Monday, June 30, 2014

A Day In The Life

June has been a busy month!  Nothing extrodinary but of course our day-to-day life is pretty exciting.  Here's a bit of what June had in store for us.  Love our summer fun!

We had some new additions to the Hufford Home this month.  Daddy found these cuties nesting in our backyard tree.  Needless to say, it made quite an exciting time for the kiddos (and Daddy) to check on their progress daily.
We spent a LOT of time at the neighborhood pool.  This was a rare occassion where we got it mostly to ourselves.  Jonas is learning to be more confident with his puddle jumper and without Mommy by his side.  Needless to say, he's convinced he is is his big sister.  He spent most of his time floating there and calling for Mommy only to be saved by his sister.  Yes, Mommy had the situation perfectly assessed and there was no need for him to be worried.  However, it was adorable to hear Addison keep telling him "You're okay" as she hugged him and swam to the side to "save him."  She sure loves her brother.
I don't really remember what happened here but it's always hilarious to see the predicaments these children can get themselves into.  It's much more fun to make them pose for the picture than to save them right away.  ;)
Due to a sad family emergency we were able to have Uncle Jim visit from Utah.  Needless to say, the kiddos immediately took right to him and rarely left his side.  He makes a good wrestler...just like their Daddy.  They were definitely fans of Uncle Jim!
Just a random picture of a cutie-patootie playing with a "boon".  She loves her some "boon's!"
Sometimes, whentiny town and happened across a fun park to get our wiggles out at.  Jonas was immediately drawn to the "tracker" of course. running "boring errands" we decide to mix it up with a bit of excitement.  We spent this day in a VERY 
I had a few worries about Jonas' hearing.  Mostly, due to some old ear infections he had in the past but also because it seemed he didn't seem to be hearing a lot of what I was saying to him.  Welp, after a quick visit to the ENT (whom we love) we did a hearing test, had him checked out, and got the good news that he has absolutely NO hearing problems.  Those ears work like a charm.  Apparently so does his "typical boyhood" behavior of pretending to ignore Mom.  Not sure if I was very excited to hear that "good news."  I was hoping they'd have a good reason why this guy ignores me all the time!
We spent some time at a summer movie with some friends.  Of course, afterward we had to grab some groceries for dinner and these two LOVED pushing their very own shopping carts.  It was awfully cute to watch them even though they spent most of their time ramming them into the backs of my ankles.  ;)
Just a cute picture of a cute baby from an impromptu lunch at the "Poppy (popcorn) store"  (aka: Target)
Same trip, same lunch, same store, but different cute kiddos.  They sure love each other.  And are so well-trained in the art of posing for the camera.  Love these kiddos.
This little girly is quite excited about one of her baby milestones!  Her first gallon of whole milk!  Mommy's quite excited to cut the budget back from that expensive formula too!
Addison has always had a love for the life of a chef.  She offered to make me breakfast this morning so of course it didn't take me long to comply.  Here she is working hard to make some toast for me.  Such a cute chef.
And of course, her finished project.  Granola cereal and a beautiful piece of toast.  It's amazing how much better a meal can taste when you aren't the one who made it.  
Here we are enjoying our free summer lunches at Mary Mae Elementary.  The kids love eating at an actual school and I love not having to cook any lunch in the heat of the summer.  It's a win-win.
We spent a lot of our hot summer days at the local splash park.  It's a frequent excursion we do.  Of course, I had to snap a picture of this little model baby soaking in the sun and water.

Sunday, June 15, 2014

A Fabulous Father's Day

We've been pretty blessed by pretty awesome Daddy.  One of the many things that make him so awesome is that he never expects anything fancy for Father's Day, Birthdays, or any holiday.  He's much more appreciative of the creative, thoughtful, meaningful gifts.  Great right?  Except, sometimes it can stress this poor Mama out.  Especially, when I don't have a strong creative gene in my body.  And year after year, my "creative" ideas get depleted.  Oh well, he's definitely worth trying hard for.  We hope he felt our love this Father's Day.  We are grateful for him everyday but we are glad we get to shower him in love at least once a year.  He's such a hard worker, loving and considerate, fun, patient, and most importantly ALWAYS tries harder to be a better and more loving Daddy and Husband.  It's hard to imagine but yes he keeps getting better every year and we keep loving him more each year as well.  We are blessed with a great Dad.  So glad I found him so many years ago!  I picked a good one!

Random pictures with his adorable babies.

The gifts we came up with to celebrate the Daddy we all love.  Addison made him the white book and illustrated her own pictures of all the reasons she loves her Dad.  Jonas, being the baseball lover that he is, put his cute little blue handprint on the baseball along with his age and name.  Brooklyn made the cute card with her handprints and of course the accordion hands to show Daddy just how much she loves him. 

Sunday, June 1, 2014

11 Months Old

Our little "Booken" is now 11 months OLD!!  Where has the time gone?  It seems to go faster and faster for each consecutive child.  Mostly because I spend more of my time chasing around ALL the kids instead of just sitting and starting at her while she grows up in front of my I did with Addison. 

Here is a glimpse of what our little "Book-a-dyn" (yes she has LOTS of nicknames) has been up to...

Her first ponytail!  Such a cutie and she just got even cuter!  Love that kissy face too.
Learning to eat like a big girl.  Go cubbies!
Swinging at the park.  She loves it.

Learning to make balloon animals.
Showing off her hair bling - which I'm sure was put there by her big sister.  And just to note, this girly was NEVER a fan of baby rice or baby cereal.  She wanted the real food from the get-go.  We gave it a ton of tries to no avail.