Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Snow Days

I could start and end this post by saying....

We've had a LOT.

The end.

But, as you know, I'm rather verbose and I choose to share more of this misery with you.  In case it needs to be said...I'm NOT a fan of snow.  Never have been really.  It's magical only when there is a little bit and it's around or before Christmas.  Other than that....not impressed.  And this year was VERY snowy.  I've also learned that this part of the country does NOT invest in snow removal equipment.  I'm guessing we have maybe one snow plow to share with Bentonville?  At least that's what it felt like when it came to removing all the white stuff as it blanketed us over and over and over and over and over again.  Catch my drift?  (pun intended ;)  

Daddy did build some pretty amazing forts.  The kids practically lived in them for days on end.  He even had it set up with an iPad for movies.
Taking a peek inside the cool fort.  Happy and snuggly kiddos.
As a stay-at-home Mom with three kids age 4 and younger...I need my preschool days.  Not only do I need them, but Addison needs them.  She and I are a lot alike.  We like routine, we like staying busy, and we like getting out of the house.  However, thanks to all the snow days we received this season we had quite a bit of indoor bonding.  Even Daddy got to stay home a couple of days as well since the roads were COVERED in it.  Oh, it was fun in the beginning...being all stuck inside and warm and cozy and cuddly.  But it was the multiple consecutive days that I started to lose my mind with.  Luckily, I brave quite a bit of snow when it comes to getting out of the house.  And once we did leave the house we had quite a bit of the city to ourselves.  That part I did enjoy.  But not having preschool....and still having to PAY for preschool....was not fun.  Luckily, they took pity on us and gave us two "make-up" days for preschool which doesn't usually happen folks.  But then again, we did have about 12 total snow days and that doesn't happen either.  The public schools actually had to make up a snow day on Saturday, that's how bad it got.  
Brooklyn and I huddling together for warmth.  She loves being nakey and I like it too.  She's so much fun to squeeze on when she is.

And now, I'm SO over the snow.  I'm ready for spring weather.  Ready to get out of the house and open the windows and get the fresh air circulating again.  However, anytime I think we've finally hit spring....it snows again...it's getting ready to do so tomorrow as we speak.  I'm DONE with the snow!  It doesn't help that with the staying indoors we all seem to share each others sickies.  We take turns getting sick, then we take turns breathing on each other, then we take turns visiting the doctor for antibiotics, and then we take turns not sleeping at night because we can't breathe through our noses.  Okay, the latter was mostly Jonas and Addison but when they don't sleep, this Mama doesn't sleep and we are so over it.  

Luckily, I think we are on the cusp of brighter days ahead.  I'm looking forward to not having to haul big ole puffy coats for each child each time we leave the house.  I'm looking forward to not having to fold a mountain of socks on every laundry day.  I'm looking forward to letting the kids run around the backyard and burn some energy instead of running in circles around me inside the house.  You name it, I'm looking forward to it.  Just PLEASE stop snowing.  The end.
Seeking alternate sources of entertainment.  Addison walking Jonas around in Brooklyn's "Jenny Jump-Up" like a little dog.  
Another source of entertainment.  My three babies in a box.  Who am I kidding...that's fun EVERY day of the week.  ;) 

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Jonas Visits The Dentist

I'm trying my hardest to not let Jonas fall victim to the '2nd Child Syndrome'.  Which leads me to this blog post.  His first dentist visit.  One would think it isn't as exciting since we've already been down this road w/Addison but trust me it is.  Maybe it's because of the change-up of gender but it's so fun watching Jonas grow up into a man (well he talks as deep as one so that makes him one right? ;).  He's such a funny little guy and has so many differences than his sister does.  He rarely talks and when he does most of it is pretty indecipherable.  He's a mellow boy but wow is he curious.  Anyway, my point.....he's a fun guy to watch grow up and change.  

His first dentist voyage was no different.  I am always skeptical to just how much he comprehends when I tell him what is going on.  Luckily, since he's so mellow he just rolls with it either way.  It's my ultimate goal for my kids to think that going to the dentist is fun!  So far it's working beautifully thanks to Addison and her excitement she exudes as we go.  I never had fond memories of the dentist so I'm hoping to change that association.  

Brooklyn got to hang out with Grandma and Grandpa Fields while I took the two oldest to the dentist.  She's normally such a good baby but I didn't want to jinx myself and end up holding a crying baby while trying to keep a 2 year old and a 4 year old entertained and happy at the dentist.  

I think Jonas had the most fun just enjoying the waiting room.  We visit a really good pediatric dentist in the area and the office and staff are fully dedicated to the little kiddos.  Addison got to have her check-up first while Jonas and I watched.  She did great and didn't have any cavities!  

