Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Random Rambles

Addison has been in the phase lately where she says some of the funniest and most entertaining things.  I'm devoting a blog post just to the most recent ones.  I have a feeling she'll require several more blog posts along the way.  Here are a few random ramblings from our cute little 3 year old.

(Conversation while driving in the car...)
A: Where is dat black car?
M: The red one right there?
A: No dat black car.
M: The one in front of us?
A: Yeah, can we go crash it?
M: Nooo! That would break our cars!
A: Lets go crash it mom.
**I'm assuming this was a reference to our conversation earlier this morning on why we should wear seat belts.  I mentioned the possibility of crashing and having to be safe etc etc.  Apparently, this is what she got out of it.  Maybe I should try to include a bit more detail into these teaching moments.

(While listening to the "Follow The Prophet" song in the car)
A: Mommy, we have to help da prophet.  He doesn't know da way and we have to help him find da way.  I will help show him da way.
**Hmmmm....I'm thinking she's a bit turned around in her thought process but it's close!

(While on vacation we stayed at a hotel that had a parking garage and thus had a big read beam overhead to indicate the clearance height.  EVERY time we drove through it she'd say....)
A: We have to do da limbo mommy.  I have to show my cousins how to do a limbo.  Dey don't know how.  I will help dem.
**I have no idea how she heard of the limbo and even knew what it was but she was pretty correct in the concept**

(Sometimes I send Addison into Jonas' room to climb in his crib with him and keep him happy.  It's usually right after he has woken up and is crying and I need five more minutes on whatever I'm doing.  This day, I hadn't asked her to keep him happy but she decided to anyway and apparently thought she was in trouble.)
M: ::Walking in to get Jonas and seeing Addison hanging out in his crib::
A: ::She immediately jumps and thinks she's in trouble and tries to divert my attention::  "Mommy, I just want to learn about imagination"  - in her most pitiful sad voice.
M: Um....okay?  Random girly.

(The other day while sitting on the couch and having Daddy near her for a bit too long apparently...)
A:  Daddy, I need space!
**Sadly, she gets this one from me.  I've remembered many a time I've requested space from the kiddos when they start climbing all over me.  Ironically, she's the one that has the least understanding of what personal space is.

(While listening to Jonas wail/scream/babble non-stop for a few minutes...)
A: Stop it Donas.  Donas!  Stoppppp it!  Mommy Donas is fweaken' out.
**Um, yeah time to remove the word "Freaking" from my vocabulary now.  It's not so cute when it's coming out of your 3 year old's mouth.

(Yesterday, for no apparent reason, she was following me and jabbering away...)
A: Mommy, you da best Mommy evah.  
A: Mommy, I just love you so much.
A: Mommy dat is so nice to you.
A: Mommy you mad at me all da time.
A: Mommy you da best Mommy.
**Not sure if I should get the warm fuzzies over that or try to re-evaluate my "being mad at her all the time" moments.

Prayer #1:
"Heavee Fadah, tank you for popsicles..."

Prayer #2:
"Dear Heavee Fahda, tank you for dis day. We be healfy, charlie comes to pay, we be nice, we don't say "No!" like dat, we share our toys, name Jesus Christ...Amen!"

Prayer #3:
"Help Daddy go to work, help Mommy get donuts for me,...chocolate donuts..." 

Prayer #4:
"Help me to go to Bentee's house and do something fun" 

(Addison is an apple juice-aholic.  I've started telling her that our bodies need water whenever I deny her apple juice.  Apparently it hasn't fallen on deaf ears. This is the other night at the dinner table)
A: Daddy, water needs bodies!  Daddy, water needs bodies!
**Thankfully, it has increased her water drinkage.  No complaints here!

Now, I will document all future sayings/prayers for posterity's sake.  I'm sure Jonas will be a funny guy too once he starts forming sentences out of those juicy little lips.  Until next time!

