Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Cloud 9

For those who are curious as to what exactly "Cloud 9" looks like here you have it:

Well this is MY version of Cloud 9. I found out this evening that I have sold my very first house!!! :D This little beaut is a godsend. (Refer to the previous post of "high maintenance" buyers.) This past Monday was spent running around looking at this house, doing research, writing up offer, revising offer, looking at house again, explaining contract, getting signatures, and faxing offer. Of course the timing of it all was impeccable. Luckily I have a wonderful broker that took over for me while I am under the weather. I just heard the update today that the sellers countered OUR offer (instead of the competing offer) and my clients accepted :D So, not too shabby on commission, but a heckuva learning experience.

Now I must prepare for the valley of the shadow of death....dun dun dun.....the Closing. I've never been to one in my life - let alone as an actual agent. These things intimidate the heck out of me but I have until July to prepare. I'm just hoping they don't give me 20 lashings or string me up by my thumbs. I WILL walk away from it in one piece.....I will walking away from it in one piece.....rinse and repeat.

In the meantime, we enter the world of financing, home inspections, and home insurance. I'm now find myself humming the words of the song: "I will survive!!" Can't remember who sings that one at the moment. Regardless, Cloud 9 is a wondefuh place to be thank ya vera much.

Post-Op Update

Hello all, for those who wanted an update on my recent surgery......I'm doing great! Well not extremely wonderful to where I'd be skipping through any fields of daisies but the type of "great" that doesn't include a ton of pain, nausea, and bedrest. All in all...it wasn't too shabby. I was expecting far worse.

I went in this morning at 10:00 am - sat and waited on doctors for almost two hours (don't get me started on that conspiracy!) and finally made it to the O.R. Last words I heard were "more anesthesia" and before I knew it they were waking me up in Post-Op. My only complaints immediately after was a very very very very dry mouth. Luckily it wasn't too long before John joined me and hooked me up with some Sprite :D. After 30 minutes of trying to re-hydrate my mouth we were on our way back home.
I happen to have a WONDERFUL nurse (male nurse named John) at my side whenever I need something so I couldn't ask for anything more. I could definitely get used to this lifestyle. Watch TV, eat whatever my heart craves/desires, sleep, drink, and do absolutely nothing but watch the hours tick by. Ah...sigh...this is the life. Thursday I go back to the Doc for a follow-up and the removing of about two tons of gauze in ma schnauze. (heya that rhymes!!) I'm already counting down. :D

Thanks for all the well wishes and dinners, and calls, and blog posts. Yes Sheri, a septum is the same as a schnauze. And for Josie, unfortunately I cannot (and will not) meet your request of post-op recovery pictures. I'm rather unsightly. Only a limited select few will see me in this current state if I have anything to say about that. ;-) I'll post a pic after ma schnauze has returned to it's original state - does that work??

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Going under the Knife

So this Tuesday I'm heading into the O.R. and going under the knife. Hopefully "the knife" is not in any way similar to the graphic I posted above. No worries, it isn't exactly what you are thinking. I'm not enhancing the chest, shrinking the nose, sucking out the belly fat, or getting a hair transplant. Granted I wouldn't mind sucking out a few pounds of belly fat.

I'm getting a deviated septum....well undeviated. So, for those who have a moment to think of my sickly self on Tuesday, much appreciation to you. I haven't set foot in an O.R. since I was 5 when I had tubes put in my ears. I only remember two things from that surgery. 1. After coming out of the anesthesia I puked all over the doctors and nurses. and 2. I got to pick out my favorite doll at the store afterwards since I was such a big girl.

So this time around, yes I do have fears of puking (at 30 years old) all over my doctors when I wake up from the anesthesia and 2. John has promised me a toy of my choosing if I'm a good girl again. Well technically he offered to bring me Dr. Pepper's at my request during my recovery - which is much better than a toy anyday.

So, if I leave the blogging world for awhile now you'll know why. Or, if I get bored out of my mind while recovering I may just post 20 x's to the blog to kill time.

Busy as a Bee

So, for those who are interested, this is what has been sucking up every last minute of my time lately - thus dragging me away from the blogging world. WORK...sigh....so frustrating how work can get in the way of fun.

When I first moved here, John and I decided working as a real estate agent was the best job for me. The initial thought of applying, interviewing, starting a "first-day", typical 8-5 job was not looking very exciting. There are so many reasons that we just loved the idea of me being an agent. Up until now, it's been great, hard but great. I work my own hours and the flexbility is wonderful. However, this weekend, I've seen more of the downsides of such a job. No one ever told me how clients, once you have them, will suck the life out of your weekends, evenings, and any ounce of personal time you have. Since I've started, and talked to a few of the old-timer agents - they've mentioned how tough it is when you are treated as a 2nd rate citizen by your clients just because you're their real estate agent....even though you are doing everything imaginable to make them happy and get them in a house. Sigh.....I thought I wanted clients.....now I'm rethinking that after this weekend. What was supposed to be an enjoyable time with family visiting, turned into a harried mess/stress with calming the clients down and trying to fight them for control over my own personal time. It's all part of the job I'm sure and I'm learning I need to set boundaries going forward. So for those of you thinking about a career as a real estate agent - give me a call and I'll inform you of all the pro's and con's....I'm definitely learning as I go along.

