Saturday, May 31, 2014

A Day In The Life

And now you've entered the dumping grounds for all the random happenings in May that are too minute to have their own post.  Enjoy!

Brooklyn has decided to go on the hunt for her own food.  Maybe I wasn't getting it to her fast enough?  Either way, I'm not offended.  Makes my job easier!  Munching down on a forgotten apple on the floor.  Third child problems.  ;)
Jonas starts most of his mornings out with tears.  It's....not fun.  However, this day the "bwoken banana" did not help matters.  He kept following me around sobbing "Mommy, ith bwoken.  Fix ith!"  Sadly, I could not fulfill his I just took a picture instead.  Aren't I great at sympathizing with him?  ;)

Brooklyn rarely gets Daddy to herself most days.  Her siblings don't like to share.  This was a rare moment for everyone and she was loving it.  She sure loves her Daddy.
This is the face I peered into after I sent him to play in the backyard for a few minutes.  I was a bit scared of bending down to sniff the mysterious brown substance so I could identify it.  Luckily, it was just chocolate.....phew.  I wouldn't put 'eating his own poop' past him though.  This boy always keeps me guessing.
Jonas was actually being SUPER helpful (not a norm for him at this age) and was proud to go in and keep Brooklyn happy while I finished getting ready.  So grateful for him on his helpful days.  And he likes being in charge when Addison is away at preschool.

ANYtime Daddy is on the floor and crawling around, this little guy saddles up.  I just happened to capture the picture as he was tossing his 'Daddy hat' around.  Looks like a true blue cowboy to me!
I promise...we do do things with Addison too.  She's just spent most of this month busy at preschool.  I can really start to see how well Jonas and Brooklyn play together.  It's a good thing since we will have a lot more time with each other when Addison is off to Kindergarten soon!
Daddy had to leave on a work trip so the kids and I went on an adventure of our own.  We finally got to explore Crystal Bridges walking trails.  We were in LOVE.  It's so beautiful and well maintained.  Aside from the random complaining of tired feet (yes I was mean and made them burn energy by walking most of it) it was a wonderful little stroll.  Here they are showing off the cool bridge we found.  They spent most of the time running ahead and exploring.
Annnnddd we also found a turtle on our little walk.  Can't help but pose by a concrete turtle when you happen across one on a hike!  Love my cute kiddos...especially since they were getting along so well.

Sometimes we go for a walk around the square while waiting to pick Addison up from Preschool.  Of course, you must ALWAYS dip the toes when a fountain is around.  This little guy LOVES water.

We also spent a lot of time hanging out at the city splash park.  We are huge fans of this one folks.  This particular day was a bit chilly but we had it all to ourselves!  I'd say Brooklyn was a fan for a first-timer!

Addison loved splashing around in her ballerina swimming suit as well.  She didn't mind the cold weather one bit!
Jonas is my water boy.  He loves to drink it, play in it, bathe in it, swim in it, but mostly DRINK it.  Apparently he got a bit parched during our play session.

We took a mini-family adventure in our backyard and went camping.  We are hoping to do it "big leagues" if we can master the backyard first.  It's a lot of hard work with such little kids but it also means it is a lot of fun with them too.  Those two were so excited to sleep outside.  Brooklyn and Mommy were the first to midnight...and retreat to the house.  Which was good because within an hour Daddy called me on the phone and mentioned they were caught in a downpour with a leaky tent.  The kiddos did so good sleeping in it...even with the rain coming in from every corner.  After rescuing them, and most of our stuff, they went right back to bed!  I'd say they are camping fans!

Of course, Daddy had to try out his latest youtube experiment.  Our homemade air conditioner.  Surprisingly it was pretty easy to make and worked pretty decent.  It could have used a higher powered fan but apparently those aren't sold in stores anymore?

And last but not least....a random Sam's trip.  They were thrilled to be 3 inches from a 54" big screen.  Cute these kiddos.

Thursday, May 29, 2014

Sleeping Beauty

I've kind of started a thing.  Every night before I go to bed I check on the kiddos.  Each time I do this I always seem to find Brooklyn in some pretty hilarious sleep poses.  Of course, I am the mean Mom and I sneak my camera in to take a picture of her.  Luckily, I have yet to wake her up but I have gotten pretty close a time or two.  It's just fun to see all the hilarious ways she falls asleep....  Enjoy!

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Happy Birthday Addison!

My oldest baby turned FIVE years old!  When did that happen?  She used to be soooo tiny.  She made me a Mommy and I won't ever forget how I felt when I first held her and got to meet her five years ago on May 28th 2009.  She's been such a joy to hang out with these past five years.  She may look a lot like her Daddy but she acts a lot like me.  That is fun to see most of the time but it can also make us butt heads sometimes because we are so much alike.  She teaches me SO much about myself.  More than she even realizes.  I learn (and am reminded) every day why I'm this cute little girl's Mommy.  And I'm forever grateful that I am.  She's really a dream....such a good girly.

