Wednesday, November 12, 2008

One Word....Hilarious!

So John and I were perusing through channels and found a hilarious show on Comedy Central.  This is the show "Chocolate News" and I laughed hysterically at this clip.   Keep in mind, this is also the channel that has the wonderful Colbert Report.  Enjoy the clip if you have a few minutes...

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Fright Night Festivities

I'm convinced there are certain holidays that aren't very fun unless there are kids around. Ok, technically that would be ALL holidays right? Anyway, Halloween is definitely one of those. John and I decided since it was just the two of us, we would borrow someone else's kids and eek out some holiday fun. Sarah and Tom were the lucky ones. We headed over to their house Friday night and got to see all the cuties in their scary/adorable costumes before they hit the neighborhood for their goodies. My favorite was cute little Bryce who was dressed as a ghost. Complete with the white face paint and baby powdered hair. Yes, I was the lucky one that got to hold him while he got doused in the powder. It was worth it. He just sat there staring at all of us while we covered him in goo. John and I stayed behind and handed out candy while they all went in search of candy. I'm sure we all could have saved each other some time just by dumping our candy into their bags but oh well. It's all about the experience right?

After the kiddos came back and sorted through their loot, John and Sarah and I were off to laugh fear in the face by going to the local Haunted House. The line was forever long and I was banished to the curb thanks to all the chain smokers in front and behind us. I was a rather pitiful sight from what I hear. Well, most haunted houses make me laugh more than scream but this was definitely an exception to the norm. After finally getting to the front (only a mere 1 1/2 hours!!) we calculated who would stand where and hold who's hand etc. Then we ventured onto a bus with blacked-out windows and seats facing backwards. Creepy enough on it's own!! We watched a clip from "I Am Legend" (great movie!!) and the bus screeched and cornered on two wheels while a dummy monster jumped at us with each screech of the brakes. I had even seen the movie before but it was still pretty scary and very creative. After that they dropped us off at the actual haunted house and we wandered through some pretty cool props and monsters. My theory was assume everything will jump out at you....when it does cower and keep repeating..."by law they can't touch law they can't touch me.." worked pretty well and it turns out we survived after all. It was great fun and we were exhausted. Next year we'll finally have a little one to dress up and take pictures of! :D

Hibachi With The Mishies

John and I have been promising the missionaries we'd take them out to Shogun's for a hibachi style dinner for the past month. And they've definitely been counting down to it. I accidentally got their hopes up when I told them it was scheduled a week earlier than it actually was. But alas, last Monday the big dinner day arrived and they were excited. I was too considering I didn't know we even had a hibachi restaurant in these parts, nor had I been to one in quite a long time.

It was a fun time and I think we loved it as much as they did. Everyone but me dined on some sushi (yuck) and enjoyed the delicious food. Our waiter/chef was very good and put on quite the show. I stuck with my anti-seafood protest and enjoyed a nice dinner of chicken and steak. Of course now, I think I can blame my lack of seafood eating on being pregnant. Granted, I don't think the nurse said NO seafood but I'll pretend like she did. Anyway, we all walked away stuffed and it was well worth the time and moolah when one of the mishies mentioned this was the best dinner he had so far on his entire mission! was definitely worth it if we get that title! Here's a pic of the festivities (not ours...someone else's) I stole the pic from the internet but I swear our flame was just as big as theirs was so I'm pretending like it's ours.

A Bouncing Baby Girl

I bet you thought we were making an announcement of what we were having eh? Actually, no. We don't find that out until Christmas time but no worries - we'll not be keeping it a secret. Stay tuned for that news.

However, this post is devoted to our newest arrival on the Bell side. Baby Alexa joined the family (finally!) on October 28th at 12:04 pm. I'm sure she was wanting to hold out to Halloween but her mother was definitely anxious to have her out as soon as possible considering she was a week overdue. So after a very easy labor (I hope I get as lucky) Alexa joined Kyle and Cassandra and turned the newlywed couple into a family of three. She is adorable, or so I hear. I hope to get to visit her in person tomorrow. Cass promises me that I will be visiting with no other competition from the family so I'll be taking advantage of some heavy duty Alexa bonding time. I'll be sure to post more pictures from our visit later. But in the meantime, here is one to tide you over! Congrats Kyle & Cassie!!

Our Visit With Chuck

Catching up....So it's been awhile since I've posted to the blog and we have had a TON of stuff going on lately so now I get to catch everyone up. A few weeks ago, we were lucky enough to head to KC for a meeting w/John's work. Ok, technically I don't think he'd consider himself "lucky" to be heading to the particular meeting but I was definitely excited. Anytime he heads to the home office for a meeting, I gladly tag along and take advantage of the opportunity to hang out with my brother and sister and their families (i.e. my adorable nieces and nephew). So, we headed up the night before and after dropping John off at his meeting, I booked it to my sis-in-law Colton's house only to wake them all up from a sleepy night. Lazy Bums!!! In their defense, apparently it was a late night before so they were catching up. Well after patiently waiting for Cora and Kayley to wake up, I got to visit with my Dad for a bit. As coincidence would have it, more of my family was going to be in town due to different errands/schedules. Not only did I get to see my adorable neices and their parents, I got to hang out with my lil bro Quentin and my Dad while they were working on a car. Talk about bringing back memories!!

All in all we had TONS of fun and took a lunch outing to visit our good friend Chuck E. Cheese. Ashlyn has just recently been introduced to the grand mouse and this being her second visit, she was rather anxious to see him again. I was lucky enough to sit next to her crammed in the back of the van. All the way there she was beaming and cheesing over getting to see Chuck again. I'd have to say she was the most excited one in the car. Once we trampled out of the vehicle she was rearin to make her way to the dancing Chuck on the stage. The place was rather dead so it felt like we had our own exclusive reservation. The food was a little better than I remembered (but not much!) What was worth it all was running around with the kiddos and playing all the games. A fun time was had by all. Ashlyn would run and throw her token in a game before we even knew what it did, then she'd get bored with it after two seconds, and me being my frugal self would finish out the games and get our money's worth. Kayley loved riding the horse and even took a turn on the helicopter with me. Cora preferred to just play with a token and Preston was happy with whatever ride we sat him on. It was a great visit to KC and I was plum exhausted for our drive back to Arky. Here are some pics of our fun day!