Thursday, July 19, 2012

Utah Vacation Part 2

So now, instead of day-to-day details, I'm breaking it down to events.  It's been so long since we came back from Utah that I hardly remember what day we did what.

One of the days we headed off to Hogle Zoo.  Up to this point in vacation, we were lucky enough to have most events/festivities to ourselves.  Not this day.  I think we came on stay-at-home Mom day and it seems each Mom had about 8 kids.  I spent most of my time trying to figure out whether kids were biological or there was a preschool field trip.  How many kids can one person wrestle at the zoo anyway?  We had our hands full with our two!

Although, it was quite crowded, it was still a fun day.  Hogle Zoo is located up in the valley and is fairly small as it turns out.  However, it was just perfect for a 3 year old and a 9 month old's attention span.  By the time we were tuckered out, we were out of zoo to wander.  Yay!

Addison riding on the carousel.  She specially selected "Marty" from Madagascar.

Mom & Jonas hanging out on top of the egg.

If you are able to get two kids under 3 years old to look at the camera at the exact same should consider yourself lucky.  It's rare...and this was proof.

Addison posing on top of a spider.  She's now in the "posing" phase and it's quite entertaining.

There was LOTS to see at the zoo and we all had a blast.  However, poor Addison kept asking where "Marty" and "Alex" were.  Those were the lion and zebra characters on Madagascar.  I kept reassuring her we'd see them soon but decided to check with a zoo worker to find out.  As it turns out, the lions and the zebras....died!  How was I supposed to break that to poor Addison?  I just convinced her that they were still in Hollywood making their movie (Madagascar 3) so we wouldn't be seeing them that day.  Luckily it didn't take much convincing.

Another day of vacation was spent at Thanksgiving Point.  I remember this just being built when I moved away from Utah after college.  Now, it's quite the sight to see.  We were specifically interested in the petting zoo that I had heard so much about.  Again, we lucked out and seemed to beat everyone there and had the place to ourselves.  Until about an hour into it when the rest showed up.  Luckily we were heading out soon so it was still good timing.

Posing on the cow while we waited for Daddy to catch up.

Addison in jail.  There were definitely a handful of times on this trip I would have LOVED to lock her up.

Jonas was a bit more daring at the "petting" part of the zoo than Addison was.  

Addison on her pony ride.  She loved it.

Jonas on his....I was surprised to see just how much he loved it as well.  I totally wasn't expecting it but he was giggling the whole time.

Another day, we spent at the Aquarium in Sandy, UT.  This was more of a last minute journey since I was looking for something to do with the kids while Daddy caught another game of golf with his brothers.  The aquarium definitely did not disappoint.....even if we had to maneuver through about 5 preschool field trips to get around.

Addison riding the frog. 

Watching the penguins swim.  One of my favorite parts of the aquarium.

However, Addison was more interested in standing against the picture of the penguin instead of watching the real things.  Silly girl.

Before long, it was time to go back home.  We had a great trip but we were definitely ready to get back to our house and our beds and our normal every day routines.  The flight home wasn't as bad as the flight out to Utah but it was definitely a close 2nd.  

Chilling at the airport while taking a bathroom break.  

I thought it'd be easier to just send him through the scanner instead of the walkway. ;-)


She Loves The Color Pink said...

I love your reasoning for the lion and zebra missing at the zoo!
I wish we would have gone to the animal part of Thanksgiving point now! Next time we go out to Utah...