Saturday, July 21, 2012

10 Months Old

I'm going to hurry and post this before Jonas' turns 11 months old - which is set to happen soon believe it or not.  However, we've had a crazy month of travel and were finally able to hold still enough to take some informal pictures of the big guy.  

Just when I think he can't get any cuter....he goes and proves me wrong again.
And speaking of proving me wrong, I think he's bound and determined to prove to me that you can turn 1 year old and STILL not have teeth and STILL not be interested in crawling.  I keep convincing myself, ahhhh next month he'll get his teeth, next month he'll start crawling.  Um, nope.  Hasn't happened yet again.  He's a stubborn little thing.  

I'm convinced he's been teething for the past 5 months since he's had his cranky moments and been a slobbery and snotty mess lately.  I keep looking multiple times each day to see those pearly whites shining through.  Nope.  Still just that gummy smile.  However, I will miss that gummy smile when the pearly whites do finally come in.  I'm convinced he's going to have huge horse teeth with as long as they are taking to come out.  I see them pushing behind the gums but nothing past that.  Lets hope I don't have to puree his food for the rest of his life!

And lets talk about crawling.  The little dude is determined to NOT crawl.  At least now he gets in the crawling position....only to flop to the floor after a few seconds of trying to hold himself up.  However, he does get around a little here and there.  Usually it's rolling or flopping around or reaching or scooting on his bottom.  Where there's a will, there's a way!  He has learned to pull himself up on furniture and LOVES to just hang out and stand while leaning on the coffee table.  Who knows, this little man may just walk before he crawls.  I wouldn't be surprised at this point that's for sure.  The frustrating thing is that he's definitely turning into more of a "boy" and wants so desperately to get around and move.  He lunges and wiggles and squirms whenever you hold him, however, he has no idea how to get any farther than a few inches here and there.  This makes me think I'm going to be in for a wild ride once he does start walking.

He's the cutest little dude I know and I still pinch myself when I realize that HE belongs to ME.  I'm his Mother?  How lucky am I?  He has entered the "I want Mommy all the time" phase as well.  I love that he loves me most days but sometimes I enter into the "I want my space some of the time" phase.  Coincidentally Addison and Jonas are both deep rooted in Mommy phases right now, which makes for an interesting combination for me.  Space is something I get very little of these days.  Oh well, I like knowing that my kids like me and need me.  I'll be begging for this when they are teenagers right?

Back to Jonas, he's such a happy little dude and is always pretty chill and laid back.  I've been blessed when it comes to having good babies.  However, he has entered the screaming phase when he wants something.  I think he's realizing that he'll get all of us jumping to his aid when he starts to make those kind of noises.  Yep, I'm realizing he's got it allllll figured out.

Jonas is a joy to have in our house and I love seeing his personality grow more and more.  I'm thinking he's going to have quite the sense of humor as he gets older.  And I also think he'll be a little thrill-seeker like his sister.  He looooovvvveeeesss when Daddy tosses him in the air.  The higher the better.  

He's a good little eater (as in he eats LOTS of EVERYTHING) and he's a good little sleeper.  I love to watch him curl up into his blanket and nod off to sleep.  He's started preferring to lay on his side when he sleeps.  Secretly I love it because I've always been a side sleeper.  Especially when it involves curling up in the blanket with it by my face.  It's fun to see both kids sleep the same way.  

Jonas also has the talons of an eagle or a cougar.  With one swipe, he can take a grown adult (usually me) down to my knees in pain.  I don't know how he does it but it doesn't.feel.good.  I've even trimmed his nails just to have him turn around and do it again.  

He's hilarious to watch as he gets excited and starts flailing his arms and hands and hollering in his deep little man voice.  As usual, he's generous with his smiles and especially so if sister is looking at him.  She has the magic touch to get him into fits of giggles pretty fast.  

Here's the innocent face.  Mmmmm....I love his juicy lips.  So kissable.

Gumming on his fingers and watching his sister.  She was my prop this day.  As you can tell, she was ABOVE me entertaining him. ;-)

Finally he looks at Mommy and smiles!