However, on a side note.....I think I get to do my first contract tomorrow so that should be exciting and nerve wracking all at the same time. And anyone who decides to relocate to the sunny, grand area called Northwest Arkansas - give me a ring!!! I'll help you buy a house! :D

Roller Derby Reunion

Please forgive my delayed posts....things have been rather busy here with work, family, and various outings. One would think that means I have a TON to post about but I'm struggling with figuring out what has kept us so busy exactly???
Well for those who read my post about the Roller Derby, you'll be anxious to know we ventured back a 2nd time. I guess we just couldn't get enough of those fishnet stockings. Of course this time was a special "Girls Night Out" while the husbands were in a priesthood meeting. It was a blast - actually more eventful than the previous time. Sarah (my sis-in-law) was the planner of the event and she did a great job at entertaining Dana, Courtney and myself. And as luck would have it, the "Backwood Betties" (of Northwest Arkansas) were skating against my old alma mater of sorts (the COMO Derby Dames). Thankfully I didn't see any old acquaintances of mine on the team...phew.

We decided to start the "white-trash-themed" evening with a little Mexican food (it seemed fitting ;-) and happened upon a place we had never heard of or seen before. Some may know that the best mexican food can usually be found in the hole-in-the-wall restaurants....coincidentally that is where the worst mexican food can be found too. However, we lucked out and actually enjoyed a wonderful dinner at Jose's.

After dinner, we ventured over to the Roller Derby and assumed our "regular" seats. Courtney and Dana were the Roller Derby virgins so Sarah and I showed them the ropes....and the very entertaining sights. The audience is sometimes more interesting to watch than the skaters. Just a few things we witnessed this evening: an 80 year old referee crashing down on his skates in front of us, a winged batman on skates - some type of mascot for the Derby Dames, a full bearded and mustached "he-she" wearing a skirt and tank top (fake boobs included), and alas the wet britches of afore mentioned 80 year old man after the event was over. Not sure if he is just a heavy sweater or perhaps had an "accident" when he had his accident.

For those that know me best, I LOVE gawking at people at fairs, airports, malls, and now...roller derby's. There is so much to see when certain interesting people come out of the woodwork so to speak. It always makes me feel SO much more normal afterwards. Sometimes it even helps me relive and move past my own white-trash roots I experienced as a young lad (thank you dad for creating those).

After all was said and done we had a great time on our gal outing and the roller derby was a smashing success. The roller derby gals were even more agressive this time which provides plenty o entertainment for us paying patrons. Sadly, I think Sarah and I have now become "regulars" as certain people welcomed us back when we were leaving. I'm not sure if that's a good thing or not. They were asking for "groupies" to join the team on tour - so if Sarah and I ever get bored....it's always an option!

Here are a few pics from our evening (stolen from Dana and Sarah's blogs ;-):

Sarah, Me, Sweaty Bat Boy, and Courtney (you may notice my distaste for his nasty armpits)

Dana and I enjoying our Mexican Fiesta Dinner before the big event.

Dana, Courtney and I posing by the wall.

Monday, June 2, 2008

Sweet Summer

Technically I'm not sure if "summer" has actually began according to the calendar year. However, in my mind it has. A barbecue and pool party is always a great way to start a summer off right. Now I remember why this is my favorite season!

Yesterday we spent some enjoyable time at a family barbecue at Sarah and Tom's house after church. Some family friends were visiting and we decided it was a good enough reason to gather together and have a party. All in all it was a great and relaxing way to spend the day. And it reminds me again that I have been blessed with wonderful in-laws. We enjoyed each other's company, ate huge hamburgers, and sat in the midst of chaotic kids. I love family parties that are laid back and chaotic like that. It reminds me so much of my childhood spent at my Grandma & Grandpa Bell's house. A million conversations going on around you and kids running and laughing through it all. Below are some pictures of the chaos.

Then, this afternoon, Dana and Brady & Sarah, Bradley, and Bryce and I headed to our neighborhood pool. It wasn't the most ideal weather but we definitely enjoyed ourselves even if it included freezing in the water. After catching Bradley at the bottom of the kid slide many times, he decided it would be a good idea to go down together. I wasn't so sure about that but I agreed anyway. Once we slid down together he had quickly changed his mind after he inhaled some water. I had visions of me getting lodged in that thing. He then told me to stay at the bottom to catch him while he went down the slide by himself. I was more than happy to oblige. Didn't take long for me to prove my point.

