Sunday, February 28, 2010

Just Hangin' Out

Welcome back to our "All about Addison" posts! Hope you enjoyed your break! Honestly she is the most exciting thing around here. Without her, John and I would just stare at each other and pick our noses. So, be grateful for Addibell otherwise you'd have some pretty nasty pictures to skim through on the blog!

We spent this weekend just kickin' around and having a lot of fun as a little family of three. And of course, where there is fun, there are pictures!! Of course most, (okay all) include our adorable little Addibell. I'll replay the festivities pic by pic.

As you could probably tell by the first picture, we headed out to the park this weekend. This was Addison's first time at the park. Yes folks, she is 9 months old and this is the first she has seen of the park. I guess I'm a slacker mom eh? ;-) Of course take into consideration that we just came out of a nasty winter and she's just now getting to the age where she knows what is going on. Anyway, the little cutie pie just LOVED it. I went with full intentions of knowing she would fall in love with the baby swings. So, we scoped out a park with those swings and whodathunk we would have found one just two miles from our doorstep? Yup, turns out our little white trash Centerton Park (located just next to the trailer park) has just what we were looking for. Despite the fact it was rather windy and cold, it was still a good time had by all. And yes, her Momma knows her well - she loved the swings! She went straight past regular laughter to her famous cackle of excitement she was having so fun. I love hearing her cackle. I wish I could can that sound. We didn't stay long but before we could leave we had to hit the slide. She liked it of course, but not near as much as the swings. It just reminded me that I should get us out of the house more so we can have more fun just like that.

Here she is enjoying a little Weight Watchers chocolate popsicle. She's getting so chunky we decided to put her on a stricter diet. (hahaha...jk). She loves just about everything we eat so since I'm a softy I share with her....everything! There goes all future meals of my own. I've created a monster.....a hungry monster! I promise though, we feed her real food, we do.

Tonight we enjoyed watching the US/Canada hockey game and got to eat some snacks. We just noticed earlier today that she is now working on her 3rd tooth (top this time) so she always loves gumming on her fruit mesh thingy and honestly that is about the only thing that we can find to stop the whining. So we love it just as much. Look how happy she is! :D

This was the scene I saw after John went to put her pajamas on for the night. Yes, I'm lucky to have such a helpful husband. But the drawback is that she comes out dressed like Erkel. And yes, it was done on purpose folks. The Erkel pants are a running joke around this house so Addison is just being initiated is all. It was so adorable I had to pull out the camera.

She's also in the middle of doing her excitement arm flap. It's the most adorable thing and reminds me of a little birdie trying to learn to fly. She gets so excited she starts screeching and flapping her little arms as fast as she can as she closes her eyes.

All in all, it was a great weekend and we had a lot of fun just spending time together as a family and being very grateful for our cute little princess. She is getting to such a fun age lately. I especially love her silly mood where she goes bonkers and just starts wiggling and laughing and jabbering while she burrows her head into the blanket or carpet. She's such a happy baby and we are such a blessed family just to have her with us.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Long Lost Love

Sidenote: Surprisingly, this post isn't about Addison. We still love her of course - but I feel I the need to mix it up a bit to help everyone realize that we don't just sit around and stare at Addison all day, everyday, and post blogs about her. Although, most days that is pretty fun to do! ;-)

This post is about my long lost love. For those who are unaware, I've had an on again, off again relationship with Dr. P. It's been a long-term type thing. I swear my siblings and I used to drink it in our baby bottles. I can't remember my life BEFORE Dr. Pepper.

My Grandparents were my suppliers for the most part. Seriously, every week my Grandpa would drive straight to the Dr. Pepper bottling plant in town, back up his pick-up truck to the loading dock, and have them haul off the empty bottles and load him up with the filled bottles. And as a result of being a frequent customer, I think we had stock in the "I'm a Pepper" t-shirts. I think we had 30 shirts within my family alone - that doesn't even count my cousins who were "Pepper's" too. I remember wearing them for pajamas when I was a little girl. So, needless to say, I think my family single handedly kept the Dr. Pepper company in business for years.

Until now that is. Once again I've ended my love-affair. Don't get me wrong - I miss the drink terribly. Life is not near as exciting as it used to be. I think about it often and sit and stare longingly at the soda fountain while I drink my water when I eat at Subway. It's not normal.

However, one thing I don't miss, is the insane amount of pounds it packed on me over the years. And the fact, I never understood the word "moderation" when I was chugging it daily, multiple times during the day. I absolutely LOVE drinking Dr. Pepper. It was the cure for my "sweet tooth" that some of you satisfy with chocolate. (And don't even get me started on the Sonic Happy Hour which happens to reside less than 1 mile from my front door - I think they knew me by name).

So, in a quest to be skinny, and to learn to live life without a Route 44 in my hand, I've hopefully given it up for the last time this time. I've realized, if it were alcohol, I'd be in a 12 step program right about now....and failing miserably. So, in the future, if any of you see me with a D.P. in my hand, you have my permission to knock it to the ground and stomp on it.

Monday, February 15, 2010

Be Mine Valentine

Luckily she is! :D Addison got to enjoy her very first Valentine's day yesterday. I doubt she felt like it was any different than a normal Sunday but we did try to change up things just a bit for her.

Here she is enjoying her Valentine's gift from Mommy. A Cookie Monster doll that talks when you shake it and of course a heart shaped muffin. She's getting to the point now where she likes to taste our food. I'm sure in comparison it makes her food taste like....well nothing. Which may be why I feel like we've just created a constant begging puppy. Now Mommy doesn't get to eat without a cute smile from Addison as she sits and eyes my food and gives her cute little smile.



Later that night she got Daddy's Valentine to her. It was a cute little teddy bear with a heart on it and her very first Valentine's Day card - WITH sparkly glitter!

And of course, another random picture thrown in for your viewing pleasure. We are currently in the process of redecorating our master bedroom and thus have the blinds temporarily relocated to the living room floor. The other morning I came out and saw Addison as a little kung-fu fighter. I could swear I heard her saying "Hiyaw!" as she was waving the blinds stick around and playing with it. She hasn't quite started crawling yet but apparently she doesn't see the need to start when she can maneuver so well by just rolling. She has it down to a fine art.

Our little ninja baby