And to make sister feel included, she finally got a shot with the big boy.  Apparently there was something more exciting going on outside.  
Happy 10 Months Old Jonas McKay!

Willard 4th

The kids and I took an impromptu trip down to my old stomping grounds so we could ring in the 4th of July with the town of Willard.  They were celebrating the weekend prior to the actual holiday so we didn't have any plans.  However, with as much traveling as we had done lately, I was looking forward to just staying home.  However, with two sisters and a niece trying to convince me to come over multiple days prior, I finally caved and was so glad I did.  If anything, for the pure joy I saw on Addison's face as she played with her cousins all weekend long.  

We spent that Friday bustle-ing around Springfield with my sister and her two kiddos and my Mom.  It was fun to run errands and shop bargains...especially when Grandma offered to hang out in the car with the sleeping kiddos.  Sign me up!
This is what we came back to after shopping at Target.  Grandma had to get creative with juggling kids so she could help my child squat and pee in the bushes.  Apparently my idea of "hurry" was not fast enough.  Poor Grandma......and poor Addison.
Later that night, my other sister and her family came in and we all crashed for the night and woke up early to party the next day.  We girls managed to leave all the kiddos with the husbands and head to the "Junk Store" and scope out the bargains.  Apparently it's a weekly ritual that my Mother does and she has managed to get all of us excited about it too.  After shopping we headed to breakfast and then on to visit my old roommate and tour her latest house purchase/remodeling efforts.  It was such a nice morning to just hang out together while the guys entertained the little ones.

Jonas hanging out with Grandma outside while Mommy got to sleep in.  One of the many reasons I love visiting my mother.
Almost all of the visiting cousins playing with their bouncing balloons from Aunt Michelle.
Addison bonding with the newest cousin, Makinley.
Next was the momentous "decorating of the bikes" for the parade celebration.  We were determined to relive all of our childhood memories whether our children enjoyed them or not.  Luckily, they thought it was the most exciting thing ever.  They decorated the bikes and wagons and were even lucky enough to have Aunt Michelle paint flags on their faces.  
Addison modeling the latest decorations as they headed to the parade line-up.  She was so excited to actually be in a parade.
We headed out at the last minute to line up for the parade.  This was intentional as we really didn't think the kiddos would enjoy waiting in 100 degree weather at the back of the parade while all the other floats lined up.  So, with Aunt Michelle and Uncle Kyle acting as the parade adult/chaperones, the rest of us went to get a spot on the grass.  Usually there are TONS of bikers all wrecking into each other (due to lack of space) and loving every minute of it, this year there were ZERO bikers.  As in, our group were the ONLY bikers period.  They were adorable and luckily bringing up the rear of the parade because they took pity on them.  However, the kids didn't seem to mind, they were loving every minute of it.  Waving, throwing out candy, enjoying all the people watching them, etc.  One of the things I enjoy most about being a Mom is watching the joy on Addison's face.....Jonas' too but he wasn't in the parade.  He hung out by me and watched it all from the comfort of his chair.  

It takes a real man to sit in a nice pink chair.  He was such a chill little dude the whole weekend.
After the festivities, we loaded up and dined on Taco Bell and enjoyed the air conditioner.  Remember it was at least 100 degrees outside.  Then we all went over to the park pavilion and joined the crowds.  There were rides, picnics, funnel cakes, music, and vendors.  We took the kids over to the park for a bit and then sat and waited to watch the fireworks.  I was convinced either Addison or Jonas (or both) were going to flip out once the fireworks went off but I was amazed to see that both of them enjoyed it. A few times in the beginning Jonas jumped but after I went over the top exclaiming and getting excited about each one, they were both loving it.  They did so good with the heat and the late night and all the fun and sugar and excitement.  It was definitely worth the short drive and impromptu trip down.

