Monday, September 1, 2014

Jonas Turns Three!

Jonas was a lucky boy for his 3rd birthday....kinda sorta.  We got to spend his birthday on the road for vacation.  We enjoyed a quick trip to visit Grandma Parr and Aunt Ann & Uncle Roger.  We were literally in the van and driving during his special day. However, that didn't stop us from celebrating while we were in Illinois with family.  And they were all SO sweet and celebrating our special guy.  They each snuck out before our dinner celebrations and bought him presents and surprises for his big day.  Such sweet family....we are grateful for their kindness.  I'm sure Jonas is as well since he scored some extra love and gifts!  He didn't seem to mind a traveling birthday.  Interestingly enough, his namesake...Daddy...spent his birthdays growing up in a similar fashion.  Except he was in the back of a suburban and Jonas was in the back of a minivan.  ;)

Unfortunately, since we did spend his day on vacation and on the road, we didn't get to take advantage of too many picture opportunities.  I was only able to scramble up a few here and there.  But believe me when I said we had quite a grand time celebrating our little big boy.  We are SO grateful for Jonas and the role he plays in our family. 

Happy 3rd Birthday Jonas!!