Thursday, March 24, 2011

Dalmuti Date

Recently, we were able to celebrate our good friend, Brad's birthday. He didn't ask for much, just some good ole-fashioned card playing. We decided to play one of our favorites: The Great Dalmuti. It was his mother that converted John and I over to Dalmuti lovers a few years back. Unfortunately, I'm the only one that has yet to progress in my skills and strategy since I still lose almost every.single.time. :( And no worries, John isn't the type of husband to "let me win" anyway. I have many who can vouch for me who witnessed the Dalmuti disaster of 2010. It was nearing the end of the game and I was about to win by playing my LAST card and for once be promoted to the Great Dalmuti, only to be trumped by my husband who played his card and took it away at the very last moment. Apparently it was even more sad to witness in person since my sheer excitement was switched to despair within only a few seconds time. Thanks my lovely husband!

Anyway, in the game of Dalmuti, everyone has a rank: The Great Dalmuti (the King), the Lesser Dalmuti, Merchants, and then Peons. This time around Dana decided to throw together a special dinner based on those rankings. Each round was one course and depending on what your rank was determined what you ate/drank for the night. It was hilarious to watch as everyone reveled in their stature and as the peons served them dinner all night long. They ate the best while the peons drank water, ate carrot sticks, and had a dessert of tic-tacs. Here are a few pics of our fun group date:

It didn't take John long to acheive Dalmuti status....and to bask in his glory as he sipped on his sparkling cider.

Tommy finally achieving Dalmuti status. And thank you Burger King for contributing our precious crown for our King.

Poor Brad enjoying his Peon dessert of Tic Tac's while everyone else dined on HIS birthday cake and ice cream! Don't feel too sorry for him, he enjoyed ice cream later and he also served as King a few times throughout the night as well.

Proof that my fellow peon, April finally made it to king-dom glory. I was quite proud and we all decided to go one more round just so she could serve out her term.

However, what isn't shown is how I served everyone (in my Peon status) all.night.long. and also took pictures all night (which is why I'm not in any of them). April and I spent most of the night as Peons sipping our water while our husbands gloated in their glory and stature. As much as I tried to pull some pity toward us for being pregnant, sitting on the floor, AND drinking our water and eating our carrots, only Dana seemed concerned. Darn those hubbies!

All in all, it was a great night (even as a Peon) and we can't wait to play again. Until then, I will be practicing my skills and strategies so I can hopefully conquer the Dalmuti spot.


Dana said...

Thanks for the pictures!
And yes I was concerned for you! You were starving by the time we ended and it was open bar! If you baby is underweight I will be blaming John and Brad!