My little firecracker post parade.  She was all sweaty but was dying to take Ashlyn's bike on a little test drive.
Showing off her Dora popsicle at the festivities.
Addison and Jonas hanging out with Grandma Bell.  They adore her.  As do I, especially when she's so helpful with the kiddos and their Mommy. :D

Jonas' New Do

Since my babies are born with almost a full head of hair, it doesn't take long before we hit the "First Haircut" milestone.  However, I was still amazed at how long we coasted on Jonas' curls before it was time to cut the shag.  Cutting their hair for the first time is such a momentous event - at least in my eyes - so I always document the occasion very well.  Thankfully, so does my hairdresser.

Here's the shag before the cut.  If it wasn't for my hairdresser, I never would have known that he had two cowlicks.  She also helped show me how to brush his hair so it wouldn't stand straight up in the back.  Although, I'm not going to lie, I've secretly been a fan of his whispies in the back.  

This one was just because he looked oh so adorable in his little smock.

Mid-haircut.  He did very well considering for an almost 10 month old-er

And the "After" picture.  How adorable is he?  Now he's SUCH a little boy.  It's so weird to see how a haircut can age him so much.
We (okay mostly I) was thrilled when my hairdresser sent us home with his "first haircut certificate" along with a baggie of his little clippings.  I just love saving stuff like that.  She  managed to reassure me that I was completely normal.  Of course, no telling what she told the everyone else after I left. ;-)

Overall, Jonas did great during the haircut.  He only sat on my lap because I didn't trust him to sit upright.  He still hasn't gotten too steady on his little bottom - I know.....you'd think he would have that mastered at 10 months old wouldn't you?  I blame it on his Daddy who gave him such a big noggin.  I'm sure it's hard to balance that thing on such a skinny little neck.  He held fairly still during the haircut and Lindsay was even kind enough to let him play with her necklace to occupy his attention.  

Congratulations Jonas on your first cut!   Time to knock out all the other milestones! 

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Utah Vacation Part 2

So now, instead of day-to-day details, I'm breaking it down to events.  It's been so long since we came back from Utah that I hardly remember what day we did what.

One of the days we headed off to Hogle Zoo.  Up to this point in vacation, we were lucky enough to have most events/festivities to ourselves.  Not this day.  I think we came on stay-at-home Mom day and it seems each Mom had about 8 kids.  I spent most of my time trying to figure out whether kids were biological or there was a preschool field trip.  How many kids can one person wrestle at the zoo anyway?  We had our hands full with our two!

Although, it was quite crowded, it was still a fun day.  Hogle Zoo is located up in the valley and is fairly small as it turns out.  However, it was just perfect for a 3 year old and a 9 month old's attention span.  By the time we were tuckered out, we were out of zoo to wander.  Yay!

Addison riding on the carousel.  She specially selected "Marty" from Madagascar.

Mom & Jonas hanging out on top of the egg.

If you are able to get two kids under 3 years old to look at the camera at the exact same time....you should consider yourself lucky.  It's rare...and this was proof.

Addison posing on top of a spider.  She's now in the "posing" phase and it's quite entertaining.

There was LOTS to see at the zoo and we all had a blast.  However, poor Addison kept asking where "Marty" and "Alex" were.  Those were the lion and zebra characters on Madagascar.  I kept reassuring her we'd see them soon but decided to check with a zoo worker to find out.  As it turns out, the lions and the zebras....died!  How was I supposed to break that to poor Addison?  I just convinced her that they were still in Hollywood making their movie (Madagascar 3) so we wouldn't be seeing them that day.  Luckily it didn't take much convincing.

Another day of vacation was spent at Thanksgiving Point.  I remember this just being built when I moved away from Utah after college.  Now, it's quite the sight to see.  We were specifically interested in the petting zoo that I had heard so much about.  Again, we lucked out and seemed to beat everyone there and had the place to ourselves.  Until about an hour into it when the rest showed up.  Luckily we were heading out soon so it was still good timing.

Posing on the cow while we waited for Daddy to catch up.

Addison in jail.  There were definitely a handful of times on this trip I would have LOVED to lock her up.

