Winter and cold but I'm glad we can spice up the excitement and celebrate our love for each other.  Doing things like this make it fun to be a Mom!

I started off the day early....5:30 which is usually the time I go work-out in the morning but instead I spent my time sneaking off to the donut shop to pick up some sugar for my Valentine's.  I totally went the easy way out and had other places actually bake our Valentine's treats.  ;o)

Daddy taking his donut heart "to-go" and heading off to work.

Addison was easily impressed with her donut for breakfast.  

Jonas didn't quite know what to think of all the crazy morning celebrations.   Luckily he gave us all smiles once he bit into that yummy donut later.

Our day was hectic but fun.  We ended up meeting some friends for lunch at Chick-fil-A after preschool was out.  Here we are in all our chaos.  Jonas and I got stuck at the kid's table but they were nice and we all shared well.  ;o)

Dinner was the funnest part of the day.  I got a little carried away buying trinkets for the kiddos but I loved seeing their expressions when they came out and were surprised.  This was Addison's love loot.

Jonas had some love loot of his own.  He was especially thrilled with the balloon that was tied to his chair.  Next time I'm going to save myself some time and just stick with balloons!  ;o)

This was Daddy's little V-day surprise.  24 balloons with a message on each one....a long with piece of his favorite candy and yummy cinnamon rolls in the middle of it all.

Dinner was a heart pizza courtesy of Papa Murphy's.  And of course, the "love juice" also known as Strawberry flavored Fanta.  Easy peasy.

Addison got to pick out a special Valentine's gift for Daddy and here she is posing with him and showing it off.  

Here is Jonas showing off his special Valentine's gift for his Daddy.  They picked them out ALL by themselves....once I narrowed it down for them that is.
The next day, was our babysitting co-op night which means a free date for Daddy & I.  He chose to do his Valentine's surprise then instead.  We enjoyed a nice evening dining at one of our favorite Mexican restaurants on the Bentonville square and even got to enjoy a chocolate shake at a cute little shake shop across the street.  He remembered me saying that I always wanted to go try that place out.  Even better, he gave me a sweet note and made my favorite treat that following week....chocolate covered strawberries!  Yum!

Happy Valentine's Day!!

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Kicking Some Bad Habits

I've told myself this pregnancy was going to be different than the other two.  The other two I managed to gain a TON of poundage and spent most of the 9 months just feeling miserable and achy and HUGE.  I rarely took much time to actually fix myself up.  I mostly just endured and pushed ahead and counted down until I could have my body back.  I also spent the last two months with mild panic attacks at night because I couldn't sleep OR breathe when I laid down.  It wasn't fun.  The only fun thing was that I allowed myself to eat everything in sight and not exercise a single minute.  And that was only mildly fun - it got old after awhile.  And then I paid the piper when I finally delivered and was still fairly huge and had NO motivation to get moving/exercising AND taking care of a newborn.  

Well, I told myself it would be different....that was about 3 months ago.  And guess what?  It isn't much different....yet.  In my defense I had a horrid first trimester.  This pregnancy made me much sicker with nausea, UTI's, constipation, puking, aching, etc.  There was surely no way I'd be exercising while dealing with all of that.  I was just lucky to get through the day without biting off anyone's head that jumped into my path.  Now I'm past my week 14 hurdle and the sickness has stopped.  Yay!  However, the energy is still lacking.  I'm thinking that is going to be the norm from now to the end though.  Luckily, my sciatic nerve has been nicer to me this time around than when I was carrying Jonas.  I've only had a few flare-ups here and there and I'll happily take it.  With Jonas it was non-stop pain every time I managed to walk.  

So, what am I going to do you ask?  Finally get on the wagon (or off??) and change my circumstances so I can actually be less miserable at the end of this pregnancy.  Oh and actually get dressed in somewhat cute clothes that fit and exercise and have energy.  I'm still trying to be fairly honest with my capabilities and expectations but I'm definitely not going to just "endure" the rest of these 5+ months either.  

First, my first true love must go.  Dr. Pepper.'s what gets me through the hard times in life.  It's been with me since I was a youngster.  It makes life exciting.  All of these things should definitely NOT be said about a simple beverage.  But it's true....and sad.....and unnecessary.  So, I'm giving it up yet again.  If I could actually drink the stuff in moderation, I'd have no problem keeping it around, but I can't.....even slightly.  And with a few trial runs this week, I've noticed some headaches happening in it's absence.  So it must go.  

Second, exercise.  I'm not signing up for any marathons but I am going to actually start walking daily in the very early morning.  Give myself some "me time" that I haven't had since I was doing good and running about a year ago.  Which will in turn get me showered and ready before the kids ever wake up.  And I've noticed how much I need this emotionally, physically, mentally, etc.  It makes me a happier mom and having actually showered each day always does wonders for my attitude and patience level.  

And lastly, I'm hoping to not actually eat everything in sight this time around.  I'm not going into super diet mode since obviously I'm growing a human.  But, I am going to stop eating for five and actually eat more sensibly.  Luckily, my cravings are kinder to me.  With previous pregnancies I craved fried pickles and Chick-fil-a chicken nuggets...and Dr. Pepper of course.  And I didn't have the strength to resist my cravings so I indulged....a LOT.  This time around I'm actually craving Chick-fil-a's Grilled Chicken Garden Salad...a LOT.  So I'm occassionally treating myself.  Granted, I'm fully aware a "salad" isn't necessarily a healthier option than the burger and fries.  But I'm celebrating the small victories folks.  And eating them in moderation too of course.  

I'm excited for the potential of actually enjoying this pregnancy physically.  Especially toward the end of it.  It may or may not change anything but I can only control what I can control.  We'll see how the rest plays out.  So without further adieu...  For documentation purposes here are a few of this pregnancy's cravings...

Random?  Yes.  But I crave them.  Even though they seem to tear apart the insides of my mouth.  Luckily they don't have a huge caloric intake so I'm embracing this craving.

Goodbye my loooovvveee!  I'll miss you.  It's been a great 34 years!

I'm embracing this one too since it's obviously better than downing Chick-fil-a's nuggets (and fried pickles) by the pound.    Of course it'll be in moderation as well.