Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Random Rambles

Addison has been in the phase lately where she says some of the funniest and most entertaining things.  I'm devoting a blog post just to the most recent ones.  I have a feeling she'll require several more blog posts along the way.  Here are a few random ramblings from our cute little 3 year old.

(Conversation while driving in the car...)
A: Where is dat black car?
M: The red one right there?
A: No dat black car.
M: The one in front of us?
A: Yeah, can we go crash it?
M: Nooo! That would break our cars!
A: Lets go crash it mom.
**I'm assuming this was a reference to our conversation earlier this morning on why we should wear seat belts.  I mentioned the possibility of crashing and having to be safe etc etc.  Apparently, this is what she got out of it.  Maybe I should try to include a bit more detail into these teaching moments.

(While listening to the "Follow The Prophet" song in the car)
A: Mommy, we have to help da prophet.  He doesn't know da way and we have to help him find da way.  I will help show him da way.
**Hmmmm....I'm thinking she's a bit turned around in her thought process but it's close!

(While on vacation we stayed at a hotel that had a parking garage and thus had a big read beam overhead to indicate the clearance height.  EVERY time we drove through it she'd say....)
A: We have to do da limbo mommy.  I have to show my cousins how to do a limbo.  Dey don't know how.  I will help dem.
**I have no idea how she heard of the limbo and even knew what it was but she was pretty correct in the concept**

(Sometimes I send Addison into Jonas' room to climb in his crib with him and keep him happy.  It's usually right after he has woken up and is crying and I need five more minutes on whatever I'm doing.  This day, I hadn't asked her to keep him happy but she decided to anyway and apparently thought she was in trouble.)
M: ::Walking in to get Jonas and seeing Addison hanging out in his crib::
A: ::She immediately jumps and thinks she's in trouble and tries to divert my attention::  "Mommy, I just want to learn about imagination"  - in her most pitiful sad voice.
M: Um....okay?  Random girly.

(The other day while sitting on the couch and having Daddy near her for a bit too long apparently...)
A:  Daddy, I need space!
**Sadly, she gets this one from me.  I've remembered many a time I've requested space from the kiddos when they start climbing all over me.  Ironically, she's the one that has the least understanding of what personal space is.

(While listening to Jonas wail/scream/babble non-stop for a few minutes...)
A: Stop it Donas.  Donas!  Stoppppp it!  Mommy Donas is fweaken' out.
**Um, yeah time to remove the word "Freaking" from my vocabulary now.  It's not so cute when it's coming out of your 3 year old's mouth.

(Yesterday, for no apparent reason, she was following me and jabbering away...)
A: Mommy, you da best Mommy evah.  
A: Mommy, I just love you so much.
A: Mommy dat is so nice to you.
A: Mommy you mad at me all da time.
A: Mommy you da best Mommy.
**Not sure if I should get the warm fuzzies over that or try to re-evaluate my "being mad at her all the time" moments.

Prayer #1:
"Heavee Fadah, tank you for popsicles..."

Prayer #2:
"Dear Heavee Fahda, tank you for dis day. We be healfy, charlie comes to pay, we be nice, we don't say "No!" like dat, we share our toys, name Jesus Christ...Amen!"

Prayer #3:
"Help Daddy go to work, help Mommy get donuts for me,...chocolate donuts..." 

Prayer #4:
"Help me to go to Bentee's house and do something fun" 

(Addison is an apple juice-aholic.  I've started telling her that our bodies need water whenever I deny her apple juice.  Apparently it hasn't fallen on deaf ears. This is the other night at the dinner table)
A: Daddy, water needs bodies!  Daddy, water needs bodies!
**Thankfully, it has increased her water drinkage.  No complaints here!

Now, I will document all future sayings/prayers for posterity's sake.  I'm sure Jonas will be a funny guy too once he starts forming sentences out of those juicy little lips.  Until next time!


She Loves The Color Pink said...

LOL these were so fun to read!

Jean Fields said...

Shannon, I think I love prayer #4 the best! I just love Addison and all her little quotes. You are so wise to record them. Great mommy you are in every way!

Meg + Taylor said...

I love reading these. Kids are so hysterical. One of my favorite quotes came from my friend's daughter who said to her while swimming one day, "Good luck princess. I'm outta here because that sun is being bossy to my eyes." Where do kids come up with this stuff?! Kids are very entertaining. And I love the all the "dats" and "dems" too. She sure is cute.

The LaBrue Crew said...

I looove this post! It made me chuckle so hard! I especially love how you quote her "wordage" perfectly! I miss that funny girl!

Familia Morales said...

Love prayer #3! What a funny girl!