Sunday, August 31, 2014

August Randomness

August was our "last hurrah" month for the summer of 2014.  We had plenty to fill our days up with before we sent our big girl Addison off to school.  Here's just a few things we enjoyed during August...

Jump Zone!  The older two kiddos were running around like crazy monkeys.  This monkey wanted to stay by me and the little kid playground.  I was totally fine with it since it meant I didn't have to crawl inside a huge bounce house.  She's my little buddy and I love it.
A Daddy & Jonas selfie while picking blueberries.  I believe with was a "pre-sweat" picture instead of a post-sweat pic.
Jonas and Daddy went Blackberry picking.  As you can see it was a pretty hot day but they still had a blast.  I think they should have recorded Jonas' starting weight and ending weight and charged us for the difference.  From the looks of those lips he looks like he may have sampled a few-hundred while he picked.
A nice reflective moment whilst picking the berries.  I'm guessing his thought was "Which one do I want in my belly?!"  99% sure that's where those little berries ended up.
"C'mon puppy.....go!" Says Jonas as he pulls Brooklyn by her binky chain.  So fun watching these two bond while Addison is in school.
Addison was lucky enough to go on a "Mommy-Date" with me as we went to a Young Women's activity.  This activity happened to be a fun swim in a friend's pool.  Here she is getting brave (with the help of the YW cheering section) as she chose to slide down the fun slide.  After she conquered it she went down it again about a billion more times.
And of course, after the pool fun she was able to sit on a horse with my YW Avery.  What could get more fun in one night than a pool AND a horse ride!?  She's a happy little girl.
This was the Sunday I realized that I dressed my child up as "Pebbles" from "The Flintstones."  It was a total accident (albeit a funny one) and never occurred to me until after church was over.  Such a cute Pebbles she is! 
One of our many trips to the "Poppy Store" (aka: Target).  This is what happens when Hufford children get the sniff of the corn.  They LOVE them some popcorn.  It's in their DNA after all.
A friendly neighborhood wagon ride.  Apparently, Jonas wanted to protect that noggin even while riding in the wagon.
My Sunday morning "Twinners".
Again, Jonas and Brooklyn bonding over cookies & giggles while Addison is in school.  I'm always fascinated with what they choose to do with their time but I'm quickly learning that their little minds are more similar than I originally thought.  Two peas in a pod.
While I'm mopping the floors, he asks me in his deep manly voice.... "Want me to sing 'Let it Go' Mom?  Yes please!  After finishing he says "Amen."
Nothing like a last-minute stay-cation to make our Monday exciting.  It's the only good thing to come from a broken AC unit at home.  The kiddos loved it.  I did too....until we had to go back to a hot house and wait another day for a working/replaced unit.  Merry Christmas in August to us!
Hanging out with this nugget, in the driveway, in the van, with AC blowing at max, as we wait on AC replacement quotes on the house.