Jonas was a bit more daring at the "petting" part of the zoo than Addison was.  

Addison on her pony ride.  She loved it.

Jonas on his....I was surprised to see just how much he loved it as well.  I totally wasn't expecting it but he was giggling the whole time.

Another day, we spent at the Aquarium in Sandy, UT.  This was more of a last minute journey since I was looking for something to do with the kids while Daddy caught another game of golf with his brothers.  The aquarium definitely did not disappoint.....even if we had to maneuver through about 5 preschool field trips to get around.

Addison riding the frog. 

Watching the penguins swim.  One of my favorite parts of the aquarium.

However, Addison was more interested in standing against the picture of the penguin instead of watching the real things.  Silly girl.

Before long, it was time to go back home.  We had a great trip but we were definitely ready to get back to our house and our beds and our normal every day routines.  The flight home wasn't as bad as the flight out to Utah but it was definitely a close 2nd.  

Chilling at the airport while taking a bathroom break.  

I thought it'd be easier to just send him through the scanner instead of the walkway. ;-)

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Utah Vacation Part 1

So, after compiling both mine and John's pictures, I'm redo-ing our Utah Vacation blog post.  There was SOOO much I missed out on and it was all completely out of order.  So, without further adieu.....

For vacation this year we headed out to Utah.  Normally, one doesn't think of Utah as the ultimate vacation get-a-way but it fit perfectly for us this year.  Our close friend Jenny was getting married in Bountiful, John's brothers live in Utah, and it was the perfect low-key vacation to take two small kiddos on.  We had a blast and the majority of it was nice and relaxing....just what the doctor ordered.

We had a pretty tight window from my return from Girls Camp and our flight out to Utah.  I came home a day early just so we could get packed and ready for our drive to the KC airport the following day.  I was so glad when the trip was underway, it was all the logistics of a tight schedule that had me frazzled.  It went off without a hitch and we were excited to start our week 'o' fun with each other.  Pre-marriage days, John and I both lived in Utah but at different times and different areas.  It was fun getting to relive some old memories and also make some new ones.  The new ones with my little family were MUCH more fun to make than the old ones were. ;-)

Here we are enjoy some pizza the night before we push off for vacation.  I had just returned home exhausted from Girls Camp and wasn't about to go making anything for dinner.  Especially when I was preparing to pack all night long.  From the smiles and messes on their faces it looks like the pizza was a hit!

Who can resist pictures of cute little kids fascinated by the airplanes out the window?  Not I.  They should consider themselves lucky.  I don't think I had my first flight until I was in college.  My how times have changed.

Showing some sibling love.  Nope, this was not posed.  They love each other THAT much!
The cute little girly heading down the jetway.  So excited for the big airplane ride.

He's trying hard to contain his excitement.  Jonas' first airplane ride!

All situated and ready for take-off!
What isn't shown in pictures was the horrid flight we endured with these two cute little kiddos.  Jonas wasn't too bad.  He simply rolled with the bumps along the way.  However, we almost had to perform an exorcism on Addison when we finally made it to the rental car. We knew it was due to her lack of a good nap but knowing that still didn't give us the patience points we needed desperately to deal with it.  I guess it's proof that she isn't quite ready to give up nap time anytime soon.  Of course it didn't help that we spent about an hour sitting on the tarmac on our Denver layover.  Once we finally arrived to Utah and got the kids down for bed, John and I decided to join them.  We figured we needed to adjust to the new time zone and we all hit the pillows at about 7:00 pm.  It was glorious.  We enjoyed MUCH sleep on this vacation and were very lucky to have a VERY comfortable bed.  

The next morning we were up and scrambling trying to get ready for our friend's wedding at the Bountiful Utah temple.  Everything was still in suitcases and we were digging around and dressing like crazy people.  We finally made it out, on the road, and arrived at the temple.....ALL before the actual Bride & Groom did.  Hmmm....guess we didn't need to go crazy after all.  It was a great ceremony and we were grateful to send the kids off with a babysitter and enjoy a MUCH needed 45 minute break while we basked in the peace of the temple.  Afterward, John got to enjoy the wedding luncheon and I got to enjoy a nice LONG nap with the kiddos at the hotel.  Not sure who got the better end of that deal.