For breakfast we surprised her with a yummy meal.  White powder donuts - she ALWAYS asks to get these when we are at the store.  Mommy prefers the chocolate ones so since I'm paying the bill, and since the white ones are always SO messy, we get chocolate.  Alas, I knew she deserved some white ones for her special birthday breakfast.  She's also a lover of ALL fruit.  But mostly strawberries and blueberries.  And ever since she was little, she has LOVED milk.  Just like her Daddy.  So of course we had to get her a cold glass full of milk too.  This was one of the easiest breakfasts to make so we were both quite happy with it.  Jonas was pretty thrilled he got to partake of it too.  It pays to be the little brother sometimes.  ;)

Breakfast of champions!  Five year old champions at least!
We didn't have too much planned for her big day.  She was a nice girly and let me go visiting teaching the morning of her birthday.  It wasn't too boring for her since one of the sisters we visit is the Mommy to one of her good guy friends.  She enjoyed the play date at both houses.

Afterward, we were running off to meet up with Daddy for her birthday lunch.  She had a hard time picking where she wanted to go.  Mostly because she tries so hard to be a people-pleaser and was trying to pick where she thought WE wanted to go.  She went through several choices and I kept trying to figure out which was HER choice instead of ours.  After much insisting, her choice came through, McDonald's!  Yes, that was ALL her choice...not one of my favorites but that day it was delicious since it was what SHE picked.  I think part of the reason she picked it was because she was hoping for a Happy Meal and toy.  And of course, how could we not?  It was her birthday after all.  

Waiting for Daddy at lunch.  Hanging out in the play place while we did.

Of course, after lunch was naps and time to get ready for her next party.  Dinner!  With Grandma & Grandpa Fields too!  For dinner she picked out all her favorites:  Steak (always one of her favorites),  french fries, macaroni & cheese, watermelon, and chocolate milk to drink.  It was quite yummy and we were so glad Grandma & Grandpa Fields got to join us too.

Getting ready to dig in on her birthday dinner.
One more group picture before we eat.  Not shown: Brooklyn & Mommy behind the camera.

Of course one of the best parts of birthdays is the yummy cake at the end.  Mommy got to use her executive privileges on picking out/making this part.  Of course, I know my girly well and thank heavens I guessed just what she loved.  Strawberry cake!  I think she was more excited about the decorations though.  She is obsessed with the movie Frozen and I'm quite surprised we were able to find the tiara and jewelry since everything Frozen related is nowhere to be found on the shelves.

And last but not least, Dessert!
And of course the part she waited the longest for....presents!  She was gobbling up her dinner and then hovering around the table to encourage us to gobble up ours so we could move on to presents quickly.  She definitely scored in this department!  She was one happy girl and it was so much fun watching her open each one.  Grandma & Grandpa hit the jackpot with Elsa/Frozen toys as well.  She was thrilled.  I'd say she thoroughly enjoyed turning five years old!

Posing by her toy loot.  She was loving it.
One of the things she did ask for was a lego set.  As in the "big girl little legos".  And Daddy made it happen.  Daddy & Addison spent time together after the party was over and created this.  He actually just watched while she built it all herself.  Apparently she is quite the professional at lego-building.  Looks like we are joining a new (albeit expensive) toy hobby now.  I didn't know just how quickly she'd take to it.  She loved it.  Here's to hoping she doesn't lose any little pieces to Brooklyn or Jonas' tummies.

Quite proud of her lego creation.  I was impressed at how easily she took to this project.

And another favorite present?  Grandma & Grandpa bought her a real microphone and the Disney Frozen soundtrack so she could belt out her music for all of us to hear.  Seriously, she loves to perform.  And she's memorized every word of Frozen.  It was a little bit of heaven for her to show us her moves with her new microphone. 

Our little performer.  She has so many of the words (and actions) memorized.  It's hilarious and adorable.
We LOVE you Addison!  We are so happy you are the oldest in our family.  You are such a good example to your brother and sister (and Parents!).  You have taught us so much by your quiet example and also your willingness to do good things and obey the rules.  You have such a sweet personality and we are grateful we get to spend our lives with you in our family.  I couldn't imagine what we'd do without you.  Thank you for letting me be your Mom!


Friday, May 23, 2014

Preschool Farewell!

Addison has spent the last two school years in a wonderful preschool called Explore & Discover.  We've all been pleased with it and her and she's especially loved having something of her own to belong to.  Each of those two years I've looked forward to their end-of-year preschool singing performance.  It's short and quick (after all they are 4 and 5 years old) but it's so fun to see what fun songs they've been learning throughout the year.  This year was no different.