Addison is an old pro by now.  This is like her  3rd dentist visit ya know! ;)

Next it was Jonas' turn.  He's not much of a fan of anything we do to his mouth or teeth so I was curious to see if he'd even open his mouth up.  Our dentist is adamant about not pressuring them to do anything they don't want to do which I like a lot.  Luckily, Jonas let the assistant take a gander at his teeth...albeit a quick one.  He wasn't so keen on her polishing them though.  I think she got to at least five before he finally cut her off.  Then she went on to count them and he seemed fine with that process.  Next, the dentist came over and took a look at them.  Jonas was willing to let him have a little look as well but then he was done.  They looked long enough to declare him cavity free and send us on our way.  Well, not before we were able to stock up on treasures at the counter first.  Two stickers, a toothbrush, some toothpaste, and a ball and Jonas was now convinced of how fun dentists can be.  He could barely hold all of it in his chubby little fingers. 
He didn't quite grasp the whole "wear these cool spiderman glasses while we look at your teeth" concept.

He left a happy guy and I left a happy Mom.  My babies are growing up....and they are cavity free!  Wahoo!

It's our little tradition to enjoy some Krispy Kreme after the dentist.  Yes, the irony.  It keeps them in business and it keeps our tummies happy so no complaints here!  
Addison enjoying her "post-dentist donut" as well.

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

What's In A Name?

Around these parts, we are pretty good at giving each other little nicknames.  I guess it starts from birth and just grows from there.  As a result even Addison and Jonas are born with the ability to coin names for everyone as well.  This is just to document the many names Addison and Jonas have coined and used many a time....

Jonas I think wins the award for the MOST nicknames.  Especially considering his real name is Daddy's nickname from growing up.  John was always called Jonas throughout the years and since he was adamant that we not name a child after him....Jonas was the closest we could do.  It's a unique name and I'm loving it more and more everyday.  I have to admit it did take me awhile to get used to it in the beginning since I wasn't too familiar with it.  Now, I can't imagine any other name for this boy.  Especially since he's a SPITTING image of his father in looks and actions.  He's also known by the following...

Le Beef - A reference for his Hufford "beefiness" and coined from the movie True Grit.

Donas (Addison coined that one when she used to try and say his name when she was younger.  For the longest time her preschool teachers thought she had a brother named "Donuts". ;)

Caveman - Daddy coined this one.  Obviously it's due to Jonas' caveman tendencies.  He's a pretty basic and simple dude.  Eat, make messes, wrestle, sleep...that's his daily routine.

Joanie - I personally find this one adorable.  Addison made it all up on her own and he doesn't seem to mind.  She always calls him this when she's being super sweet and helpful to him and giving him lots of love and attention.  Maybe that's also another reason why I love it so?  We've all joined in on using this one as well.

MegaMind - Mommy picked this one out.  We were watching the movie once and I decided that Jonas' big noggin bore some resemblance to the Megamind character so thus it was.

Minion - This is a new one.  Again, we were watching a movie and I started to notice the little yellow minion characters kind of talk like Jonas...just a bunch of mumbo jumbo and no one can ever understand what they are saying.  Totally him.  He jabbers quite frequently like we understand him and we usually have no clue what he's talking about.

Addison has many names as well...  

Addibell - Her cousins mostly call her this because we had her nicknamed before she was ever born.  John always called me "Shannabell" when we were dating since my last name was Bell.  So, when Addison was named, we gave her the middle name of Bell as well.  So now, her cousins (and grandparents on John's side) all call her Addibell.  I think it's most fun to hear Bryce call her that with his little accent.  I think he's convinced that is her real name.

Addibellagio - This was one from Daddy.  Again, a spin off of her first and middle names.

Addie - Grandma and Grandpa Fields use this one for her most often.  She has a friend (her same age) that is named Addison as well and so as not to confuse the two, I call her friend Addie and call Addison by her full name.  I'm curious if she's going to want to go by Addie growing up?

Ahhhson - This is one Jonas made up.  Again, because he can't pronounce her actual name.  It's hilarious to hear him call for her in his deep manly voice using this name.

Brooklyn is quickly joining the ranks of having just as many nicknames as well.  A few of hers are....

Brook A Lynn - Said over and over in a fast and high pitched voice.  Daddy started this one (he claims ;) but we all like it.  Mostly, because she always laughs or smiles when she hears it.

Booken - I think Jonas started this one and I fell in love with it.  He calls her something similar since he can't pronounce her real name and I just thought it was cute.  I probably call her this the most now and am almost paranoid that she's going to only answer to it from now on.

Bwooken - This is probably most similar to how Jonas calls Brooklyn...or at least tries to.  Luckily she answers to any/all variations just as long as it's someone giving her some attention.  She is a third child ya know!  ;)

Brookles - Daddy made this one up and he is primarily the one that uses it.

Brookletony - Again a Daddy nickname and yes she turns her head when he calls her.  Maybe she'll start thinking this is her actual name?  ;)

Broccoli - Again, our creative Daddy at work.  Regular names are just so boring.  

So, just a record of all the cute little names we've added to our collection over the years. I reserve the right to come back and add more as I remember them of course.  

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

6 Months Old

This little chunky monkey reached a milestone on January 1, 2014.  She slid right into the world of 6 month old-hood.  I can't believe my tiny little nugget has now turned into a 6 month old!  As each month passes I always think "Ah, yes....this is my favorite age." but then next month hits and I realize No!  THIS is my favorite age!  I guess I'm undecided on what age is my favorite but just know that I love when they grow up into chunky little babies and interact and show their personalities more.  I start realizing....Hmm....I'm raising a little human here!  Not just a tiny baby that I feed and change diapers and put to sleep.  A REAL TINY LITTLE HUMAN BEING!!  And she's soooo cute too!  I'm pretty much in love with all of my babies.  I'm so glad Heavenly Father gave me cute ones.  Cute and VERY good little kiddos too.  I am blessed.