The happily married couple.
We spent Sunday, lounging around and finally getting to relax on vacation.  Later that afternoon we walked from our hotel to the Discovery Gateway play center.  We were lucky enough to have it mostly to ourselves and were lucky enough to have a hotel that was located near so many things.

Happy boy enjoying the Discovery Gateway play zone.  He was such an easy going guy this vacation.  We were very grateful.

Addison dressing up as a cow at the Discovery Gateway.  She's in mid-"Moo".

Jonas driving the fire truck.  What a cute fireman!
Farmer Jonas playing in the country corner.  He's getting soooo big!

Addison & Jonas mounting the pretend horse at the Discovery Center.  I'm guessing Jonas didn't much enjoy his placement on that saddle or on the saddle horn.
Later that same evening, we headed on down to Herriman, UT to visit with John's brother Mat and his family.  They were so nice to feed us a delicious barbecue and it was great to catch up with each other. I was amazed at how social Addison was with her cousin Madison that evening.  It was great that they were able to play together and enjoy each other.  This was the first time Addison was able to meet her cousins and aunt and uncle....along w/Jonas.  

Sweet Madison was so good playing with Addison.   Addison loved her and followed her everywhere.
The next day, John was lucky enough to go flying with his brother who has had his pilot's license for about a year now.  He came back talking about how awesome it was.  Guess who is itching to get their pilot's license now?  And surprisingly, I'm not discouraging it.  I went flying with Mat the following morning and it was indeed an amazing experience.  Thanks Mat for sharing your plane and your talent with us!  And thanks for humoring John and taking him up twice!  I'm guessing Mat didn't need much convincing to do it though.

Mat doing the plane inspection before take-off.  So kind of him to share his toy with us.
I'm sure I'm getting the order of events all mixed up, but oh well.  At some point on our vacation we enjoyed jumping the SLC Trax train and riding it up to Temple Square.  Addison and Jonas were thrilled to ride the train.  

Heading out to Temple Square by way of the SLC Trax.  They were so excited to ride the train that we decided to hop on the one that was going the longest route to our actual stop.  Okay, maybe that part wasn't on purpose but it was still fun.

Jonas checking out the train.  Again, we had the whole section to ourselves. :D
Addison enjoying her own seat on the train.

Getting to see the Christus statue in the Visitor's Center.  Addison loved running up and down the spiral ramp.  So much so that she biffed it on the way down.  As in full body slam to the ground.  I was able to stifle my laughter long enough to make sure she wasn't injured.
Showing Addison the pretty castle aka the Salt Lake Temple.  It was fun to do all these things with her and talk about them as we walked around.  There wasn't much else to do with a 3 year old and a 9 month old around Temple Square so we headed downtown to enjoy some delicious pizza for lunch.  Uncle Mat came by and picked up Daddy for a game of golf.  I headed off with the kiddos to tour my old stomping grounds while they napped in the car.  

My first apartments when I moved to Utah for college.  So fun to reminisce back to those days and my old roommates, Michelle, Marianne, and Corene.  

My second apartment after my old roommates moved back home to Missouri.  I moved into these apartments all by my lonesome and it was such a hard and trying time for me.  I grew a lot and have a lot of memories....good and bad....of those days.  So glad I experienced it and that they are now in my past. 
I was also able to drive past my old work (Walmart) and my old alma mater, UVSC now known as Utah Valley University.   Poor Addison woke up from her nap when my memory lane was just wrapping up and she kept asking to "see da place where you went to school mommy!"  Whoopsie...I guess I should have woken her up for that part.  I didn't realize just how excited she was to see it.  :(

Stay tuned for Utah Vacation Part 2!