My mother-in-law Jean and Natalie (the one we threw the party for).

Sarah and I wrestling with her adorable kids Karah and Bradley.

Our close friends (and neighbors) Brad, Dana, and Brady.

Brady going postal...hahaha. He's an adorable kid.

John and Bryce (Sarah's youngest). He has such huge adorable eyes.

White Trash Festivities

Naturally, being from Arkansas, one would assume we are surrounded in white trash. And I'm here to confirm that yes we are. You don't have to go too far to find these folks. It's rather entertaining enveloping yourself in their lifestyle. You come away feeling rather normal after all - I highly recommend it - it makes a great confidence boost!

Anyway, my sister-in-law Sarah is great at finding exciting and creative events for us to go to hang out with these folks. It always provides hours of entertainment and people watching. It all started with the Demolition Derby that takes place in August (we have quite the plan/garb for this year's derby - see Sarah's blog for more info on that). This past Saturday evening, Sarah informed us the Northwest Arkansas Roller Derby was taking place (aka the "Killbillies). We anxiously headed to the Springdale Roller Rink and sat front and center on a very entertaining sport. We couldn't point and laugh too much considering all others in attendance were very much seriously into this type of trailer park sporting event.

Needless to say, it was HILARIOUS and we have quite a few pictures to prove it. The sport itself consists of women (of all ages and sizes) skating around an oval rink with skirts that are literally only 5 inches long. And definitely don't forget the fishnet stockings. As it turns out, the audience is just as entertaining to watch as the skaters themselves. In short, there are "Bumpers" and "Jammers" and others that clobber each other off the rink to make sure their "Jammer" is in the lead and passing players=points. I don't think I quite got all the details of the game down but I still enjoyed myself nonetheless. Several gals managed to slide in front of or just plain straight into us. Before the evening was over, one girl managed wipe out and clear four rows of chairs in her path and ended up sitting on an old guy's lap and nearly knocking him over. Here are a few pics of us enjoying ourselves at the event.

Tom & Sarah enjoying themselves.

John and I enjoying ourselves.

The Killbillies getting to take off. The skaters were rather fast so most of these pictures came out blurry.

Making their way around the rink. This is right where we sat and where most of them would wipe out. It's a rather awkward moment when a roller girl comes sliding right in front of you and in between your legs...just ask John. Hahaha.

Limited Imagination

As a child I never played much pretend. I had an imagination mind you, it just consisted of playing very realistic games. A personal favorite of mine was our invented game of "Runaway Kids" (not an indication of my mother's parenting abilities whatsoever ;-). After all, even at a young age, I knew it was quite feasible for children to run away. Not so much for aliens to come and abduct them though. I never spent much time as a child fantasizing about unicorns, or aliens, or monsters. Naturally, as an adult I've maintained my very realistic mindset. I've always told people, if it can't happen in real life than I don't want to watch it in a movie. Typically, the minute an alien comes on the screen, I roll my eyes and mutter a "oh I'm so sure" and tune out for the rest of it. (i.e. Signs w/Mel Gibson).

This limited imagination never posed a problem until I married John. He's an avid gamer, a watcher of Star Wars (all of them) and quite the Harry Potter fan. He was rather surprised when I mentioned I'd never ever seen Star Wars-any of them. Simply put, we both had to learn to lean a little toward each other's directions. He accompanied me to my chick flicks for quite some time before I relented and watched "Iron Man" with him a few weekends ago. (NOT a fan of THAT movie) I spent the two hours wondering what else I could do with my time. Seriously, a man made of iron that flies? Riiigghhhtt. However, I'm teaching myself to explore the possibilities of the outside world. John did win me over when we watched "Stardust" (highly recommend it). Yes it's got the witches, and goblins etc but it also has one heckuva story line so I was able to look past all those odd characters.

Anyway, my point I'm making is this last weekend we took some friends of ours to see the new Indiana Jones (I've never seen any of the Indiana Jones movies, Rocky, or Harry Potters) granted only a few of these require an active imagination but you get my point. There is a bit of "unrealism" in Indiana Jones. I know...shocker isn't it? So, John's work gave us a free screening of the movie at our local theater. I figured what better time to watch this movie than for free! It also helped that they provided us with free corn and pop. Granted we had to get our butts there by 9:30 am but there isn't much I won't do for something free. It's one of my favorite words and one of the few things that still get me excited!!

So, in summary....my thoughts on the movie? John filled me in on the back story and I came in prepared for who knew what. I had low expectations and lets just say they were met. Hahaha. Actually the movie wasn't too bad. It was unrealistic yes, had some way cheesy lines yes, but it did make me want to go home and finally watch the first two. And frankly that is saying a LOT! Who knew I could get an imagination at such an old age? My future kids will benefit from this I'm sure of it.