So, lets talk about Miss Brooklyn and her little personality.  As far as we can tell she is a very mellow baby.  Pretty content to do whatever and whenever (thank heavens since she is the third child).  She smiles easily and is usually always happy.  Whenever she is sad or crying she usually has a good reason.  Either Jonas accidentally sat on her head (yes, it's been known to happen) or she's hungry, or she's gassy.....or poopy.  She's given us a good handful of blow-out diapers as well.  Again, good thing she's cute.  ;)  I've also noticed that Brooklyn is a thrill-seeker like her brother and sister.  How do I know this?  Well because when Daddy tosses her in the air or flings her upside down by her legs, or spins her in a circle....she laughs.  Not just laughs but belly laughs and chortles and everything else.  She loves to soar through the air.  All of my kids have been this way and secretly I hope it means that we can all ride roller coasters together when the day comes that we are at a theme park and all tall enough.  Yes, it's a long time coming but I'm still excited for it.  Some day.

Brooklyn is still toothless but we don't mind since she has such a cute, gummy, smile and gives it to us frequently.  She's also a little hesitant to go exploring around on her own.  She has started to roll over finally and is figuring it out more and more each day.  She can get into some interesting positions before we come to her aid...mostly stuck under the couch or the coffee table.  She has been using her voice as well and of course it's adorable.  I love listening to her babble away and am still getting used to hearing her amongst Addison and Jonas.  Especially as we drive down the road and she starts jabbering or squealing in excitement.  Yes, she's our squealer.  We have quite the giggle fest when she and I sit face to face and just take turns squealing at each other.  She thinks I'm pretty funny and I start laughing just listening to her laugh at me.  She's a fun girl to hang out with.  

Her brother and sister STILL love her to pieces.  Addison is known for making her laugh and giggle and squeal better than anyone else.  I've also noticed Addison really only wants to play with her when I'm playing with her.  Which usually ends up with me holding two kids on my lap and isn't always fun (is rarely fun).  Jonas is a softy and such a good brother.  He's quite the rough and tough boy but always scales down his energy when she's around.  It's so fun to see him turn into mush when he leans down to her and says "Hi, Booken" and gives her a kiss or a hug.  She loves him too and loves to just stare and laugh at him.  It's also fun seeing Brooklyn and John build their relationship.  It just reminds me over and over again that we have ANOTHER girl!?  And she is going to want to cuddle with Daddy and be smothered in his kisses just like Addison is.  I'm sooooo beyond grateful that I gave my kids such a wonderful Daddy and am thrilled to see their relationship with him daily.

Now that Brooklyn is 6 months old we are venturing into the world of solid food.  However, we aren't venturing much.  She's not a fan.  Or she doesn't seem to be when I have to pry her mouth open with the spoon just to get it in there.  Thankfully she's my third and I'm less inclined to force the matter.  Call it lazy or laid back but I'm not going to fight the child to eat if she's not interested.  Nobody has time for that!  I've tried again a few times here and there and she just doesn't seem to care to eat it.  With Addison we tried solids at 4 months and of course she took forever to figure out how to eat them off the spoon.  Very frustrating but again she was my first so I pushed through it because I thought I had to.  With Jonas we waited until he was 6 months old before we tried solids and that boy wolfed them down from the get go.  Apparently he was ready for some extra nourishment (and it hasn't changed to this day).  I remember my friends being amazed that I would pack along two veggies and two fruits for one meal for that boy.  Brooklyn, granted she's still only on exploring veggies and barely at that, but she's obviously not wasting away so we will keep trying until she decides she's interested.  In the meantime, she's a fan of her bottle so we keep that pretty regular.

And her 6 month stats are...
Weight: 17.5 lbs  50-75%
Length:  26.5 in  75%

I must say, now that I think of it, I've never had a child below the 50 percentile in ANYthing.  I guess we like them chunky around here eh?  Grass fed babies.  ;) I can confirm she is chunky and squeezy.  More so than the other two kids at her age from what I can remember.  It takes quite awhile to change her diaper just cleaning out all those little rolls on her legs.  I'm grateful that she doesn't mind when I sneak a squeeze in here and there when I have the urge (which is a lot).  

I'm soooo grateful for this cute little girl and am really loving watching her grow up.  Sometimes I'm fascinated with the fact that I have THREE kids?!  And other times it seems like it's been that way all along.  She's a good girly and I'm convinced Heavenly Father sent her to us so she'd convince John and I that we can handle one more child.  She makes our job easy and I'm grateful for that.  Happy 6 months old Brooklyn!

Trying to get a smile out of this normally happy child was next to impossible when the camera was in front of her.  However, I've decided I like this round-eye doe look just as much.  She's just so stinkin' cute.  
Alas!  A smile!  Such a happy girl!