Getting ready to start their performance.
Our cute Addibell.
She knew all the words and was thoroughly enjoying performing even though she acted a little shy while she did it.  She's our little performer in the family and loves to be the center of attention.

After her performance, with her flowers and her kook-aid mustache.  Love it.

She was so lucky to have cousins Bryce, Karah, and Bradley come with Aunt Sarah.  They were so sweet they even gave her flowers after she was done.  She was in heaven.
Grandma & Grandpa even came to show their love and support.  We of course had to celebrate with a yummy lunch at Chick-fil-a afterward.
Jonas and Grandpa are pretty good buddies.  

I'm so grateful for Addison and the desire she has to be such a good student.  She loves to learn and she loves to sing and has a great memory to boot!  I'm also appreciative of the support she gets from extended family for such special occasions as this one and future ones.  We are blessed.  Happy end-of-preschool-year to Addison!

Preschool Wrap-Up  I have some serious catching up to do on this blog.  It's amazing how quickly one can fall behind when there are so many kids to keep me busy and we are busy doing so many fun things that must be documented.  I think we better hold still for a bit while I get this blog caught up!

With the end of the school year, Addison had a fun preschool field trip that we ALL got to enjoy.  I just love how much her preschool invites the parents AND the little brothers and sisters for all their fun parties and field trips.  They do a really great job at it.  I know of other preschools locally that require the other siblings to be left at home when there is a class party.  

Their field trip was on the last day of school and we all enjoyed a nice walk to the ice cream shop on the square downtown.  It wasn't too bad of a walk but goodness it was hot.  I was hoping/dreaming of enjoying that lovely A/C in the ice cream shop and was bummed to find out that we were staying outside on the picnic table since we had all these little kiddos in tow.  Which of course, required us to eat our ice cream super fast before it turned into soup.  Which didn't give us much time to get all teary-eyed as we said goodbye to her wonderful preschool teachers for the last time.  Maybe that's a good thing?  I sure do appreciate those ladies and I know they sure appreciated having Addison in class.  She is really a good student and I feel like I can say that even though I'm her Mom.  ;)  They gave her a cute little certificate of achievement and we headed home after our hugs goodbye.  Lets hope they stay the teachers until Jonas joins preschool next year!  I have a feeling they will love having him just as much as they did his sister.  Farewell Preschool!  We will miss you!

Addison and Miss Tara.  She was the "main" teacher when Addison was in the younger class last year and was the "helper" teacher this year in the older class.

Addison and Miss Leslie.  She was the "main" teacher for her class this year.  We just love these ladies.  I can't say that enough.

Sunday, May 11, 2014

It's All Relative

The day FINALLY arrived.  I (along with Addison, Jonas, and Brooklyn) FINALLY got to meet this woman!

Grandma Parr!  I've heard so many things about her and we were (and still are) planning a trip to see them this Fall in Illinois.  We were just lucky to get to see them sooner than later!

Addison didn't take long warming up to her.  She spent most of her time sitting next to her and visiting and playing with toys.  She's such a fun and loving Grandma.
We were even lucky enough to meet Aunt Ann & Uncle Roger.  They were even better than I had imagined in my mind from all the stories.  Uncle Roger was happy to show the kiddos some amazing magic tricks and Aunt Ann was happy to entertain and cuddle them too. 
We got even more lucky.  Mark & Maren and their brood came down for the special occasion so we even got to visit MORE family!  Brooklyn didn't take much time to warm up to Uncle Mark.  Ethan didn't take much time to show us his cool new sword he got for his birthday too!
John giving his Grandma some good cuddles.
Our whole family with the Grandmas.  Grandma Parr & Grandma Jean.  Love this picture!
We invited ourselves over for two visits since they were here for the weekend.  It gave us a great opportunity to get some more bonding time in.  The kiddos loved it. 
Brooklyn spent her time showing off her mad crawling skills.  She was definitely a fan of Grandma Parr & Aunt Ann.  Grandma Parr was quite amazed at her level of chunkiness!  ;)
Jonas had some bonding time with Aunt Anne.  She was so patient with him while he kept trying to communicate what exactly he wanted and then she would wait on him hand and foot.  She was so sweet to all of them.
I'll be honest, in preparation for meeting Grandma Parr, I was convinced she would be a feeble old lady who just sat there while we yelled in her ear what we wanted to say.  She's 94 folks!  However, I couldn't be MORE wrong.  She's a spitfire and quite spunky!  She was more mobile than the rest of us!  It's easy to see why she's in such great shape and just so alert.  She easily wore me out.  We are very excited to go visit them in the Fall and catch up on some more memories.