Sunday, January 18, 2009

Belly Shots

As promised, for those of you far away who can't see my protruding belly on a daily basis (yes, I pity you really) here are the belly shots for all of you to see.  Until today, I didn't quite realize how big I got from the first picture to now.  And yes, I promise more in the future.  John and I need to get more routine in this process I suppose - we keep forgetting to take them.


**A special shout-out to my sisters Cass & Michelle for providing my wardrobe in the above pics....and Old Navy of course.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Hookie-Lau: Part 1

So, in celebration of our first year together, John and I have been planning....for quite some time...a trip to the Hookie-Lau (aka Hawaii).  Technically our anniversary was December 15th but considering the bustle of the holidays, we ventured out Jan 2nd.

Day 1:  Consisted of John and I waking up super EARLY and heading to the Arky airport to fly out.  We were anxious to get outta the cold and into the sun.  Granted, we didn't quite realize just how long that would take.  We flew into DFW on a rather pleasant flight, only to cram ourselves into a bigger plane with more people as we headed to Oahu on an 8 1/2 hour flight.  Yes folks....a whole work day!!  I was amazed that we were sitting on a cramped plane for as long as most people work each day - but WE didn't get a lunch break! :(  And I find it interesting how you don't get any extra leg room regardless of how long your flight actually is.  So....after self soothing through the majority of the flight by watching movies, mentally calming down/conversing with our aching, cramped muscles, and eating sugary snacks we FINALLY touched down in the Hookie-Lau.  So, on our flight I actually finally learned where Hawaii is located....embarassing...yes.  Okay, I DID already know it wasn't in a little tiny square at the bottom of the map (like in the paper map versions) but I didn't quite realize that we were smack dab in between Australia and Japan and the California coast.  Makes sense that it took so long to get us there after realizing that.  Kinda exciting knowing that I almost got to visit Australia too.  

Once we located our rental car, and hotel, we ventured out to Waikiki beach to observe the natives doing their thing.  There were TONS of barefooted surfers walking around.  We took a sunset stroll on the beach, did some light shopping, and went to bed at 8:00 pm due to the jet-lag of a 4 hour time difference.  

Day 2:  We set off for the coast of Hanauma Bay to do some swimming and snorkeling.  Sidenote: A special shout-out to Rhonda (our WONDERFUL GPS unit) to guarantee us a safe and direct arrival to every destination on our list.  Hanauma Bay was GORGEOUS.  Just like we had stepped into a postcard.  Many years ago it used to be a volcano that erupted and the land eventually dropped/parted and formed a nice bay area with TONS of coral.  I must say, even after all the places I've been, this was the best snorkeling adventure I've ever been on.  No seaweed, no jellyfish, and TONS of cool fish to look at.  It did prove interesting to maneuver ourselves around/on top of coral as the waves crashed around us.  We had a blast and quickly put it on our list to visit again before we headed back home.  

Day 3:  Was a nice relaxing day.  We lounged around our hotel room.  Enjoyed our beach side view from the 30th floor, ate some lunch at the Hard Rock cafe, and walked the beach again.  Yes, we again fell asleep at 7:00 that night.  Even after spending a week in the Hookie-lau we never quite adjusted to the time difference.  It could be due to the fact that we never tried to.  We were quite content with sleeping up to 10 hours each night. 

Holiday Happenings

First, I must say:  Phew...where has the last month gone?!!  I swear the days went by so fast it's all a blur.  And thus I have TONS of catching up to do on these blog posts.  

December was a busy month for John and I.  We had TONS of excitement in the air since we got to celebrate a baby blessing, find out we are having a GIRL in May, celebrate multiple Christmases, our own little family Christmas on the day of, then head to Sarah's and celebrate with John's side, and then head to Springfield to celebrate with my side the following day, ring in the New Year with John's family, and lastly but not leastly, head to Hawaii the day after to celebrate our first year anniversary. an effort to document all of the events for future get to hear all about our fun!!

Christmas day was so much fun.  It's entertaining (and yes...a bit embarassing) to see how much two grown adults can enjoy such a holiday even when there aren't any kids around.  Even at 30 years old, I actually had the Christmas jitters the night before and could hardly sleep in anticipation for what Santa would soon be delivering.   

John and I actually set a budget this year (unlike last year, as newlyweds, where we gifted each other with EVERYTHING).  One interesting fact we learned as we compared our "1st Christmas" with our "2nd Christmas" - was that this year our gifts were definitely more meaningful and thoughtful for each other.  Just what we both wanted.  Granted our first year Christmas was also in the midst of our wedding plans so even though it was busy it was still great too.  

Anyway, one of the things I got was my blog in a book! :D  Just so you know, I don't necessarily keep up our blog just for viewer entertainment....although I'm not complaining if you enjoy yourselves here.  The more the merrier.  My main reason for writing this blog is so that we have some kind of journal/document/proof that we once existed etc.  I'm HORRIBLE at journal writing so this is as good as it gets...for right now at least.  So for those who didn't know you can put your blog in a book, feel free to hit me up and I'll tell you let John tell you how since he was the one that did it.

Anyway, after our lil family Christmas together, we packed up and headed to Sarah's to enjoy a delicious meal and fun games.  Again, Sarah is a wonderful hostess, even though I'm sure she's sick of seeing our faces about now since we've been entertained by her three times in the last two months.  I thoroughly enjoy my in-laws and their family get together's since it's so laid back and crazy and relaxing all at the same time.  We are expanding our festivities into the gaming arena and it's proving quite entertaining.  Catchphrase is a fast growing favorite as we all come away with aching bellies from all the laughter.  (Yes we point and laugh at each other.....a lot.)  Apparently everyone has their own interpretation of how to play the game and it changes every time.

After Christmas, John and I headed to Willard to celebrate with my family for the weekend.  It too, was a nice relaxing time.  Ashlyn (my niece) was definitely living it up with all the attention from the adults since sadly Kayley and Cora were celebrating with their other family.  She was hamming it up the whole time and was adorable while doing it.  We exchanged presents and vegged the whole weekend.  Which included a trip to the movies to see "Yes Man" (I only give it one thumb up - and barely that for those who are curious).

New Years was nice and low-key...once again returning to our party planner Sarah's house.  We snacked on yummy food, visited, played games, and laughed some more.  The festivities ended before the official ball drop but John and I still watched a bit of it before we went to bed anyway.
  Anyway, all in all it was a GREAT holiday celebration and we had a blast!